Past Lives Destiny Arc Reading


Get details on at least 4 past lives that connect to the grand arc of your Destiny with this channeled written report explaining how each life affects you now.


Your Destiny Spans Not Just A Single Lifetime, But MANY!

  • Your life is part of a grand cycle of lives, a grand long-term arc of experience
  • Your Destiny is part of a larger Destiny that you achieve over many lifetimes
  • The soul-work (to align with and achieve your Destiny) that you do in your present life influences your future lives
  • The closer you align with your Destiny, the more energy you receive from the universe to keep fulfilling it
  • And, when you align with your Destiny you reconnect with your spiritual center and primary source of energy flow

With a Past Life Destiny Arc Reading, You:

  • Receive a detailed description of at least 4 past lifetimes that are part of your Destiny arc
  • Get a thorough explanation of how each past lifetime affects your current life

A Past Lives Destiny Arc Reading Is For You If You Want To:

  • Know that everything you do in your life now is easier and more possible because it is built on what you already did in previous lives
  • Be able to consciously draw on the wisdom and experience of your past selves
  • Know that every Destiny-related action you take in your lifetime not only helps humanity but also helps your FUTURE self
  • Feel constant support from a new and previously untapped source of energy
  • Discover people from your past lives that you know NOW in this life

How The Past Lives Destiny Arc Reading Goes Beyond A Regular Past Life Reading

  • No one else on the planet offers a Destiny Arc Reading for past lives (if someone does I'd be both shocked and pleased, as this is VITAL work)
  • You'll feel fully confident the past lives in your reading absolutely do impact you now
  • You'll be able to more easily align with your Destiny—even if you don't yet know what it is! (I can help with that)

The Deeper Story Of Our Destiny Arc

☞ Most of us feel pretty good when we think we are living our purpose in the world. We feel tuned in, lit up, and plugged in to life.

☞ But what if there was something even bigger? 

☞ What if your purpose—your Destiny—was far bigger than you imagined, far bigger than anything you could accomplish in just one lifetime?

☞ We didn’t come here to be spectators. We came to learn what it means to be human, and to act on behalf of humanity and earth as agents of change in support of humanity’s evolution. On a deep level, we all know what is at stake with our every action—the fate of humanity!

☞ Because of this, we humans commit to seek out our Destiny and live it. We commit to transforming not only ourselves but humanity as a whole. We feel a constant inner command to align with and live our destiny, a call that reverberates around the world and spurs us to greater and greater connection to ourselves and others. Our every breath takes us one step closer to fulfilling our destiny and as a result, one step closer to helping humanity evolve.

☞ But our lifetimes only last so long. We can do only so much in the six or seven decades we spend actively fulfilling our Destiny.  

☞ When we have a Destiny that spans multiple lifetimes, we can accomplish so much more than in just a single lifetime. We build on the strength and wisdom that came before us, and we accumulate experience that we then use toward fulfilling our multi-lifetime Destiny.

Read all about Destiny here.

Get your Life Destiny Reading here.

Expected Results

  • Understand your life better through the context of the past lives of your Destiny Arc
  • Release guilt or fear about specific situations
  • Make different life choices because now you understand the patterns you’ve been unconsciously repeating
  • Cultivate empathy for others of different races/genders/situations than your own
  • Identify your unique strengths and resources
  • Connect to a deeper sense of purpose
  • Release attachments to past relationships
  • Stop living in your past
  • Gain clarity on your purpose
  • Clear stuck energy
  • Learn about your unconscious programming
  • Release old stories or fears that no longer serve you
  • Gain understanding of why your soul chose difficult experiences in this lifetime (health issues, financial trouble, relationship problems etc)
  • Access special abilities you had in other lifetimes
  • Know how this life fits with the arc of all your lifetimes
  • See your life from a new perspective
  • Understand that your life has far more meaning now than it ever had
  • Knowingly connect to the infinite energy source that connects and sustains us all
  • Feel empowered and encouraged in your life to go on to even greater heights
  • Unquestioningly trust that life is far more majestic, splendid, and grand than anyone ever talks about!

Past Life FAQs

About Past Lives

  • Your soul is born into many bodies over many lives—usually hundreds of lifetimes
  • Each life, you experience different lessons and life circumstances
  • The goal of the soul is to learn as much as possible about being a human on Earth
  • As the soul has no gender, some of your past lives will be as a male, some as a female, some perhaps as non-binary or even without gender (remember—the soul just wants to learn!)

About Your Past Life Destiny Arc Reading

  • You’ll receive details on each lifetime that will give you a fairly clear idea of what your life was like
  • You’ll discover where in the world you lived and how you lived your life
  • Your reading most likely will describe pivotal or intense situations for each past life that relate to your life now
  • Your reading of who you were in your past lives may describe you as an adult, a child, at the end of that life, or at the beginning—the information that comes through will be relevant to your life NOW
  • Although it’s fun to speculate who we might have been in our past lives, most past lives were not lived as famous people
  • It’s very rare for a past life reading to reveal the actual name of who you were


  • You’ll receive your written Past Life Destiny Arc Reading PDF by email within 7-10 days after ordering.
  • You’ll get detailed descriptions of at least 4 past lives that all relate to your overall Destiny Arc spanning many lifetimes.

About Talyaa

I am an oracle, channel, artist, mother, priestess, believer in soulmates and love, and death-defier. I travel through time and see the Destiny of humanity—an exciting yet terrifying responsibility. My Destiny is to support you to uncover your personal destiny so together we can create a better world.

  • Professional channel since 1999
  • I channel the higher-awareness being Solara, and previously Michael, Seth, and Polaris
  • Apprenticed with Celtic shamans for a year in 1999
  • Usui Reiki Master since 1999
  • Synthesized a unique healing energy method for my Shamanic Healing sessions
  • Able to foresee the futures of individuals and of humanity, due to a 2015 near death experience 

In 2010 I found out I had Stage 4 cancer, so I spent the next several years fighting together for my life. Facing death for so long gave me deep compassion for anyone contending with the myriad challenges of being human.

More about me here.

I was just recalling how you helped me clear a recurring knife-like pain in my head (top left) by explaining that it was from a past life when I was so angry and out of control that I had to be caged.  I can picture it–I would grab the iron bars and propel my head forward to bang into them.  Ouch.  My father had died and the powers that were confiscated our land.  We had to move into town and be homeless.

My pain resolved after a couple of years.  It eased off right away, but would throb a bit when I came under stress.  Now I hardly think about it anymore.  It had been most worrying, so I am so grateful to you for helping me heal it.

Bobbi C.

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