The Energy Of Names

The Energy of Names

Names come with their own inherent energy. 

A person’s name is like their energetic calling card. It’s a tangible representation of their internal energy and vibration. 

You understand how musical notes have a vibration, yes? As do words, as do all sounds, and especially as do names attached to people. 

Names Are Manifestations Of Who We Are As Energy

Every person’s name is a vibratory symbol of their destiny, a unique manifestation of who they are on an energetic level.

This is one reason why parents often spend hours choosing what seems to them to be the “right” name for their unborn child. They sense something in particular about their child-to-be and wish to align the energy of their child’s name with that felt sense. 

Benefits of An Aligned Name

When chosen well, the child’s name aligns perfectly with their personal destiny. This helps support the child’s greater ease in life. In addition, having an aligned name helps the child to fulfill their destiny as well as to play their part in the larger destiny of all humanity. 

Your name is a tengible representation of who you are as an energy being.

What Happens When Names Aren’t Aligned

However, only a relatively small number of parents-to-be possess the will and/or capacity to name their children in accordance with destiny.

Often, parents wish to name their children in ways that honor deceased ancestors or other loved ones, acknowledge cultural traditions, or simply because they like the way the name sounds. Most parents choose names for their children without regard to any sense of the energy the name brings to the person wearing it.

In these cases, the named children can grow up feeling disconnected from their destiny. They can have a more difficult time feeling grounded, feeling connected to community, and especially feeling a part of the world as a whole.

What Happens When Names Are Aligned With Their Destiny

When a person’s name aligns with their personal destiny, all manner of things fall into place for that person.

This is not to suggest that their life will be without trials, as trials are part of life and are a part of what shapes us as humans. But it does mean that going around in life with a name that just doesn’t “feel right” can have a detrimental effect. Maybe even to the point of causing such misalignment of energies that the person could suffer a calamitous event (accident, illness, divorce, etc) in order to get back “on track” with their destiny.

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