What Does Solara Teach, Part Two

More Basic Solara Concepts

(For Part One, see Who Is Solara And What Does Solara Teach?)

First: Who (Or What) Is Solara?

Solara is a mix of spirit teachers that speaks as a single being. Solara’s parts include Polaris, Michael, Seth, off-world energies, nature spirits, collective human consciousness, and my paternal shamanic lineage.

Solara’s messages to humanity and individuals offer hope, wisdom, and perspective to help people lead lives in their highest potential and help guide others to co-create a better world for everyone.

Solara encourages everyone to know their Destiny and live it, which in turn supports overall human evolution. For us to continue to evolve as a species, we must all work together to make our world a better place to live.

What Solara Teaches

You Have Access To An Infinite Source Of Energy

You are a part of and connected to the infinite source of energy that powers the Universe. You are a being of pure light and love who has chosen existence in physical reality in order to gain understanding, awareness, and experience.  

As this being of pure light, you are born knowing everything you need to know to have a wonderful, growth-filled life.  

As a human living in physical reality on the Earth plane of existence, you have chosen to experience the perception of separation, but in true reality you are never separated from the infinite source of energy that is you.  

You can access and tap into this infinite source at any time.  It is always there for you, simply for the asking.

There Is Nothing In The Universe But Love

The universal infinite source of energy is simply Love. Everything that exists is a manifestation of Love in some form.

We experience Love as a spectrum ranging from manifestations of the perception of separation (hate, war, violence) to manifestations of the perception of the oneness of all (love, acceptance, peace). This oneness of all exists at all times.

The differences we perceive are simply that, a matter of perception and we can shift from one end of the spectrum to the other in an instant if we so choose.  

All human experience is a manifestation of Love on some level.  

The closer one is to perceiving oneness of everything, the greater the understanding and awareness that all is truly Love.

Solara Is Here To Help You Connect More Deeply With Who You Are

We all wear a set of perception lenses that color how we see ourselves and one another. These lenses can prevent us from seeing how we truly are.  

Solara gives us the tools to move through the lenses to uncover and fully manifest who we truly are.  

In each and every case, without exception, who we truly are is a being of perfection, a being of pure light and love. 

Solara wants each of us to experience the joy that comes from knowing our own perfection, the joy that comes from perceiving ourselves as a being of pure light and love.

You Will Experience Joy When You Align With Who You Truly Are

Being connected with who you truly are creates an alignment of your energy with that of the Universe. That alignment in turn creates a state of joy.

By being more of who you are, you create within yourself the pathways necessary to experience that state of joy more easily and more often.

By acknowledging your own inherent perfection and becoming more self-aware, you naturally align yourself more firmly with who you truly are, creating a joyful state for yourself over and over and over again.

By Being More Of Who You Truly Are, You Step Into The Flow Of Your Life, Helping You Access A Truly Joyful State

You came here to the physical world, to earth plane reality, to do something special that only you can do. 

Each of you had a plan in mind when you decided to create this lifetime. The flow of your life is a combination of all the things you came here to this lifetime wanting to do and experience.  

By stepping into that flow, you allow yourself the freedom to do the things you came here specifically to do.  And by being more of who you truly are, you can that much more easily step into the flow of your own life.  

Not only will you experience joy but you will also continue the wonderful creation you began long ago, the wonderful creation that is your life today.

Your Body Is A Perfect Expression Of Your Experience And Perception In Physical Reality

Because you live in the physical world, the only way to experience the beauty and wonder that is the physical world is through your own physicality.  

Your body is your perfect playground through which to experience everything there is to experience in physical reality. 

Your body is also the absolute manifestation of everything you are in this lifetime, a perfect expression of who you truly are.

You Have Beautifully Created Your Life At Every Level

You create your own reality. At every turn, in every moment, you are creating anew and experiencing the fruits of your own creation. 

You came to this life having made choices that led you to this very moment. There are no accidents; you are making choices in every moment that are designed to help you experience what you came here to do.

There Is No End To Life And There Are No Wrong Choices.  Every Choice In Your Life Leads To Greater Understanding

Every life ends as a beginning. The pure light and love that is manifested as you is part of the infinite source that is All That Is.  

There are never any endings, only a reshaping to find new beginnings. 

You experience life over and over again, creating experiences and wearing different sets of perception lenses, until you have experienced all the possibilities you wish to create for yourself as an expression of pure light and love in physical reality.  

(And then you move on to other, non-physical realities, and learn to play there. It really never ends!)

You are always making choices and you are always learning from the results of your choices. There are never any wrong choices.  

There are no mistakes; there are only opportunities from which to learn.  Since life goes on through infinity, there are always opportunities to create new choices the next time, choices that lead to still greater understanding and awareness.

You Are All That Is.  All That Is, Is You.

Everything in the universe, including you, is a perfect expression of the All That Is. You are a being of pure light and love and within you is everything necessary to create an entire universe of experience.  

You chose, as a being experiencing life in physical reality, to perceive separation, but in reality there is no separation among anyone or anything.  

You are the universe, and the universe is you. You are one with the flowers, the rocks, and the trees, as well as with the animals and with everyone and everything that is manifest in physical reality. 

You are truly All That Is.  And All That Is, is you.


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