What Is Destiny?

How To Know If You're Living Your Destiny

A Powerful and Magnetic Force

Destiny is a powerful and magnetic force, a potential culmination of focused energy to create a particular outcome. Destiny commonly refers to that of an individual person, but also is appropriate to apply to animals, entities, planets, bacteria, and other beings and organisms. In short, everything that exists in physical space, and even intangible things like relationships, has a destiny.

You Created Your Destiny Before You Were Born

Before you were born, you helped co-create your destiny. This was on a pre-incarnate soul level along with other souls particular to you in your journey as humans. In addition, you chose in conjunction with the entire collective consciousness of humanity and with Gaia (the soul of planet Earth). 

Your Destiny Harmonizes With All Other Destinies 

You created a destiny that not only allows you wonderful opportunities for growth and the expression of Love, but also harmonizes with and complements the destinies of all other humans and of Earth.

A Siren’s Call To Awaken

Destiny’s magnetism is extremely powerful, a siren’s call to awaken you from the drowsy dreamlike world of physical existence into magnificent vibrant aliveness.

Destiny pulls at you, injecting your dreams with longing and sending you constant signs and signals to help guide your way, a beacon to your magnificence. 

A Guidepost For Your Life

Destiny acts as your guidepost for life on Earth, prompting you to make choices that support the fulfillment your agreements as humans in a physical body. 

Impacts Overall Human Evolution 

Humanity is destined to evolve, and this evolution takes place regardless of any individual’s participation. However, every individual has the ability to affect overall human and planetary evolution through fulfillment of personal destiny. 

Destiny is the one of the strongest forces on the planet, second only to Love.

Destiny vs Life Purpose

Destiny Is An Undeniable Cosmic Pull That Weaves Through Time

Destiny is an expected agreed-upon outcome for anything that exists within the universe.

Every individual destiny connects with other individual destinies as well as the collective destiny of the vast web of humanity, everything upon the planet Earth, and the entire universe, both past and future.

Destiny is the undeniable cosmic pull of all of humanity, the planet, and the universe. It is the web that weaves together all of creation.

Life Purpose Is Something Your Soul Wants To Do In THIS Lifetime

Life purpose refers to an individual’s lifetime, a single lifetime, and operates as an objective for that particular lifetime without regard to its connection to the lives or experiences of others.

Life purpose is the thing that a particular soul wishes to experience in a lifetime. It provides an individual with structure for their lifetime, and exists as a rough template of intention that shapes life choices.

Feel that? It’s the undeniable pull of your Destiny calling.

How To Fulfill Your Destiny

Destiny is about expected outcome. There are many ways to fulfill one’s destiny. It’s similar to the “all roads lead to Rome” concept—Rome is the destination but there are many ways to get there. 

A transmission of your personal destiny gives you the desired outcome, but it’s up to you to find how best to fulfill it. Keep your eyes on the prize. 

Maintain focus on the outcome of your destiny, follow the guidance given on moving through any blocks to fulfilling your destiny, and remain rooted in the feeling you feel when you read the words about your destiny. All of these are your guideposts to choosing your unique path to the outcome of your destiny.

How To Know If You’re Fulfilling Your Destiny

A person’s destiny fulfillment is always measured by the impact they have on other people during their lifetime. More impact is not always better—what is measured is the quality of the impact. Are people’s lives enhanced by you? Do they receive your support in fulfilling their own destiny? 

When You Feel Aligned, Awake, Alive, Connected

Some people’s destiny impact isn’t measurable until the conclusion of their life, at which time it’s possible to ascertain accumulations of impact on individuals and groups. 

You’ll know definitively that you are fulfilling your Destiny when you feel aligned, awake, alive, and connected to the web of life that surrounds you. 

What Happens When You Align With Destiny

Destiny, as stated before, is an outcome. More specifically, it is an agreed-upon co-created outcome, and all beings involved in its co-creation will have awareness of it on some level. The outcome is a target, not an endpoint. 

When an archer shoots an arrow into a target, they shoot through the target in order to hit the target, not at the target itself. It is much the same with destiny. You focus your energy through the destiny outcome, not at the outcome itself. In this way, a continuous flow of energy is set in motion, a flow that you ride in order to fulfill your destiny.

Is a Destiny Ever Complete?

To a large extent, it can be, but usually not completely in a single lifetime. To completely finish a destiny requires multiple lifetimes.

Your lifetime may be the first to work on your particular destiny, it may be the last, or it may be one among many consecutive lifetimes that all work to fulfill the same grand arc of a destiny.

Benefits From Aligning With Your Destiny

Even if your destiny is not one that is completely fulfilled during your lifetime, you will receive so many benefits from aligning with your destiny that it will make a huge difference in the way you experience your life. 

Plus, all that you do to fulfill your destiny benefits your family and loved ones, your community, and the world in ways you may not be able to see but are profound and significant just the same.

What Happens When a Destiny Is Completely Fulfilled

When your destiny is complete, you become a teacher of sorts to the rest of humanity. Teaching of this kind can occur in a number of ways and does not always resemble what you might think of as “teaching”. 

Some people write books, some become bartenders, some create art, and some tend gardens. Post-destiny life is generally peaceful. It involves community and family. People generally pursue gentle pastimes, and often live long lives because a life of destiny fulfillment has left them with so many physical benefits.

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