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Wow! Holy Cow! I’m at a loss of adequate words to describe how phenomenal this channeling is.

At the moment I’m pretty overwhelmed – this is a wealth of knowledge and so much more than I could have even imagined. Thank you (and Polaris) so much for making it so easy to understand.

Truly, I’m just blown away and will need to listen to it many more times to really absorb the many messages I’m receiving.

Janice O.

I had a channeling with Talyaa that felt remarkably incisive and helpful in terms of processing the dissolution of a relationship – and the emotional debris that remained. T said some things that I have never told anyone – and hadn’t even fully admitted to myself. The content of past lives mentioned was particularly astute in terms of core themes triggered by this relationship providing a certain “Aha!”. 

I was seeking greater understanding and clarity within a larger framework and Talyaa’s reading was hugely helpful in this endeavor. Beyond the high accuracy and relevance of the reading, Talyaa’s manner is so approachable and warm. 

What a pleasure! Thank you again.

Laura W.

The session was something else!! Oh WOW! I have a feeling I did a little traveling in that time. You’ve got everything bang on! Third eye area is very active – sometimes it seems without my doing anything.

You are right, it is a LOT of information to take in, but is really helpful. It was a pleasure “connecting” with you – I know we did! 

Rashmi H.

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