You have a sacred purpose on this planet

You can remember it

So you can live the life you came here for…

Hi. I’m Talyaa.

Your Guide To The Spirit World
I’m An Oracle, Channel & Shaman

Are You Ready To:

➣Understand Why You Are Here On Earth At This Time

➣Free Yourself From The Restraints Of Your Past

➣Feel Excited About Life

➣Be Enthusiastic To Share Your Gifts With The World

➣Create the Life You Want

Discover your purpose—your DESTINY—so you can help raise the vibration of the planet!

You were born with a sacred purpose. Want to LIVE it?

Find Your Sacred Purpose With A Life Destiny Reading

  • Finally know where you fit in life
  • Feel excited about life again
  • Your entire life—including your past—makes sense now
  • Stop feeling scared about life
  • Know what you were meant to do and why you are here on the planet
  • Feel excited, enthusiastic, and inspired again
  • Feel ready to live the magnificent life you came here for

Clear Blocks & Re-Balance With Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Clear your blocks
  • Balance your energy
  • Heal ancestral energy patterns
  • Learn heart-to-heart communication to make any relationship magical
  • Once and for all heal destructive energy patterns that have plagued your life and held you back
  • Open the pathway to your new, free life
  • Remove roadblocks to living your purpose
  • Now you can breathe!

Get Your Annual Forecast With Wild & Delicious Life

  • An entire year, in five areas of life
  • Understand upcoming challenges and changes
  • Get clarity and understanding
  • Feel balance in your life again
  • Imagine your possibilities
  • Understand your future options
  • Know that things will turn around for you
  • Feel excited about the year ahead
  • Get ready for what’s to come

You are a Divine Being having a physical experience

You have a sacred purpose on this planet

You can remember your purpose—your sacred destiny

You are here to help contribute to the planet in your unique way

Channeling Session

Get guidance and wisdom from Solara, a wise & loving spirit teacher.

A Channeling Session helps you understand your life from a higher perspective.

Get personalized guidance on topics like your important life choices, relationships, family, career, past lives, your spiritual path, and much more!

Shamanic Healing

Clear your blocks and heal ancestral patterns. Prepare to meet your spirit allies!

Shamanic Healing works to get you unstuck, heals on a deep level, and rebalances your energies.

This ancient energy medicine technique works gently yet effectively to clear blocks and reprogram you to your natural state of ease and flow.

A Little About Me

➢ I’m Talyaa—I can help you uncover and live your purpose.

➢ I’m an Oracle, Channel, and Shamanic Healer since 1999.

➢I apprenticed with Celtic shamans for an entire year in 1999 and developed a shamanic healing method.

➢ As a result of a near death experience, I can envision people’s sacred purposes—their Destiny.

My Destiny is to help you uncover and live yours!

“Talyaa has a marvelous access to information that lies beyond our typical frame of awareness. Combining that gift with her love of many forms of healing and spiritual practice, she brings a unique experience to each of her clients. It’s a true joy to work with her!”

“Wow! Holy Cow! I’m at a loss of adequate words to describe how phenomenal this channeling is.”

“I would recommend Talyaa to anyone who seeks answers from a higher power.”

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