What Are Heart Links?

A Rare & Powerful Relationship

Heart Links Defined

The term heart-link refers to a pair of souls who have completed certain life experiences and who choose to be so linked during a particular lifetime.

This link is quite strong and remains one of the stronger pulls toward meeting and relating that there are, besides karma, monads, and soul agreements. 

A Type of Soul Agreement

A heart-link is an agreement of sorts, one that trades on the obvious energy-links between these souls who have spent previous time together.

Heart Links Are Rare

The relative frequency of heart-links can at times be quite rare, depending on the overall energy structure of the all souls incarnated at a particular time.

The incidence of heart-links in today’s world is less than one heart-link per 100,000 souls. 

Problems With Heart Link Relationships

You may ask why so few choose this, as it seems a win-win situation?

There are certain caveats to forging a heart-link that can combine with other problems, abrasive soul and personality traits, and the like, to create a truly disharmonious situation.

This in turn causes much agitation for the soul so caught in the heart-link who wishes to abrogate the agreement.

Magentic Pull And Resistance

The nature of the heart-link causes a strong pull and also a resistance. All matter has a duality to it and this is but one of millions of manifestations of this universal law. 

Can Bring Together Deeply Or Force Apart

A heart-link can create not only a more perfect intimacy between souls, but also can force them apart. It depends on whether one or more of the souls uses the link to interfere with the choices of the other.

Life Conditions Cause Challenges

All life extant on the physical plane is but a learning experience. There are many situations and conditions set up almost for failure, simply because they so readily provide a rich tapestry of such experiences. 

Maintaining Unconditiuonal Love Is Difficult

Do not be disheartened by the revelation that this condition, the heart-link, may not be quite what it sounds. For most souls, moments of agape (unconditional love) are few and far between, and as such, the extended periods of true agape required to successfully maintain such a link are at best difficult, but not unobtainable.


Image by Freepik and jannoon028 on Freepik

The magnetic pull of the heart link can be irresistible.

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