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Uncover the secrets of your soul

Talyaa came recommended to me by a friend who was amazed by the insights she received and now I see why. I recommend Talyaa to anyone I know that is interested.

Since my reading, something is shifting within me and I am eternally grateful for Talyaa as an insightful channel and for her ability to connect with this energy that can and does transform lives. Thank you! 

Marie L.

Talyaa has a marvelous access to information that lies beyond our typical frame of awareness. Combining that gift with her love of many forms of healing and spiritual practice, she brings a unique experience to each of her clients. It’s a true joy to work with her! 

Ron V.

The session was something else!! Oh WOW! I have a feeling I did a little traveling in that time. You’ve got everything bang on! Third eye area is very active – sometimes it seems without my doing anything.

You are right, it is a LOT of information to take in, but is really helpful. It was a pleasure “connecting” with you – I know we did! 

Rashmi H.