Surrendering to the Void

Question: There is a concept across many traditions of inviting or surrendering to ’The Void’.  What exactly is ’The Void’, and what is the process of surrendering?  What can be gained by it?

A simple way to describe the Void is “absence of all expectation”—a total acceptance of what is.  Not what could be.  Not what should be.  Not what might be, but simply what is. 

Accepting what is is paradoxically simple, yet inherently complex.  It is difficult for the human, caught up as you are in the illusions of life as a human—that is, possessing a body, interacting with others and perceiving things on a simple physical basis—to consistently recognize that there is so much more, and yet at the same time so much less than what it is they perceive. 

Completely immersing oneself in the Now requires such a large degree of trust that one has no need to manipulate reality to become anything more than what it is.

The Void is the absence of all expectation and a complete immersion into all that is the present.  This ’all’ must include, of course, all your dreams, desires, pain, love, and humanness.  So a complete acceptance of all these things is required for you to be present in the Now.  Simple, yes? 

Yet when you consider each element, each one seems to bring with it so much more—so many issues, so many requirements of your time and energy and thought, that it seems impossible to divorce yourself from those in order to reside completely in the present. 

We remind you that there is no need, of course, to separate yourself from all that you are.  There need only be the joyful expansion of your perception to embrace all that you are into this one present moment.

Surrendering to this absence that also includes everything requires an enormous degree of trust.  You must trust yourself.  You must trust your perceptions.  You must trust that you are not truly separated from any part of you. And you must trust that this joyful expansion can actually take place. 

We invite you, then, to dip a toe into the Void with us in the following exercise.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Breathe comfortably and deeply. Place your awareness on a spot located on your forehead between and above your eyes, often referred to as the ’third eye’.  To enhance sensitivity and awareness you may briefly massage this area.  

As you bring your awareness to this spot, notice how it grows.  It grows to encompass all that you are, all that you ever have been, and all that you ever will be.  Notice the sense of love and acceptance you receive simply from this noticing.  

Imagine and embrace all your former selves and all your future selves.  Breathe them in, and allow them to take stronger presence within your present-self body.  Trust that all these selves hold for you the information you most need to know right now.  You may or may not ever gain conscious awareness of this information, yet it is yours at this moment. 

Breathe in again and let out that breath, at the same time letting go of any expectation of what any of your past or future selves brings you.  You feel this expectation leaving your body. 

Place your hands over your heart, and seal in that awareness to hold within you forever.

By regularly exposing yourself to the Void, you increase your conscious awareness of your own trueness and the potential that lies within you at all times. By learning to surrender, you become a more complete and whole person.

Imagine surrendering to All That You Are—all your former selves, all your future selves.

Question: It is often implied that the fear of death is the basis for all fears, and that it is by experiencing a form of death that true transformation can occur.  How does the Void relate to this fear of death and the transformation referred to?

The concept of death is indeed a frightening one to most people. It is no accident that there are parallels between the concepts of death and the Void of which we speak. In each case, that spark within you that is You is always maintained despite outer transformations.

In the case of what you refer to as death, it is simply the physical body that transforms. Everything else about you—your hopes, desires, dreams, and memories—are still retained, and always are a part of the You that you are in this life. 

There is an aspect of death to the transformation that occurs when one surrenders completely to the Void, but again, that inner spark of You-ness is always retained despite external transformation.  The transformation that occurs when one surrenders to the Void is not one that is necessarily physically apparent. Yet it is one that allows the fullness and completeness of you to emerge as if to play.

It is the fear of transformation itself, then, that is the root of the fears of death and the fear of surrendering to the Void.  It is natural to attempt to hold on to what one has been, for that is all one knows.  However, if you alter your perception so that you can embrace all that you will be, your fears of transformation, whether from death or from surrender to the Void, will be eased.

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