How To Find True Rest

What Is True Rest?

True Rest is a temporary suspension of “normal” activity in which the typical processes of the mind, the body, and emotions, are allowed to revert to their actual, natural state.

True Rest Supports Your Life Task

In the Quintessence System, True Rest is one of the “four pillars” that help support you in achieving your Life Task. Each Pillar represents an essential element in your life—Rest, Play, Study, and Work. When balanced, your Pillars energize and orient you for fulfillment of your Life Task.

Barriers To True Rest

All of you—and we say this without exception—spend the majority of your time in a state of constant contraction, in a state of constant tension. 

Without this conflict, both internal and external, there would be little growth. It is a function of the physical plane to provide you with a constant sense of imbalance so that you have something to move against. 

A state of rest, therefore, is a momentary setting aside of this perpetual process in order to touch again your actual natural state.

Touch Points To Experience True Rest

By identifying your True Rest, we identify the touch points that you can use in a particular lifetime so as to remember the pathway to a momentary state of rest. 

These touch points will be different in every lifetime, for they depend largely upon body memory from earlier times or even from previous lifetimes. You hold within your physical body all the memories of everything that has ever occurred to you. This reaches through time into other lifetimes, to some extent at least, and these elements of True Rest are doorways to allow you to more easily access a state of rest.

Mind-Body Control Is Not True Rest

Some people develop sufficient mind-body “control” that allows them to reach this state of rest, but this in itself is a state of control and not the complete openness that is associated with real rest.

Why Achieving True Rest Can Be Difficult

Although rest is your actual natural state, keep in mind that the degree to which you engage with the elements consistent with the physical plane affects your ability to easily achieve momentary True Rest. 

If you have piled upon your plate a great many “issues” then they will be your energetic first priority in much of your day to day activities. It is as if you must sift through hundreds of layers of energetic activity in order to reach what is, at core of you, your own inner self—which is where you find this state of rest. 

Those who tend to resist this process will not only have a lot of issues and challenges, but also will typically have more difficulty in the sifting process, leaving you less likely to easily achieve momentary True Rest.

What Helps You Achieve True Rest

It is within the power of each of you to reach the state of rest as we have described. That is not to say that you will take advantage of your ability to do so.

Let us expand a bit more on the nature of rest and what it does for you.

Ahhhh, imagine just sitting here and…resting.

You Have Keys To The Doors Of True Rest

Each of you incarnates with a set of “keys” to the doors that allow you to reach this state. These keys will differ from lifetime to lifetime, although some may follow you from life to life if they are particularly useful. 

All of you have the ability to reach this state almost at any time and it is only what you pile up as a barricade between yourself and these doorways that prevents you from getting there whenever you wish. 

Many of you intentionally deny this experience because it would be terrifying to truly allow yourself to experience Who You Are without all the other sensations that arise from everything you have built around you as a protective device. 

It is ironic, is it not, that those who most need a sense of rest are usually the ones who erect the most walls between yourselves and getting it? 

True Rest Suspends The Sense Of Time Passing

When one is in that state of rest, the sense of time is momentarily suspended as you move into a state of being without any other distractions, thoughts, feelings, or sensations. 

It can be terrifying to give up all the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that you feel define you, which is why many of you resist moving into an actual state of rest even momentarily. For doing so would require acknowledging who you really rather than who you have always thought you were.

Relationship Between Meditation And True Rest

There are many forms of meditation, each with their own desired result. Meditation itself is an ambiguous term and many meanings have been ascribed to it that have changed the original intention. 

For some people, it is possible to completely go inside the Self so as to achieve a feeling of utter expansion. 

The original intent of the term “meditation” and what we describe as True Rest are one and the same. True Rest is a state of suspension—a state of acknowledging nothing more than being.

How To Achieve True Rest

It is up to the individual to create a set of keys to the doorways that bring them to True Rest. Meditation is not the pathway for everyone. 

For some people, it is watching clouds pass. For others it is being with animals or cleaning one’s home. All of these activities, when taken at their heart, are meditational in nature. 

A person may find True Rest in almost any activity, depending on what has been chosen for that lifetime. Each of you will have more than one way to achieve way to achieve True Rest, more than one type of doorway, so as to allow you to achieve it under many different types of circumstances.

Find Your Keys To True Rest

Each key, while different, has some qualities in common.

  • allows you the feeling of being outside yourself
  • is practicable any time, almost anywhere
  • arouses a sense of remembering something from long ago that you have always known

Think about simple activities you enjoyed as a child—likely those are activities that you instinctively knew provided you True Rest. 

Want To Discover Your True Rest?

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