Make Sense of A Confusing World

Heal Old Patterns

Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Hi. I’m Talyaa.

Your Ally To The Spirit World — Oracle, Channel, & Shamanic Healer

How Would Your Life Be Different If Your Old Patterns No Longer Stop You?

  • Know Your Purpose & Destiny

  • Free Yourself From The Restraints Of Your Past

  • Live A Happier, More Creative Life

  • Feel More Powerful

  • Create the Life You Want

STEP 1 — Who Are You & What Do You Want?

  • Get answers to your burning life questions
  • Learn how to contact your spirit guide(s)
  • Discover your soul agreements with important people in your life
  • Finally know that you’ve never been alone, despite how you may have felt
  • Change your life by changing your life story from the past

STEP 2 — Heal Your Past

  • Clear your blocks
  • Balance your energy
  • Heal ancestral energy patterns
  • Learn heart-to-heart communication to make any relationship magical
  • Once and for all heal destructive energy patterns that have plagued your life and held you back
  • Open the pathway to your new, free life

You are a Divine Being, driving a meat-coated skeleton through the stars.

You deserve to live a life of ease, power, and freedom.

By clearing ancestral blocks, you can finally breathe free.

I will assist you to create the magical life of your dreams!

Channeling Session

Get guidance and wisdom from Solara, my wise & loving spirit teacher.

A Channeling Session helps you understand your life from a higher perspective.

Get personalized guidance on topics like your important life choices, relationships, family, career, past lives, your spiritual path, and much more!

Shamanic Healing

Clear your blocks and heal ancestral patterns. Prepare to meet your spirit allies!

Shamanic Healing works to get you unstuck, heals on a deep level, and rebalances your energies.

This ancient energy medicine technique works gently yet effectively to clear blocks and reprogram you to your natural state of ease and flow.

Make Sense of Your World With a Channeling Session

Get answers to questions like: what is my life purpose? Why is XXX person in my life? What can I learn from my challenging work situation? How do I become more intuitive?

Unlock Your Past With Shamanic Healing

Understand and rewrite lifelong patterns that have shaped your life. Go back and heal seven generations of ancestors to unlock your Now. Be the one who frees your children and your children’s children from these destructive patterns.

What Makes Me An Expert?

I’m Talyaa — Channel, Oracle, and Shamanic Healer.

I’ve been a professional channel since 1999.

I apprenticed with Celtic shamans for a year in 1999.

Because of a 2015 near death experience, I can foresee the futures of individuals and of humanity as a whole. 

Praise For Talyaa

“Talyaa has a marvelous access to information that lies beyond our typical frame of awareness. Combining that gift with her love of many forms of healing and spiritual practice, she brings a unique experience to each of her clients. It’s a true joy to work with her!”

“Wow! Holy Cow! I’m at a loss of adequate words to describe how phenomenal this channeling is.”

“I would recommend Talyaa to anyone who seeks answers from a higher power.”

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