How Cats Think & Dream

Yep, cats dream!

Animals such as cats experience dreams.

However, cats have more awareness of their ability to manipulate astral matter than do most humans.


Cats also experience a light meditative state. You often see this with cats that appear be sitting and—for all intents and purposes—staring off into space.

It would be incomplete say that they are meditating, but they are in a light hypnotic state, in almost a trance, and are in a meditative state.

In this state cats have a different awareness of their bodies than they do when they are fully awake and alert.

They also maintain conscious connection with the collective consciousness of all cats.

Do cats have individual or collective mass thought?

They have both.

When cats are fully in their bodies, they are more or less individualized and have purely individual thought, with some awareness of the collectiveness that they are.

When cats are in that meditative state, or certainly within a dream state, they have more awareness of the collective of all cats that they are a part of.

Wonder what this cat is thinking about?

Who knows what weird things cats dream of?

How Cat Thought Is Different From Human Thought

Cat thinking lives on a couple of different levels.

Level one—a very basic level regarding instinctive behaviors: hunting, food, toileting, etc.

Level two—purely experiential.

Human thought tends to be action related. It can also be abstract, but it tends also to rely heavily on the four dimensions that are the physical plane.

Cat thought, on the other hand, is more experiential and will simply be experienced and expressed as color, sound, energetic input, and sensation of various sorts.

Cats perceive objects as energy

Cats see and regard objects as energetic rather than as completely solid. They have less attachment to the solid nature of matter humans experience.

Cats realize objects exist only because humans collectively create them

Cats are relatively sure of the dependability of, for instance, a bed that they would like to jump up upon.

They are also aware that the bed exists because humans (in collective human thought) have created its existence and maintain it by their belief in its continued existence.

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