Connecting With Your Essence (Your Soul)

What Is Your Essence?

Your essence is you, in the most expansive possible way.  It is truly Who You Are.

Want more information on what “essence” is? Read What is Your Essence.

Essence Makes Choices You Aren’t Aware Of

Throughout your life, your essence makes many choices you are unaware of.  Often these choices may cause discomfort to you or bring up resistance.

For example, your essence may infuse a different energy in your physicality, which causes a structural reintegration and quickly replaces and regenerates many of the cells existing within your skeletal structure. This brings an extra burden on the rest of your body, which you feel on a conscious level and do not like because it is not your conscious mind that has chosen it.

Going Beyond Resisting Your Essence

Most of you tend to resist any changes taking place within you energetically or on a physical level that you don’t feel 100% in conscious control of and compliant with.

If there’s anything going on with you on an essence (soul) level, you tend to put up some resistance to it, especially if you do not have intellectual awareness of it. This is part of your learning—to simply flow and move along with what is happening.

You Want To Feel In Control

In general, people tend to resist change. It’s in some ways part of the physical plane experience. As humans, you want to understand, know and agree to anything that happens to you. You want to feel that you are more or less in control of the situation.

So when you’re not 100% completely connected to essence—and only a few people are—then you will feel some elements of feeling out of control when essence prompts you, prods you, or welcomes certain energies that you do not have complete and total conscious awareness of.

Talking With Essence

Being more consciously aware of yourself on a deep essence level and the choices that you make in a wider scope of reality will help. But this can also draw you out of the present moment experience.

Having a wider perspective means being a little more objective. It’s very difficult to maintain perfect objectivity when you are faced with making a choice that affects you on various levels—economically, socially, and emotionally—because you’re invested with the outcome of the choice. It’s part of being human.

Enlist Your Essence As An Ally Through Imaginary Conversations

You can, however, enlist your Self at an essence level as an ally and friend.

Have imaginary conversations with your Self on this wider perspective soul level. Simply talk about “if I make xxx choice, what will happen?” or “What choices are you trying to make on my behalf that I’m not aware of?” 

Repeated Conversations Bring Closer Connection To Essence

The more conversation you invite and the more interaction you invite, the closer a connection to your essence you will naturally create.

It may seem silly at first—you may feel like you’re talking to no one or talking to a voice in your head that you think does not exist—but we can assure you that for the majority of people, this is very helpful.

You are connecting with more of You. Your essence is your Self.

Gain Awareness of Your Physical Responses

Aspects of meditation and meditational activities are also helpful in feeling at a physical level what is going on with you on an energetic level. It is revealing and enlightening for you when you have any increased conscious awareness of how your body reacts to stimuli and thoughts.

For instance, imagine that there is a person in your life who has been difficult.  Your interactions with that person have been uncomfortable.

When you think about this “difficult” person it provokes a physical response in you. You feel something in your body, and you can train yourself to become more aware of this physical response.

Once you are more aware of the physical response, you automatically have more control over the the response. You can, at some level, choose to have the response or not to have it.

Don’t Push Away The Response

You will likely want to accept this physical response.

Your body may be thinking, “this “difficult” person causes me discomfort. When I think about them my stomach tightens and I get a sensation all over that feels very uncomfortable—and I associate that feeling with that person.”  

Pushing away the discomfort will not help, because even if you have disengaged yourself from the awareness of the response you will still have the physical response.

The energy in you still moves through your body in the same way, having the same (possibly) detrimental effects on your body. But when you push away your responses you won’t be aware of the detrimental effects. This can lead to many chronic health issues.

Instead, Fully Acknowledge The Response

You don’t want to push it away—but you do want to acknowledge it more deeply and thoroughly. Instead of having that particular response, perhaps you want to create a different response in yourself when you think about this person.

For instance, with awareness and conscious creation, you can create a sensation of floating on a cloud in the sky where you have no cares. That would feel a lot better to you than the tightening in the stomach and overall tension that you are used to associating with that person.

Long Term Effects Of Creating a New Response

What will happen after you begin to teach yourself to respond to your thoughts of that person by thinking of yourself as floating on cloud up in the sky?

You will have a different effect on the energy moving through your body. Then the energetic signals that you give out all around you—including to that person that you think of from time to time—will change as well. Instead of being full of tension and fear, the signals will be more peaceful.

Eventually this has a very different effect in your interaction with that “difficult” person, how you view that person—and how they view you. It creates further ripples amongst your friends and community that help create further changes in your life and on the planet.

You can apply this technique to any situation in your life.

Having imaginary conversations  with your Essence is a powerful experience!

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