Why I Moved To Mexico

Why I Moved To Mexico

I moved to Mexico for four reasons. The first was economic, but the other reasons were just as compelling. Most importantly, I feel alive here.


Removing Your Chakras (Do This Instead)

Some people actually think it is beneficial to remove their chakras.

Recently I entered into a discussion about removing chakras. Chakras are the energetic gateways between our physical body and our etheric bodies (non-physical energy body), and as such are an integral part of our complete being as a human. 

Evidently there is a growing movement to “remove” one’s chakras, purportedly to help a person banish “negative” emotions and experience higher-frequency vibrations.

I call bullshit.

It’s impossible to remove one’s chakras. They are a part of our energetic makeup as alive beings. All beings (animals, plants, insects etc) on the planet have chakras. Even the Earth itself has chakras!

Look how the chakras glow!

A case of mistaken attribution?

I believe that the people who claim to have “removed” their chakras are likely deluding themselves.

My guess is they have done some sort of work to disconnect themselves from their chakras (not recommended — see below), or have simply convinced themselves that they are now experiencing a higher-frequency vibration. 

We can make huge changes in our experiences simply by changing our beliefs!

If someone believes that chakra “removal” has certain benefits and they believe they have successfully “removed” their chakras, it follows that they might then experience the benefits they expected to get even though they are mistaken about the cause of the benefits.

Removing your chakras would disconnect you from the infinite energy source of the Universe.

What would happen if you were to actually remove your chakras

If you actually could remove your chakras, you wouldn’t want to. Here’s why.

Removing your chakras would disconnect you from the infinite energy source of the universe.

Alone and isolated

Not only would you then feel absolutely alone and isolated from everything you once knew, but you would also be disconnected from the Oneness we all need to survive — the sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves.

You would likely forget to do important things like breathe, and eat, and drink, and sleep. In other words — you would die.

Robbed of your intuition

Disconnecting from your chakras also would disconnect you from your source of intuition and power. It would rob you of your birthright as a human, a spiritual being in physical form, as it would force you to operate on a purely intellectual basis.

Disconnected and disoriented

You would no longer be connected from the etheric world that surrounds your physical body, which would eliminate your ability to interpret energies around you. You would be completely disoriented and it would be difficult to recover from that state of complete disconnection.

Ouch! Complete disconnection looks so painful.

Instead of removing your chakras, clear and balance them.

Instead of “removing” your chakras, I highly recommend clearing and balancing them.

Everyone should regularly clear and balance their chakras as energetic maintenance. Doing it can prove challenging though when your chakras are filled with unwanted energetic clutter from years of being around other people or being infiltrated by mischievous spirits and energy intrusions.

How to clear and balance your chakras

There are many ways to clear and balance your chakras, and here are several:

Breathing techniques

1. Chakra sweep. Take slow breaths through your nose while imagining your breath sweeping upwards from your root chakra all the way to your crown chakra.

2. Alternate nostril breathing. This is a yogic breath in which you block one nostril while breathing deeply into the other, and then switch nostrils. Be sure to take the same number of breaths in each nostril.

Employ Crystals

Lie on your back and place corresponding crystals to each chakra. Relax and imagine the crystals clearing and balancing your chakras.

  • Root chakra: hematite, garnet, obsidian
  • Sacral chakra: carnelian, amber, topaz
  • Solar plexus chakra: citrine, jasper, tiger’s eye
  • Heart chakra: rose quartz, amazonite, malachite
  • Throat chakra: turquoise, aquamarine
  • Third eye chakra: amethyst, lapis lazuli
  • Crown chakra: clear quartz, moonstone


In a relaxing position (sitting or lying down), close your eyes and inhale love into each chakra in turn while you visualize its corresponding color. Starting with your root chakra and slowly moving upwards to your crown, imagine a glowing ball of golden light warming and cleansing each chakra in turn while you feel your love and appreciation for that chakra.

Reconnect with nature

In today’s world it is easy to become disconnected from nature, so reconnecting also helps us feel grounded and secure. Spend time alone outdoors amid natural surroundings such as a hiking trail, forest, beach, lake, river, or meadow. Walk with bare feet on the earth and feel anxieties slipping away as you remember the feel of the earth’s embrace.

Chant chakra sounds

In yogic traditions, each chakra has a corresponding “seed” sound, called the bija mantra. Try chanting them in order starting with the root chakra sound, “Lam”.

  • Root chakra: lam
  • Sacral chakra: vam
  • Solar plexus chakra: ram
  • Heart chakra: yam
  • Throat chakra: ham
  • Third eye chakra: aum or om
  • Crown chakra: [silence]

[Note: all except “aum” use the vowel sound ahhh, so “lam” is pronounced “lahhhm”, “vam” is pronounced “vahhhm”, and so on]


Imagine how good you’ll feel when your chakras are balanced!


Here’s how I can help

I incorporate chakra clearing, balancing, and aligning in my Shamanic Healing sessions.

As an Oracle and Shaman, I am able to see and remove energetic intrusions and other unwanted clutter in your chakras and then rebalance them.

This process often requires multiple sessions, but depending on the state of your chakras I can accomplish a lot in one session. Regardless, almost everyone feels a big difference right away which increases over time. 

Want to feel energized, more alive, and more in tune with your life? Talk to me about how having your chakras cleared, balanced, and aligned through Shamanic Healing could help you.



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Why I Moved To Mexico

Why I Moved To Mexico

I moved to Mexico for four reasons. The first was economic, but the other reasons were just as compelling. Most importantly, I feel alive here.

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I'd love to hear from you.