You Chose Your Life Before You Were Born

How You Shaped Your Life Before You Lived It

You Chose Your Life Before You Were Born

The choices you make before your birth are forms of Soul Contracts.

You make contracts with other people on a soul level in order to create specific situations or conditions that assist you in learning some specific thing you want to learn in your lifetime.

You do not choose EVERYTHING about your life before you are born. Creating a life in that manner would rob you of your free will to choose in every moment.

But you do choose many aspects of your life before you are born, and these aspects shape the life that you then create, moment by moment.


Your Family: Your First and Strongest Influence

You Chose Your Immediate Family

Family selections are co-chosen, meaning that you chose your family and your family chose you to be a member of it.

You chose your mother and you chose your father, and together they chose you.

Similarly, you chose your siblings as they also chose to be members of a family that contains you.

You Also Chose Your Extended Family

On a wider basis, you also chose your grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins, and other family members.

The strongest influences are generally from your nuclear family—mother, father, siblings.

These influences are also profound in their absences as well as their presence—abandonment by a parent is a strong influence and is typically one of the types of choices made on a soul level.

Where You Are Born Shapes Your Life

Family choices shape you in thousands of ways. It begins with the location of your birth and upbringing—these two seemingly simple things shape your life profoundly.

A life begun in Denmark with parents who are literature professors would be very different from a life begun in Peru to parents who farm quinoa.

A life begun in Syria with parents who fled bloodshed there to become refugees in Germany would be very different from a life begun in China with parents who are second-generation owners of a prosperous worldwide shipping company.

Your Parents’ Beliefs Affect Your Beliefs

Because of the father and mother you have, you were exposed to their beliefs about life, people, money, religion, nature, friendship, education, politics, and many other things.

Their beliefs shaped your beliefs, and your beliefs shape your world and how you interact with it.

Your Parents’ Whole Lives Affect Your Life

Furthermore, you were exposed to your parents’ upbringing, culture, language(s), form of humor, emotional woundings, desires, fears, strengths, hobbies, avocations, and many other qualities.

You were exposed to the books they read, the movies they watched, the TV shows they liked, and the kinds of foods they ate.

You were exposed to their childhood diseases and their experiences growing up.

All of these exposures added up to shape your perspective about the world, other people, and yourself.

Your Parents’ Thoughts Affect Your Thoughts

You were exposed to the way your parents thought about themselves—their internal self picture—as well as the way they thought about the world.

For instance, if your parents believed the world was essentially a friendly place or a place to be wary of, it affected you and helped shaped similar beliefs about the world.

Or if one of your parents struggled with believing their self-worth was low, this may have caused you to also believe your worth was low, or it may have caused you to overcompensate for what you felt in your parent and therefore become either healthily self-aware or overly confident about your abilities and innate worth.

Your Parents’ Choices Before You Were Born Shaped the Person You Became

You were exposed to the choices your parents made in their lives and how those choices affected them.

For instance, if your mother gave up her lifelong dream to be a concert pianist and instead became a teacher and raised a family, her choice impacted you in some way.

Perhaps it made you more wary of following your own dreams, or more determined to follow them.

If your father lost his job as a physicist and spent a year looking for work, his choices to either accept or deny potential jobs affected you.

You may have grown up feeling resentful that opportunities did not come your way easily, or you may have become determined to carve your own path even through the face of adversity.

Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles…

You are similarly affected by choices your siblings make, though on a lesser basis (unless your siblings or other non-parent family members have a soul contract with you to act as a parental proxy, in which case their influence is stronger and closer to that of a parent).

Other family members also affect you—grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

Adoptive Family

If you are adopted you also create pre-birth soul contracts with your adoptive parents and siblings.

In cases of adoption, your contracts with your biological parents may be only to provide you with genetic material, or more typically they may run more deeply to provide you with epigenetic tendencies that are then strengthened or muted by the exposures from your adoptive family members.

If you grow up among multiple families, such as in a foster situation, your contracts may be with a few select individuals who agree to provide you with your desired exposures to various beliefs and experiences.

How Where You Chose To Grow Up Affects Your Life

Where you grew up also had a profound influence upon you.

Depending on where you were born and grew up, you may have been awarded or denied certain privileges and opportunities.

You may be present for natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes), or sociopolitical upheaval that then shapes for future choices and plans.

If as a child you narrowly escape death in a widespread flood, you may as an adult be inspired to help people build stronger flood-proof housing.

If you live amid constant sociopolitical activism, where a typical day sees riot police holding back angry protestors, you may be inspired to join the police force to keep what you perceive as “mobs” at bay, or to become a lawyer to seek justice for those who protest inequalities.

Your choices are shaped by your beliefs and experiences, given to you by your parents and your upbringing.

Friends, Teachers, Mentors

Another factor in the area that you grow up in is the kinds of people that become your friends, teachers, and mentors.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the phrase that you are the aggregate of the five people you spend the most time with. While this is of course an oversimplification, there is some truth in the phrase—you are influenced by the people with whom your spend time.

You choose mentors on a soul level. You choose friends on a soul level—perhaps not every acquaintance, but certainly lifelong friends and other pivotal friendships.

Look back on your life to the friends you remember most. These will certainly be the ones you co-chose on a soul basis before you were born.

The Culture You Grew Up In

Another influencing factor in the area you grew up in is the culture of that area. Every country has its own culture, and countries have regional cultures within the larger country.

Once upon a time humans lived in villages and small kingdoms, and each of these had its own unique culture.

Now the villages and small kingdoms have united to become larger units—countries—where the cultural qualities are more vast.

Examples of Regional Cultural Differences

Taking the United States as an example, you are probably aware that growing up in a small town in the state of Mississippi would be different culturally from growing up in the Queens borough of New York City, which would in turn be different from growing up in the farmland outskirts of Fresno California, or on a ranch in the east of Wyoming.

Cultures contain collective beliefs, which are all imprinted upon you as you experience life within that culture.

When you chose the area you are born in and are likely to grow up in based on your choice of parents, you also chose the beliefs you would receive from the culture of those areas.

Energetic Frequency Of The Region

The last influencing factor of the area you grew up in is the energetic frequency of the region itself. Every part of the world possesses its own energy frequency, or “flavor”.

You can experience this for yourself when you travel to a distant city or another country—notice how everything feels so different from your familiar territory of home?

This is because each region possesses specific energy frequencies attuned to that particular area.

All of the trees, plants, rocks, animals, buildings, manmade structures and of course people also become attuned to that particular frequency.

The energy frequency influences you in ways large and small to make choices in your life.

Perhaps you chose to remain in that energy frequency, and so you happily settle 10 miles away from the home you grew up in and see your parents for Sunday dinner every week.

Or you chose to divest yourself of this energy frequency and move 3000 miles away to the opposite coast, so as to experience a completely different energy frequency and the influences it has upon you and its surrounding area.


How The Beliefs You Chose Affect Your Life

Because you chose your parents, siblings, mentors, friends, and the area in which you grew up, you also chose the beliefs that all of these factors held.

While you did not specifically choose a particular belief, you chose the potential to absorb any of the beliefs held by these people and your wider culture.

Beliefs Tell You What To Think About Your Choices

Beliefs shape your world and your experience for your world. It is your beliefs that tell you whether the world is a friendly place or one that is not to be trusted.

It is your beliefs that tell you whether it is a good idea to move to Sacramento or to sell everything you own and live in India for 6 months.

It is your beliefs that tell you that going to college is the only way to get a good job and have a good life, and it is your beliefs that say on the contrary, making mistakes is the only way to a good life and therefore you must join a traveling carnival in Serbia for 6 months to get “life experience” before choosing what to do with the rest of your life.

Your Beliefs Drive Your Choices

It is your beliefs that cause you to choose to read the books you read, to watch the TV shows and movies you watch, to choose the friends you have, to work at the job you work in, to live in the city or town you live in, even the kind of car you drive.

And you chose many of your beliefs—or the potentials for those beliefs—before you were born.

Because your parents and other influencing adults (teachers, coaches, babysitters, neighbors) held the beliefs they held, they passed them on to you. You were of course unaware when this took place.

Beliefs are like energy—they pass unknowing between people and are then shared and even multiplied.

What To Read Next

What About Free Will?

Your Life As A Playground

Just because you chose many of your influencing factors before you were born does not mean you do not have free will!

Think of the influencing factors that you chose before you were born as a huge playground. Inside the playground are many things—swings, a carousel, a teeter-totter, a huge expanse of lush green grass, a basketball court, a tennis court, a hopscotch area, benches to rest on, trees to climb, and many many other things, as many fun things to play with as you can possibly imagine.

Inside this playground you could choose to do many things, in different orders, on different days, or no things at all.

You Chose The Playing Pieces

Your life is like a giant playground. You chose the potential playing pieces (swings, carousel, climbing trees, hopscotch etc), and it is up to you when you use them, in what order to use them, or whether to use them at all.

You ALWAYS Have Free Will!

You always have free will and choice in your life. You chose your influencing factors before you were born in order to give yourself a playground within which to play in your lifetime. 

It is always up to you how to use your influencing factors or whether to use them at all.

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