5 Surprising Facts About Angels

Fact #1: Angels Are Human Souls

An Angel is a human soul — a soul just like the souls who choose human form. Souls choose Angel form primarily as a way to assist humans and other species, but at times they choose Angel form out of simple curiosity.

Soul-wise, a soul in human form and a soul in this Angel form are identical, except that a soul in non-physical Angel form retains all the knowledge that humans intentionally forget while in physical form in order to learn and evolve and grow the All-That-Is. Because of this, souls in Angel form are able to communicate concepts to humans that humans have less ready access to.

Many people are naturally attracted to the wisdom and sense of complete protection that Angel energy offers. When you understand that when you interact with Angel energy you are, in essence, reminding yourself of what it feels like to be in non-physical form and to know all the innate wisdom that non-physical human souls know, then you understand the attraction and feeling of comfort that Angel energy provides.

Fact #2: Some People Are Afraid of Angels

Angel wisdom is very loving in nature. People who are attracted to Angelic messages desire a connection to the goodness in humanity, and to the overall goodness of the Universe. Angelic messages are loving and inspiring, and they help people connect through their crown chakras into the expansive universal divine energy of the All-That-Is.

Some people find Angel energy frightening. This stems from ingrained beliefs given them while as children, or collected from the collective consciousness, that Angels represent the opposite of Evil and therefore are a force strong enough to kill. Ancient stories of Angels wielding powers over people are stored in the collective human consciousness, and these can be understandably disturbing. Angels are simply a different expression of a human soul, and therefore possess no especial supernatural powers different from any that ordinary physical-form humans possess.

Still, it can be unnerving to encounter an energy that seems otherworldly. It is natural, perhaps, to assign such an energy supernatural powers. But it is human birthright to remember and grow to understand all that is typically forgotten between lifetimes, even though this process takes hundreds, if not thousands, of lifetimes. Connecting with Angels is a shortcut to remembering that which humans have forgotten.

Fact #3: Humans Created The Idea of Angels

As human souls choosing to spend a period of time in non-human form, Angels have a vested interest in helping to evolve humanity, just as your soul does. Human souls in their non-physical state may assume a number of guises to help other souls in their life’s challenges as humans, but collective human consciousness is particularly receptive to receiving information and general energetic assistance from souls in Angel form. Humanity’s mythological structures developed stories of connection with otherworldly beings, and religions welcome these connections because they appear to adhere to religious strictures. In reality, humans and humans-as-Angels co-created the advent of Angelic energy in religious texts and stories, so as to encourage people to interact with Angels and therefore to obtain much-needed assistance in navigating the trials of life in a human body.

Some souls choose Angel form for a time simply out of curiosity and not as much from a desire to be of help; however, after a short time in Angel form they discover the rewards of assisting people, especially because they remember what it feels like to be in a human body and be largely blind and deaf to the enormous amount of wisdom that souls have access to when in non-physical form. Angels are inherently compassionate to humans as a result, and this is why their messages are rarely anything but those of love, acceptance, and inspiration.

Fact #4: The Angels You’ve Heard Of Are Archetypes

Several “famous” Angels are accumulated archetypal energies that have a collective agreement to assist humanity as well as individuals throughout history. These Angels are not comprised of a single soul, the way Angels typically are, but instead are a collective and act as an archetype. Their names, as “archangels”, reflective this archetypal energy. Different individual souls help fill these roles at different times, but each contributes to the overall archetype of that particular Angel. The Archangel Michael, for instance, occupies the Warrior archetype and therefore has a warrior nature that is helpful in times of action, while the Archangel Uriel tends to have a more healing overall nature, being of the Lover archetype.

Messages from these collective archetypal Archangels tend to be consistent over time and reflect the nature of their particular archetype. Many people feel attracted to these messages, because they also reflect basic human archetypes but add the additional dimensions of Angelic knowledge that humans have forgotten and yearn to remember. These messages are particularly helpful in times of great global upheaval, and remind humanity and individuals of their constant connection to the Divine and to the All-That-Is that is the Universe and all its creation.

Fact #5: You Can Get Angelic Help Through Creating Art

You likely have been approached by Angels at various times in your lifetime, or heard stories of people who encountered them. Anyone “magically” left unhurt from a tragic car crash likely experienced Angelic intervention. Stories abound of people left standing a distance from their now-crumpled cars, as if pulled out by an invisible force. This is often the work of Angels. Angels also leave calling cards, little signs that they exist and are available for you, in the forms of random feathers, the “right” books that fall off of bookstore shelves, and repeated sightings of numeric sequences such as 11:11, 2:22, etc.

If you wish to consciously connect with Angelic energy, you can most easily do so through a creative endeavor. Angels are able to assist with art of many forms, helping people break through artist blocks or simply to overcome inherent shyness about expressing their creativity. If you want to invite Angelic energy into your life, pick up a paintbrush, mold some clay, or artistically rearrange your furniture. Angelic energy awaits your creative forces, and can augment your abilities in ways you only now imagine.

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