How To Love Your Body

The Problem

There exists a sense of division within you. In other words, you are … you. You have a body—but you are not your body. Your body is not you.

You have assumed the identity of a person who is not comfortable with many elements of the earth plane, including that of being in a body. You feel you are trapped and you blame your body for trapping you inside something (your body) that creates discomfort.

It would be easy to say, ”Just love your body”.

But you don’t see your body as really being part of you. There is a conflict. One pitfall many people fall into is a sense of discomfort with the earth plane itself. There is some conscious memory of being in a space that is not limited by a body, and there is a desire to be in that space and to exist without those limitations.

Inhabiting a body is by definition confining, and unless you are very physically-oriented it is difficult to feel comfortable with the physicality that is part of you. So part of what happens is: knowing that existence doesn’t have to be like this—doesn’t have to feel limiting—and resisting those feelings of limitation.

This could be you, feeling oh so comfortable in your body!

A Solution

So what can you do about this? Bring your attention to your body, but at a cellular level.

Let’s take a journey into one of your cells and inhabit it rather than be inhabited by it.

Imagine being inside a room that looks a bit odd: it’s dark with strange things floating around in it. You’re very, very small, and you sense all about you millions of other rooms just like this one. Each of these rooms has a consciousness.

Each of them are connected inextricably to all the other rooms holding awareness at all times all the others, plus awareness of the greater being that is the body they inhabit.

Each of the cells moves and functions with its own consciousness, but also with the awareness that it is also part of something much bigger—part of a community. The feeling is much like the feeling in a tree-community where there is no expectation, no judgment—simply space to exist.

Imagine you are inside one of these cells. You feel the peace that is there. There is no tension. There is no conflict. Everything is perfect, for there is no need to do anything but exist.

We invite you on a regular basis to bring your awareness to that level. Choose a different place in your body each time. Connect with your eyeball one day, with your elbow another day, with your spleen another. See what that feels like—inhabiting yourself, with no expectations placed upon you.

That’s what it means to love your body.

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