Private Channeling Session


Clarity, Perspective & Guidance

Get high-wisdom answers to questions about your life.

60 minute private sessions by phone or Skype.

Get Guidance From Solara, A High-Wisdom Spirit Teacher

  • Understand your life events from a higher perspective
  • Receive effective personalized practices channeled just for you
  • Heal patterns that have held you back
  • Partner with a high-wisdom spirit being to make your life better

Topics We Can Explore In Your Session

  • Important Life Choices
  • Love Relationships
  • Family Members
  • Business Issues
  • Career Choices
  • Your Spiritual Path
  • Dreams
  • Pets
  • Spirit Guides
  • Where To Live (Geography)
  • Your Psychic Abilities
  • Personal Growth
  • Health
  • What You Need To Know About A Specific Situation
  • Life Purpose

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Expected Results

Common Results From Sessions With Solara
  • Crystal clarity on your situation
  • Guidance on a level you never knew possible
  • Massive energy download
  • Partnership with a high-wisdom being
  • Non-judgmental perspective on your life issues
  • Unconditional love and acceptance from a multi-dimensional entity
  • Powerful healing energy directed anywhere you wish
  • A glimpse into the world of higher-plane beings
  • Effective & unique spiritual and personal practices
  • Homework and practices tailored just for you
  • Information from beyond your usual frame of awareness
  • Opportunity to heal patterns that have held you back


  • 60 minute private channeled sessions via phone or Skype (you’ll receive instructions during the booking process)
  • Sessions are not recorded, although you may do so (please let me know if you intend to record your session — California law requires that all parties be aware)
  • Fully confidential
  • IMPORTANT: I generally do not retain information from channeling sessions for more than a few days. If you need to ask a clarifying question after your session I recommend that you do so within 48 hours as that’s the time frame in which there’s the greatest chance I’ll be able to answer it.


About Talyaa

I’ve been a professional channel since 1999, channeling Michael, Seth, Polaris, and now Solara who includes all of those entities.

I studied with Celtic shamans for a year in 1999.

I am a Usui Reiki Master, certified Magnified Healer, studied multiple healing modalities, and because of my 2015 near death experience I am able to foresee the futures of individuals and of humanity as a whole.

More about me here.

Wow! Holy Cow! I’m at a loss of adequate words to describe how phenomenal this channeling is.

At the moment I’m pretty overwhelmed – this is a wealth of knowledge and so much more than I could have even imagined. Thank you (and Polaris) so much for making it so easy to understand.

Truly, I’m just blown away and will need to listen to it many more times to really absorb the many messages I’m receiving.

Janice O.

I had a channeling with Talyaa that felt remarkably incisive and helpful in terms of processing the dissolution of a relationship – and the emotional debris that remained. T said some things that I have never told anyone – and hadn’t even fully admitted to myself. The content of past lives mentioned was particularly astute in terms of core themes triggered by this relationship providing a certain “Aha!”. 

I was seeking greater understanding and clarity within a larger framework and Talyaa’s reading was hugely helpful in this endeavor. Beyond the high accuracy and relevance of the reading, Talyaa’s manner is so approachable and warm. 

Laura W.

Talyaa has a marvelous access to information that lies beyond our typical frame of awareness. Combining that gift with her love of many forms of healing and spiritual practice, she brings a unique experience to each of her clients. It’s a true joy to work with her!

Ron V.

Talyaa came recommended to me by a friend who was amazed by the insights she received and now I see why. I recommend Talyaa to anyone I know that is interested.

Since my reading, something is shifting within me and I am eternally grateful for Talyaa as an insightful channel and for her ability to connect with this energy that can and does transform lives. Thank you! 

Marie L.

Talyaa is amazingly accurate in delivering the message and information timely needed. Working with her to answer my deeply sought questions in science and medicine has been a true pleasure when Solara connected with us energetically.

Her background in holistic medicine and healing will help a great deal if such areas are of interest to you.

Helen L.

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