One Simple Way To Make Your Life Better Right Now

The Secret To Enjoying Your Life

What If…

How can you make your experience of life better?

That’s the wrong question. The question you really want to ask is, How do you enjoy the life you have more?

You probably understand you must accomplish certain things in order to get a certain result. For instance, you know you must work a certain number of hours at your job in order to bring home a paycheck so that you can buy food and pay your rent or mortgage and save up to make your life better one day.

But what if that wasn’t a certainty? What if you didn’t have to work a certain number of hours to save up to make your life better one day?

What if what you must first do is instead to enjoy the life you already have?

Is It Impossible To Enjoy Your Life?

Perhaps enjoying your life seems like an impossibility right now, given that you do, in fact, experience certain realities. For instance, you experience hunger. You experience rent or mortgage payments, and food bills. You experience long hours at your job. You experience increased thoughts about what might happen if your other experiences, especially the long hours at your job, continue.

All of these experiences together seem to sum up your reality.

But what if that is not your reality?

I are not playing mind games with you, but posing questions designed to poke holes of doubt in the concrete walls you may have erected around you that now seem to separate you from what you want.

There is really only one thing to do to get what you want:

Enjoy your life more. Not 5% or 10% more, but exponentially more. ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

How? Keep reading….

Focus On What You Enjoy

You already know some things that will create enjoyment.

You only need to focus on what you enjoy, rather than on what you do not enjoy.

(That last sentence is very important, so I shall repeat it) You only need focus on what you enjoy, not on what you do not enjoy.

That is not to say that you should not acknowledge the things that you do not enjoy. To deny yourself acknowledgement of the things that you do not enjoy would be to give them more attention.

Instead, try only allowing them to slip through your awareness, and then to focus again on something that you do enjoy.

Make a long list of the things that you enjoy. That way, when something arises that you do not enjoy, you’ll have an easy way to return your awareness to something that you enjoy.

Do this over and over and over. This is your new spiritual practice.

 The Secret To Enjoying Your Life

What You Get When You Enjoy Your Life

The more you can bring your awareness and attention to the things that you enjoy, the greater the circle will become of the things that you enjoy.

Because you only have room in your day for so much attention and awareness, when you crowd your day with attention to the things that you enjoy, while letting the things slip by that you do not enjoy, soon your day will be filled with enjoyment.

And when you experience life as a thing to be enjoyed, it has multiple effects on you:

• greater energy
• radiate joy outward to others
• magnetic personality (others will be attracted to this energy around you)
• greater enjoyment of life
• greater ease, power, and freedom

When things in your life seem easier, energy flows around you and your reality shifts as well.

What About Things You Do Not Enjoy?

What about having to do things that you do not enjoy, but that you know need to be done? (Example: taxes)

That is also easy. Do the thing (taxes) and then immediately give yourself a reward of something that you enjoy (cake).

You need not actually DO a thing that you enjoy—simply thinking about it for a few moments is enough to shift your energy back to that of enjoyment.

You are meant to be in joy. In joy means = enjoyment.

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