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QUESTION: Please elaborate on the concept that people universally yearn to live a life of meaning and make a difference in the world.


All humans are born with a destiny. Each person’s destiny, each person’s place in the planetary tapestry of human experience, is unique.

If every person alive now were to fully express their individual destiny, the world would be a very different place. There would be an end to war, an end to poverty, an end to inequality of every kind.

These changes would happen naturally and peacefully, and if every human alive now were to fully inhabit their unique place in the world, the time it would take to make such change would be amazingly little.

Inside every person dwells the knowledge of what is possible, not only for that individual but for humanity and for the Earth in general. From birth, however, individuals are encouraged to separate from their deep knowing of what is possible. This separation occurs in many ways, primarily through familial, cultural, and social indoctrination coupled with universal human hardwiring to survive by avoiding rejection.

Eventually, the inner gulf between the deep knowing of what is possible and the stark reality that each individual faces of their failure to embody their destiny becomes so great and so wide that it seems impossible to bridge. Apathy sets in. Routine sets in. Anger at oneself or at the world becomes the norm.

The emotional pain from the subconscious inner knowing of this gulf becomes pervasive. Individuals will do almost anything to avoid this pain. They go to their graves never expressing their destiny and never contributing to the world in the way that they were born to do.

Families, communities, countries, and the world all suffer as a result. 

Ironically, once a person embraces their destiny and begins a path of self knowledge and self acceptance, emotional pain subsides. The gulf narrows. The path to embracing personal destiny appears, as if by magic.

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Everyone experiences a deep inner yearning to feel that their life matters. Mired in apathy and fear, it is impossible to feel true connection to one’s destiny and to the greater human experience that we all share.

This yearning burns deep within us, both widening the gulf between destiny and reality and imprinting a path toward magnificence that once accepted, remains true. 

Every person possesses a magnificent spark of the divine. Every person holds a unique thread in the tapestry of planetary experience. Every person affects the lives of every other person on the planet simply by showing up and being alive.

Imagine, then, the influence one can have when they truly embrace their destiny, truly embrace their soul’s call to greatness, and truly accept their magnificence.

It only takes one person to begin a revolution. One person embodying their deep soul’s truth. One person answering the call to greatness. One person bridging the gulf between despair and destiny. One person to start an avalanche of change. 

To accept the call of the soul is a daring undertaking. It requires the courage to face one’s magnificence and to surrender to a life greater than oneself.

What lights the way, then, is connection with the deep knowing of possibility and truth that is awarded to everyone at birth. This knowing already exists.

It only takes one spark to light a fire. It only takes one step to embrace the path to greatness. And it only takes one breath to accept one’s destiny.

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