The Effects of Mindfulness

Question: What is mindfulness?

When you focus your attention and presence in the present moment, you connect all of your energetic molecules to the rate of vibration that occurs with all the other energetic molecules that surround you.

In other words, when you are present in a given moment—perfectly present—then the vibration of you and your being perfectly matches the vibration of what’s around you

You experience a sense of flow. You experience a sense of peace.  You experience a sense of timelessness.

Question: Is the state of mindfulness possible to maintain all the time? Is this something we should aspire to?

It is theoretically possible to be perfectly mindful in absolutely every given moment.

However, we don’t necessarily suggest this as something to aspire to. 

For one thing, it is quite difficult to attain. There are constant distractions and demands upon your attention and focus. 

It is the rare person who has the luxury of time to not be drawn away from the present moment except under certain circumstances throughout the day.

If you were, for instance, a hermit living alone in a cave in the mountains, constant mindfulness is something you could likely attain—provided you had the wherewithal to find enough to eat and to meet your other daily needs without having to spend a great deal of attention on them.

Most people don’t live like that. Expecting yourself to attain an idealistic perfection only sets yourself up for failure and self-judgment.  

We do, however, encourage you to make the space within your day on a reasonable level to find a sense of mindfulness. 

You can likely find time on a regular basis for just two minutes. And those two minutes can be of benefit to you.

Ahh, that peaceful feeling of mindfulness.

Question: What are the benefits from living a life of constant mindfulness?  And since this is almost impossible to attain, what could I gain from practicing mindfulness for only two minutes a day?

There is much less “wear and tear” on the physical being when you are in a state of flow and timelessness. 

When you vibrate in such a way that perfectly matches the vibration of all that is around you, it is as if everything within you is suspended for that moment.

Indeed, you create a space that is outside of the confines of time as you know itTherefore, during perfect mindfulness, the physical aging process does not take place.

For those two minutes your body will not grow older.

The benefits are multi-fold: not only do you escape two minutes of wear and tear on your body energetically and physically, but you also gain a pathway to find a sense of flow at other times during your day.

When you become accustomed to this exercise of pure attention for your two minutes a day, after a few weeks you will find other ways to create a sense of timelessness in your life.

If you have a high degree of demand upon your focus and attention, and you feel stressed by this (as most people do), your Being will have already found a pathway to those few minutes of flow in your life.

You will be able to apply that pathway to the more chaotic and stress-creating demands of your day.

At the very least, practicing mindfulness helps reduce stress. It helps to find new ways to feel peaceful, and people who engage in such a practice are also able to look for other ways to find the same flow within their day even when not faced with chaos and stress.

Once you are used to the feel of what it is like to be in a space of timelessness, you will bring your experience of mindfulness to other situations.

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