The Future of Humanity: Wordless Communication

What It Will Be Like, How It Will Develop

The Benefits and Potential Problems

Introduction to Wordless Communication

As we humans evolve, we will begin to vibrate more closely with the frequency of Love. Communication on this frequency takes place wordlessly, on an energy basis.

You may think of this as intuition or telepathy, but it is actually a form of communication that all of us already practice on some level, even though we are largely unaware of it.

It is possible for any of us to learn to consciously communicate on the frequency of Love right now, even before we humans significantly evolve toward this form of communication.

Twelve Senses

All of us possess senses that we seldom are aware of, let alone acknowledge. Rudolf Steiner developed a channeled theory of twelve senses.

His twelve senses can be grouped into three categories:

  1. the body: touch, life, movement, balance
  2. the external world: smell, taste, sight, temperature
  3. the immaterial, spiritual world: hearing, speech, thought, ego

Using our twelve senses, we are able to distinguish nearly imperceptible shifts in energy vibration.

Most of us experience these shifts many times a day, but unless and until we are trained to consciously discern these shifts, we remain largely unaware of them.

Human evolution will cause shifts in our collective vibration, which will allow individuals greater ease in discerning tiny changes in energetic vibrations.

How Wordless Communication Works

There are two components to wordless communication—sending and receiving. Each component acts independently from the other, and each is essential for effective and complete wordless communication.


The Sender must be explicit in his/her/their intention. The intention need not be consciously felt, but must be strong in energetic clarity.

Clarity is achieved when the Sender has a strong connection to the energetic flow of Destiny, because when Destiny is accessed, it amplifies all energetic intentions far beyond the ability of any of us on a conscious level.


The Receiver must maintain an open heart. Openheartedness is achieved when we are connected to the frequency of Love, which occurs in connection with others when we free ourselves from preconceived expectations about how the interaction will unfold.

When we drop into Now—into the present moment—we access stillness and expansion of Time.

When we experience Time more slowly or even stilled, we are able to receive the frequency of Love.

Sending & Receiving Together

When the Sender is connected to the flow of Destiny, and the Receiver is connected to the frequency of Love, each operates momentarily in a space of no-time.

Everything else drops away. There is only the present moment, with no distractions and no stray thoughts that might influence the communication. In this space, there can only be connection.

Therefore, in this space, communication is pure and unadulterated. There are no misunderstandings. There is only connection.

What Wordless Communication Is Like

Imagine energy vibrations as being like ambient temperature. We can feel when the air around us is warm or cool, and we can also discern small changes in temperature.

We do this without really thinking about it—we just “know” when we are comfortable and we “know” when the air around us is warmer or cooler now compared to an hour ago.

After continued shifts in temperature, we bring your conscious mind along and start asking questions like, “Is it hot in here, or is it me?” or “who turned the air conditioning up?”

That’s because we’re not quite sure. Our body knows there is something going on that is not quite “right”.

It takes focus and attention to realize that yes, it’s now 5 degrees cooler than it was earlier and you need to put a sweater on.

Noticing ambient temperature changes is a form of wordless communication.

We are communicating with the air in the room around you. We receive signals from the shift in the frequency of the vibration of the air molecules around you. We interpret these signals as telling us that the room is getting warmer or colder.

Wordless communication is similar to the way we discern changes in temperature.

We sense a shift in the energetic vibration around us, primarily through the senses of life and movement.

These shifts are all but imperceptible to the standard five human senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing, but ring loud and clear through our other, less developed senses.

As we sense a shift, we quickly and automatically adjust to it, making words unnecessary.

This is not to say that we will abandon spoken and written language as a means of communication, but nearly all person-to-person communications will eventually be wordless in the way described here.

Formal communications, communications where absolute precision is necessary, and communications to large groups of people, will often be in the form of written or spoken language.

 Benefits of Wordless Communication

Saves Time

Wordless communication is nearly instantaneous.

Transmitting and receiving a wordless communication message takes microseconds, whereas it takes often many minutes or longer to effectively communicate the same message using speech or written language.

Prevents Misunderstandings Based On Emotional Triggering

When we communicate in harmony with the frequency of Love, the content of the communication shifts more into Love as well.

This results in far fewer (nearly zero) misunderstandings or emotional triggers, because the emotional component of the communication is removed.

Can Communicate Instantaneously Over Large Distances

Wordless communication takes place at any distance, at any time. It can even be sent with the intention to be received at a specific and later time.

Because there are no physical restraints in wordless communication, it takes place in a space of no-time and no-space, meaning that it can take place instantaneously and in any location in the universe.

Increased Opportunities For Deep Connection With Others

Because wordless communication takes place in the frequency of Love, we increase our ability to truly connect with whom we communicate.

We drop all expectations and emotional filters, and instead drop into a space of pure experience.

Time melts away. Nothing else exists for us in that moment except the essence of the communication.

In this space, we deeply connect with ourselves and with the other party/ies to the communication.

    How Wordless Communication Will Develop


    Because the frequency of Love already exists, and because there are people now who use this skill even without knowing it, the energy flow of change is already upon us.

    However, wordless communication is still essentially in its infancy and has a long way to go before it becomes a global Earth phenomenon.

    Because many people already use wordless communication and therefore operate at least some of the time on the frequency of Love, and because humanity in general is on a course to evolve in many ways, a flow of energy has already been generated that will assist us to access this form of communication on a mass scale.

    Classes In Wordless Communication

    During the acclimation phase (ending about 40 years from now, or by 2060), and especially while factions of people who feel left out exist, instruction will be made available for people to learn or hone the necessary skills of sending and receiving.

    People will dearly want the ability to communicate in this manner, as the obvious advantages will be apparent beginning about ten years from now (early 2030s).

    Tipping Point In Energy

    Once enough people (about 20% of global humanity) become facile with wordless communication and use it with one another, enough of the energy flow of change will have emerged to create a sort of tipping point, after which there will be a scramble by the rest of us to jump on the wagon.

    This is when classes teaching wordless communication will develop and also when we will begin to have meaningful contact from off-world species, causing us to accelerate developments in space exploration programs.

    Potential Problems With Wordless Communication

    Some People Will Feel Left Out

    As we evolve toward this mode of communication, some people will develop the skill faster than others.

    For a time, this will be problematic for some people, especially those who do not develop the skill as quickly as others and who consequently feel “left out”.

    As a result, factions will develop for a relatively brief (30 years) time, until enough people use wordless communication enough of the time to create an energetic tipping point.

    Once this tipping point is reached, those who need to further their expertise in wordless communication will develop the necessary skills to do so and the factions will disband.

    Varying Levels of Skill

    The skills of sending and receiving will develop at varying rates of speed for different people.

    Not everyone will become facile with these skills at the same rate. Consequently, there will be a period of miscommunications and frustrations as we attempt this new form of communication.

    However, there is massive motivation for us as a species to evolve to the point where this form of communication is intrinsic to every one of us.

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     How the Advent of Wordless Communication Will Change the World

    More Joy, Less Conflict

    More time spent connected to the frequency of Love means less strife, more pleasure, more pure experience, fewer emotional triggers, and fewer misunderstandings.

    Ultimately, there will be far less conflict, which means far less violence and war.

    In addition, people will experience greater levels of empathy and compassion for one another, as well as greater joy. Relationships of all kinds will improve.

    More time spent in the space of no-time will result in people aging more slowly.

    More time spent in the space of no-space will result in far less attention on material acquisition, and more attention on human connection.

    Communication With Other Species

    Once we reach a certain global level of skill, we will attract off-world species to communicate with us, and we will also be able to better communicate with the other species already living on Earth (animals, plants, etc).

    When we communicate with the other beings who occupy our world, we will understand them much better and we will become far better stewards of the planet, exhibiting compassion and empathy toward all other living beings.

    This will put us in a much better position to successfully navigate the stars as we come into contact with off-world species who inhabit the new worlds we shall explore.

    Communication Over Large Distances—More Empathy, Less War

    As we develop our collective skill in wordless communication, we will also develop the ability to send and receive wordless communication at large distances.

    This will come into play when we begin to accept and send communications to off-planet species.

    It will also benefit us here on Earth, as we will be able to abandon most forms of electronic and written communication in favor of the vastly more efficient wordless variant.

    When we fully drop into this global style of communication, our ability to understand and fully empathize with others will increase dramatically.

    When miscommunications become few and far between, the amount of conflict that develops between people, groups, and nations will all but cease, making war a thing of the past.

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