Channeled transmissions on topics including destiny, reincarnation, energy, choice, and humanity's future

5 Surprising Facts About Angels

Unravel the mystique about angels and learn how you can connect with this powerful helping energy.

10 Reasons Why Demons Are Actually Awesome

Widely misunderstood and feared, demons are nothing like you probably think.

One Simple Way To Make Your Life Better Right Now

The easiest way to start enjoying the way you experience your life — start today with this easy technique.

How USA Political Change Affects The Planet

Current political and social changes in the USA will have huge effects on the entire planet.

What Is Joy?

All about the Seven States of Joy, from Survival to Oneness. Learn how to surrender to the joy in your life.

The Nature of Community

You may feel alone and isolated, but you are a part of many communities without realizing it.  How to know for sure.

Future of Humanity: Superhuman

You were meant to be superhuman. It is humanity’s destiny to regain its path to superhuman vibrant aliveness.

Future of Humanity: Communication

As humans evolve, you will begin to vibrate more closely with the frequency of Love. Communication on this frequency takes place wordlessly, on an energy basis.

Future of Humanity: Communities

Reminiscent of village life similar to Middle Ages Europe and turn-of-the-twentieth-century small towns in Midwestern America, communities will become microcosms of larger society, with each member contributing their personal speciality of focus.

The Destiny of Humanity

Humans have a grand collective destiny, one that takes us to the stars and beyond — both as travelers who seek to discover new worlds, and as ambassadors to other species. It is time for humanity to accept and live its greatness.

What Is Destiny?

Destiny is a constant flow of energy that supports us to take actions and create experiences in our lifetime.

What Is Channeling?

Channeling is the ancient practice of accessing information from non-physical realms — the world of spirit.

You Chose Your Life Before You Were Born

Before you were born, you made choices that affect the life you live now.

The New Divine Feminine

The New Divine Feminine is modern woman’s way of connecting to powerful ancient ways of being a woman.

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