Hi, I'm Talyaa

You have a sacred purpose—I'll help you discover it


I’m glad you’re here.

I channel universal wisdom, write from my heart, share cosmic knowledge, and live my life from a divine and magical perspective.

I’m here to help you remember and live your sacred soul purpose—your DESTINY—so you can share your gifts with the world.

Your purpose is part of the exquisite pattern of the universe—YOU are needed.

I’ve danced with the unseen all my life. I love what I do, but getting here wasn’t always easy.

As a child I always felt a part of the unseen world all around me, but lacked the vocabulary or support to make sense of it. I was the kid who tied a stone to a string to make a homemade pendulum and gazed into mirrors to glimpse the infinite worlds inside.

Three defining moments brought me to today:

☀︎ At age 17, I read books on metaphysics and reincarnation that made me yearn to become a channel.

☀︎ I consciously chose to follow a path of trusting and utilizing my gift of knowing things that evade logic.

☀︎ With love and grace (and a lot of help) I won my dance with “unsurvivable” Stage 4 cancer, making it clear that NONE of us heal alone—we all need one another!

This brought me to my Destiny—to help awaken others to their sacred purpose.

You are here for a reason, not by coincidence (there are no coincidences).

Every single one of us is here to assist in the evolution of humanity.

You, too, are here to help humanity change and grow, and you chose to be here on the planet RIGHT NOW to help in this great awakening.

All your gifts, challenges, and strengths have prepared you for this moment—the moment you awaken to your Destiny (sacred purpose).

My Destiny is to help people find THEIR Destiny

☀︎ I can see who you are on an energetic soul level. I see your potential and I see the habits and patterns you’ve developed over a lifetime.

☀︎ Together we will release them, which opens you up to receiving all that you ever dreamed of becoming—and to all that you ever thought you were, deep down inside.

☀︎ This work is borne of compassion and trust. Like you, I have had challenges in my life; my experiences and how I moved through them help me to understand yours on a completely compassionate, non-judgmental level.

☀︎ Humanity is in the midst of a great shift, making it essential NOW to claim the magnificence of who we are to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

This is why I created Dive Into Your Destiny and Life Destiny Readings, to support YOU to uncover and LIVE your Destiny.

Who Am I?

My Quintessence Archetypes (the system I created—read all about it here) are Artist and Queen. I’m here to creatively lead others to be the fullest expression of themselves. I am one of many working as a bridge to a new paradigm.

Channel. I channel Solara, a collective of several high-wisdom dimensional spirit beings. In the past I channeled Polaris and Michael, pioneering a group chat format. Check out my channeled services including Private Channeling Session, Life Destiny Reading, and Soul Discovery Reading. I have over 20 years’ experience channeling for hundreds of people all over the world.

Shaman. 20+ years ago I apprenticed for a year with Celtic shamans of Sandra Ingerman’s lineage, and combined shamanic techniques with Reiki (I’m a Usui Master) to create my innovative energy healing technique. I perform extractions, healing, and soul retrievals.

Oracle. After a near-death experience I was gifted the ability to see the future for individuals and for humanity. Get a Wild & Delicious Life Forecast, or check out Solara’s free channeled articles.

WriterIn addition to penning 1500+ articles for the parenting website Babble and a years’ worth of columns for literary site Literary Mama, I wrote The Magical Goddess Journey and its accompaniment workbook based on my experiences. (Plus I write to amuse myself here.)

Gemstones. You’ll see these all over my home. They’re my earth-friends and can be extremely powerful. I can recommend some for you, too.

Flower essences. I’ve used them personally for 20+ years and recommend them frequently to friends and clients. I’m especiaslly fond of the FES series.

Compassionate. I had cancer. Paradoxically, cancer was perhaps the biggest gift I could have given myself, as it became an invitation to truly open up to embracing all that I am. I can help you embrace all that you are, too, in a gentle compassionate way that works for you.

Astrology. My Astrology archetypes according to the Jungian Archetypal system are Artist-Priestess (my Sun sign Taurus) and Golden Child (my Moon and Rising sign Leo).

Human Design. I’m a 3/5 Emotional Projector, which gives me incredible insight into other people as well as the drive to share what I know.

Adventurous. I moved to Mexico from the USA in the spring of 2023. Here’s why

What Is An Oracle?

An Oracle is a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies—a visionary, an intermediary between the divine world and the earthly world.

Dwelling in the space between spirit and Earth, the Oracle honors the consciousness within all things as well as the beauty that is all of creation.

As an Oracle, I see your soul, your spirit, your Destiny!

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