What It's Like To Incarnate

You may wonder what it was like to transition from being simply an essence—a soul—to being an essence/soul INSIDE a physical body.

In other words, what is to like to incarnate? What is the process? What sensations are there? What challenges are there?

Part One: Making Soul Agreements

The process of incarnating takes several days. There are two major parts, the first taking place on the astral plane and the second taking place on the physical plane. 

The astral plane portion begins with making soul agreements of various sorts. This part begins several weeks, though sometimes just days, prior to the time of birth/full incarnation.

Types of Common Soul Agreements

  • parents/siblings/other family or parental-type relationships
    • region where incarnating soul is to be born/grow up and other influencing factors
    • wounds and patterns of parents/parent-types, for their influence to the incarnating soul
  • other pre-lifetime agreements such as for:
    • mating (love & procreation)
    • friendship
    • various types of assistance
    • any other agreements that a soul might wish to make with already-incarnated souls or other between-life souls for the upcoming lifetime.

What It Is Like During First Part of Incarnation Process

During this time, the soul feels ”normal”, meaning it experiences its usual between-life experience: 

  • no sense of passing time, which can create challenges when attempting to make arrangements with other souls
  • pervasive sense of expansion that souls experience between lifetimes
  • feeling of being connected with all life
    • other between-lives souls
    • incarnated souls
    • animals
    • insects 
    • plants  
    • fungi
    • bacteria life
    • nature spirits (devas)
    • ”ascended” souls that now dwell on the causal plane

How Your Soul Contacts Other Souls To Make Agreements

This is all done on the astral plane, where physical constraints we deal with on the physical plane, such as time, space, gravity, etc, do not exist. Communication between souls is done essentially telepathically, although as beings not incarnate it is more akin to instant ”knowing” than the physical process you think of as telepathy.


All time is Now on the astral plane. There is no sense of time passing, deadlines, or urgency in any way. This means that if an incoming soul only has a short amount of time as measured on the physical plane to make major soul agreement arrangements like choosing parents before their upcoming birth in a body, there can be difficulties making the arrangements in time.

Fortunately, souls will typically have ”back up plans”, or potential alternative arrangements for these soul agreements. This means that your soul’s choice of parents—and likely therefore your entire childhood experience—could have been completely different. Your life could have been completely different.

To the soul, creating experiences is the most important part of living in a body. It often does not matter too much what, exactly, those experiences are, since by the time all lives are lived the soul will have experienced everything it desired to. Exactly when the experiences occur is of less importance.


As all space is also Here on the astral plane, there is no need to ”go” anywhere in order to contact other souls to make agreements. Everyone is already Here. Therefore, there is no ”travel time” to contact another soul, and the connection can be made instantaneously.


Gravity also does not exist on the astral plane and does not affect souls wishing to contact other souls to make agreements (or for any other reason).

You are an eternal being having a human experience. And like the rest of us, you probably forgot.

Part Two: Turning Astral Into Physical

Once all soul agreement are in place, the incarnating soul begins the process of becoming physical. This is more arduous and painful than you might realize. Just as the outgoing process, death, is arduous and painful (unless instantaneous), the incoming process requires a great deal of energy and therefore is difficult.

Souls Want to Incarnate

Souls are extremely motivated to undergo the incarnation process. From the standpoint of a between-lives soul contemplating an incarnation, existence on the physical plane is rife with possibility and learning experiences, all of which the soul desires greatly in order to help grow the All That Is (”Source”).

Being In a Body Is Amazing To The Soul

Souls who experienced traumatic, painful, or otherwise uncomfortable past incarnations remember the pain. 

But they also remember the joy of being in a body—the ability to see the sun, touch another being, love someone and be loved, and all the exquisite and unique-to-the-physical-plane experiences that come with being alive in a body.

Six Steps to Physically Incarnating From This Point

There are six steps to physically incarnating at this point in the process.

Align energy to begin to ”move forward”.

As astral experience is all in the Now, with no passage of time, an incarnating soul must align its energy to be able to flow with time. This requires both intention to do so and the first of several departures from the astral plane in order to be able to function on the physical plane.

Connect energetically to the chosen body nearing its birth process.

This typically takes place about 3 weeks prior to the birth but can occur as late as about 48 hours before the birth. To connect energetically, the soul must slow its vibration sufficiently as to vibrate in the range of the physical plane.

Affirm major desired/planned learning experiences.

This is a loose outline of ”lessons” and major life experiences the soul wishes to have during the lifetime. These may include physical or mental limitations of particular skills.

Plans may change ”on the fly” during the lifetime, but each soul incarnates with a rough plan. Some of this plan is affected by the other souls with whom the incarnating soul made agreements for the coming life. 

Choose Quintessence attributes for personality.

These attributes include Life Theme that shapes the nature of the entire lifetime, and Style that affects how the soul approaches life, which affects the types of choices that person will make throughout the lifetime.

This process requires the most amount of attention of any of the preparatory steps to incarnating. The choices made now affect every aspect of the entire lifetime as well as choices made by the incarnated soul during the lifetime. [More about The Quintessence here]

Release past life memories and the knowledge that you are an eternal being.

This is a necessary step to give the soul a chance to truly experience physical plane life without ”insider knowledge”. This way, the soul can go deeply into the illusion of the physical plane so as to make choices and them learn from them.

Some souls still manage to retain some amounts of these types of memories and knowledge. Usually these are souls who have incarnated many times before (hundreds), which makes it more difficult to fully release them.

Actual physical incarnation.

This is an all-at-once (but NOT instantaneous—this requires many hours in physical-plane time) process that includes:

  • Squeezing the limitless soul into a tiny, frail body. This is deeply painful to undergo.
  • Accepting and shifting to operate within all limitations of the physical plane: all bodily systems such as brain function and nervous system, circulation, elimination, and respiration. Some of these systems do not fully come online until the actual moment of birth.
  • Imbuing every cell in the body with a spark of consciousness. If you can imagine the soul as a spark of the All That Is, this process splits that spark into trillions of tinier sparks, each inhabiting a cell in the body. This process has two functions. It finalizes the sense of separation that the new person must experience. And it serves to further distance the incarnating soul from knowing it is in actuality a limitless eternal being.

Now a New Person, No Longer a Soul

From this point, most people embark on their journeys as tiny infants in an enormous world. A few babies remember aspects of astral plane existence, but these are largely forgotten and absorbed into the myriad wondrous experiences of being a baby.


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