What Is Your Essence?

What Is Your Essence?

Your essence is you, in the most expansive possible way. 

Your essence encompasses your multidimensional nature, your higher self, your past lives, your astral body, and your parallel lives, to name some of essence’s manifestations. Essence has tremendous resources, expansive perception, and limitless energy. 

It is truly Who You Are.

Found In Many Spiritual Traditions

The term ”essence” has been used in many traditions, and there are many similar words such as “Atman”, “Higher Self” or even just “Self” (with a capital S) that infer the same thing. 

Personality Is Different From Essence

On the physical plane, our identity is based around our personality. This is the part of us that has limited perception and is attached to the physical plane and its limitations. 

Our identity is influenced by many factors: childhood experiences, parental imprinting, soul and personality traits (in the Quintessence System, listed below) astrology, genetics, friends, work environment, and every factor we can imagine affecting a human being. 

No Separation From Essence

Although we tend to think of personality as separate from us, there is no real separation from your essence. But because of how the physical plane works we must experience the perception of separation. Few of us remember our past lives, see the unlimited choices available to us, or have clear and conscious connection to our essence.

Qualities Of Essence

Our essence provides the “juice” behind our personalities. It encompasses parallel lives, different planes of existence, and all perceptions available to us that go beyond physical reality. 

‘Flavored’ By Soul & Personality Traits

Our essence is flavored by some of the soul & personality traits in the Quintessence System: Primary and Secondary Archetypes, Frequency, and a few other aspects that do not change between lifetimes. 

Beyond Time, Multidimensional

Our essence is not affected by time like we are, because it is beyond time.

It is multidimensional and exists, quite literally, everywhere (and every time) at once. It is what remains between lives on the astral plane as the experience of our personality is integrated and “downloaded”. It is what makes choices for our next lifetime.

Essence Is ‘God’

When most people talk to “God”, or their perception of god, it is most common that they are actually talking to their own essence. That is why the connection to our essence is so important.

Enormous Perception And Love

Our essence, being us to the nth power, and without limitations, possesses enormous perception, energy, and love.

This love our essence has for us can feel overwhelming to many people. It is truly a religious experience, one that Carl Jung wrote about prodigiously. 

Essence Is YOU, Your Innermost Being

At the same time, your essence is truly You. There is no separation, no external quality to your essence.

If you were to remove the barriers of perception that you (and your Essence have created) in order to have this experience on the physical plane, you would see with this expansive perception and know you have never been separated.

Connection Goes Both Ways

Just as you can benefit from a more conscious connection to essence, your essence benefits from a more solid connection to your conscious awareness.

You are here having experiences so that essence can learn and know itself. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the book by Richard Bach, is an excellent parable of some perceptions of essence.

Essence Is A Spark Of The Tao

Beyond the essence, in your innermost core, is what is termed the “spark”. This is quite literally the Tao, God, or All That Is. It is the source of all creation. 

It is the part of the Tao that “split off” in the process of incarnation in order to ultimately know itself. This is always an act of Love. 

Essence Is Vast, As Are You

In many ways, the essence’s relation to the spark is analogous to our personality’s relationship to essence. In other words, the universe—and by extension, you—is more vast than even your imagination can possibly comprehend.

Solara Helps You Connect With Essence

The teachings of Solara, the collective of spirit teacher entities I channel, are firmly grounded in helping you connect with your essence on a more conscious level. In other words, helping you Be Who You Are.  


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