Collective Grief:  Sadness That Isn’t Yours

Energy-sensitive people often carry the weight of the whole world.

Many people who are empathic or sensitive to energy unconscioiusly tap into a well of collective grief or a grief event that is happening elsewhere in the world. It can be hard to trace the source.

Is this is the case for you? Do you want to know the source of your grief? Here is an effective process to uncover the source of your sadness.

Some of us tap into a well of collective grief.

 First, focus on your body.

To trace the source of unidentifiable sadness, start by becoming aware of the sensations in your body. 

1. Become aware of your breath and how it feels as it travels in and out of your body. Sit comfortably and take a few breaths. Notice your breath. That’s all—just relax and notice.

2. Then ask your body to tell you where the grief is stored. Don’t think about it much, just ask your body where the grief is and then feel that place in your body.

3. Send your breath to that place in your body and make the place three times as large. It’s like gently blowing air into a balloon. In this case, though the place in your body where the grief is stored is the “balloon”.

4. Continue to hold your awareness on this place in your body. This is where the grief from some other source is living. Then imagine a cord leading from that place within you to its actual source.  Follow the cord to wherever it goes, even if what you imagine does not make sense to you.

It’s essential to allow yourself to really feel the sadness you’ve identified.

Next, feel and release the sadness.

It’s essential to allow yourself to really feel the sadness you’ve identified.

We are taught in modern society to suppress our grief and sadness, and to be stoic and maintain a “stiff upper lip”. But in order to release the sadness we must first fully feel it.

[NOTE: grief/sadness can feel overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve tapped into a large source of it. It’s important to keep this in mind.]


Unlock the power of an ancient wailing practice to release sadness.

  • Stand with your feet comfortably hip width apart
  • Lean backward slightly to point your heart toward the sky
  • Focus on the feeling of grief/sadness in your body
  • Take a deep breath and let it out while saying “ahhhhhhhh”
  • Let your sobs and tears flow
  • Keep breathing, saying “ahhhhhhhhh”, and sobbing
  • Stop when you feel complete


[NOTE: If the grief/sadness you’ve tapped into feels too overwhelming, you can stop the process before it’s complete. You will have released a noticeable amount of grief, and can repeat the process at another time when you feel ready.]

Tears we shed on behalf of others are golden.

Interpreting your results.

Use whatever input you receive—visuals in your mind’s eye, sounds, smells, words—to become aware of the source of your grief.

If the grief source is not immediately obvious to you, simply rest in your awareness for awhile. The answer will likely emerge in time.

Some ways you might identify your source of grief, if it’s not immediately evident:

  • You find a news article about an event—after reading it you realize it’s about your grief source.
  • Someone says a word or phrase to you that causes you to think of a place or event somewhere else in the world, which turns out to be your grief source.
  • You hear a song that reminds you of something, which after some thought you realize is your grief source.

The gifts of collective grief.

This kind of sadness has two purposes.


When we allow ourselves to truly grieve something seemingly unrelated to us, we help release massed grief from this larger cause.

This decreases the overall burden of grief felt by the people actually experiencing the sitiuation.

It gives them room to breathe.


As we allow ourselves to feel sadness for something that is not directly about us or our life, it reconnects us to the grand interconnection among all life.

We feel less alone. We feel the power of connection.


Still Feeling Sadness?

If you still feel unexplained sadness after  performing this grief identification process, I can help:

  • assist you with your grieving process
  • provide a healing witness to your grief
  • help you disconnect from wells of grief.

Get perspective and personalized practices to assist in your grieving process with a Channeling Session.

Get professional assistance disconnecting from wells of grief with a Shamanic Energy Healing Session.




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