How the Entity Solara Experiences Life

What does a higher being experience?

In this remarkable channeling from a group session in Tucson, Arizona, Solara describes their day-to-day experiences and perceptions in ways that we can understand and envision.  

Solara also describes how they see us!  Fascinating.

Question: What are your day to day activities like?  How do you experience life?  How do you have experiences—are they purely in terms of vibration?  What is your experience of us?  What is it you do?

It is difficult to put our experiences into words that translate into experiences  that you have.  But understanding these limitations, most of our experience is on a vibrational level. 

You understand that everything is energy, and the way you experience energy is because of the the earth plane that you exist on—it distills the energy into these interesting forms that create sound and color and form. 

All of that is energy, but our experience of energy is, for lack of a better term, at its purest level. For us there is no associated sound or form or even color. 

However, we like the analogy of color very much so we can express ourselves to you now by using the analogy that what we experience is color.

We have a remembrance of being on the physical plane and that aids us in our experience on our own plane of perception. 

Using this analogy of color, if you were bathing in an ocean that was not made of water but was made instead of color and you saw your body move through these colors you would also see how your body is affected by the color, how it looks and feels. 

Now imagine it is not a liquid but a color, and you are bathing in a pool of pure color! The color changes depending on the energy that’s attached to it. 

So if we are interacting with part of ourselves, or with another mid-causal teaching entity like ourselves, we would experience that interaction as a certain kind of a color (a pattern almost of color waves). 

But there are so many more dimensions to our experience because there would also be thought and emotion and intuition connected with those colors. 

It would be as if you had all your senses and then added seven more on top of them—that is what we experience.

Our experience of you is actually much the same—you are beings of energy and we see you as you are, but we also see you as we view one another in terms of our day to day life. 

We are involved—simultaneously and on a number of levels—on a number of different projects, because we are not confined by the linearity of time. 

We are able to multitask quite a bit. Sometimes we divide ourselves up into segments who are each working on various things, but we are able to come through multiple channelers simultaneously.

We also have a number of projects that we are involved with. 

We perform teaching for beings who are similar to yourselves and that are also on the physical plane (they don’t bear any physical resemblance to you), and we’re constantly involved in that. 

We are also being taught, much as you are being taught, by other beings who have a wider perspective than ours, and we are learning about those perspectives as well. 

We are involved in all of this on a simultaneous basis.

We can create an analogy for you that might help you understand what our day to day existence is like. 

Let’s say that you could create a layer that would be like your kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade, third-grade etc., all sitting on top of one another, all up through however much education you’ve had. 

On top of that you would place all the experience you’ve ever had with anything in your life—all the interactions you’ve had, with yourself or with anyone else. 

On top of that would be all of your past-life experiences, all of your past-life academic education, all of your past-life interactions, and you compress all of that into one layer. 

Then imagine you can punch out a piece of all these layers piled on top of each other, like a gigantic cake, and that is what we’re doing right now in terms of our interaction with you. 

But we have all these other compressed layers of experience that is also what we are, right now at this moment, and it also includes all the futures that we will ever have and all our existences on all the other physical plane worlds. 

All of that is compressed into this one very dense layer of experience, and we are aware of all of it all of the time.

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