The Quintessence


Unlock A Deep Understanding of YOU With Your Soul’s Master Plan

  • Understand who you REALLY are
  • Learn why you act the way you do
  • Discover why you are the way you are
  • Find out how other people see you
  • Understand the big lesson you’re working to learn in your life
  • Identify obstacles in your life path
  • Discover your biggest challenges in life — the things keeping you from living the way you want to live (PLUS guidance on how to overcome these challenges!)

18,000- 20,000 Word Personalized Reading — A Detailed Personality Breakdown In 23 Areas Of Your Soul & Personality!

23 Soul & Personality Traits Are The Things That Make You YOU

  • Part 1 — 5000 Word Personalized Reading
  • Part 2 — 10000 Word Explanation Guide That Explains What Each Trait Means
  • Part 3 — 3500-4500 Word Channeled Reading That Tells You Exactly How Each Trait Shows Up For You, How You See The World, How Other People See You, And What You Can Do To Maximize This Information To Create The Best Life Possible!

SOUL — Your Deepest Inner Nature, The True You

  • Soul Archetype — one of the 7 universal Soul Archetypes
  • Soul Perspective — your way of looking at the world, your primary focus, and your learning experiences
  • Soul Perspective Level — an expanded and greater detailed look at your Soul Perspective

Soul Families & Connections

  • Twin Soul — your soul’s counterpoint
  • Soul Task Team — 1-3 special “soul friends” — together you do an energy-level job that impacts the greater human community or the planet
  • Soul Task — the project you work on with your Soul Task Team
  • Soul Family — your spiritual family
  • Inner Soul Circle — your closest soul brothers and sisters
  • Outer Soul Circle — your spiritual cousins
  • Soul Orbit — your extended spiritual family

PERSONALITY — The Ways You Think, Act, And Appear To Others

  • Theme — your life’s driving force and primary motivation
  • Style — your way of doing life; how you operate in the world
  • Viewpoint — your way of viewing life; the way you frame your experiences
  • Center — the way you filter sensory input; your go-to mode of response
  • Dragon — your life’s primary challenge
  • Frequency — how quickly or slowly you process information
  • Focused/Creative Energy Ratio — your soul’s ratio/amount of masculine vs feminine energy
  • Body Type — your physical and psychological traits based on planetary influences from our solar system
  • Universal Human Needs — unconscious motivators that underlie everything that you do, and cause you to make life choices in order to meet them (your top 3 of 9 total Needs)

Your Life Project & What Supports You To Do It

  • True Rest — the thing that makes you go ahhh
  • True Play — the thing that makes you go wheeee!
  • True Study — the thing that makes you go hmmm
  • True Work — the thing that makes you go WOW
  • Life Project — your life’s major lesson

IMPORTANT: I generally do not retain information from your Quintessence Reading but if you need to ask a clarifying question please do so within 48 hours of receiving your Reading, as that's the time frame in which there's the greatest chance I'll be able to answer it.


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Expected Results

What Awaits You When You Get Your Quintessence Reading

  • Cry tears of recognition
  • Feel fully understood for the first time ever!
  • Huge a-ha’s and OMGs
  • Sudden urge to tell everyone you know about it
  • Feel like your life finally makes sense
  • Turn your life’s direction around
  • Finally know why you are the way you are
  • Understand how other people see you
  • Know exactly who you are
  • All the pieces of your life now make sense


How I Developed The Quintessence

The Quintessence is based on the Michael Teachings, a channeled system of self-understanding. If you’re familiar with the Myers-Briggs Inventory, then you’ve encountered a system of self-understanding. The Michael Teachings material offers a wise, compassionate, and pragmatic view of the world with deep insight into the human experience.

I’ve studied the Michael Teachings system since age 17 and I’ve channeled Michael since 1999 (now a part of Solara, who contains multiple high-level entities).

Because the Michael Teachings system uses hard-to-understand jargon, I demystified the system and developed The Quintessence to help people around the world understand themselves on the deepest level possible.


20,000 word personalized channeled reading (PDF) emailed straight to your inbox, 7-10 days after ordering.

About Talyaa

About Talyaa

I’ve been a professional channel since 1999, channeling Michael, Seth, Polaris, and now Solara who includes all of those entities.

I studied with Celtic shamans for a year in 1999 and I am a Usui Reiki Master. I combined the two and synthesized a unique healing energy method called Soul Connection™, and because of my 2015 near death experience I am able to foresee the futures of individuals and of humanity as a whole.

In 2012 I found out I had Stage 4 cancer, so I spent the next several years fighting for my life. Facing death for so long gave me deep compassion for anyone contending with the myriad challenges of being human.

More about me here.

A lot of things started to make sense when I read my Quintessence reading — things that I hadn’t put together on my own before. With my reading I was able to better understand who I am, and how and why I act and do certain things. I was very surprised (and yet not surprised) that my life could be expressed in words, and that the information would resonate so strongly. I loved that I was able to read what I already sort of knew about myself yet hadn’t known. 

In the time since I got my reading I’ve thought back to it often. It grounds me to a direction I contemplate or how a particular life choice fits. I use the reading frequently as a reference, especially the parts about my Life Task and True Work. It was especially helpful to know my Life Task — since knowing what it is, I’ve put great thought into how I can manifest it now instead of when I’m much older.

Nathaniel W.

A couple of months ago, I had a Quintessence reading. I’ve been on a spiritual journey for about the past three years, and I thought it would be a good tool to know myself better. It validated many of the things other channels had told me over the past couple of years and other things I had suspected myself. Wow!

Talyaa had some very simple, yet powerful, suggestions and meditations.

I’ve had an exponential increase in my evolution. Other people are commenting on how I’ve changed. It truly has given me a tremendous start on the path to who I’m meant to become on a soul level.

My love and gratitude to you, for your loving support and encouragement. Namaste.

Alma T.

I am so overwhelmed by the information from the Quintessence reading.

It gave me many pieces of my life puzzle, and allowed me to see more clear and receive a deeper understanding about many life patterns. There is a lot to explore, and it feels like a right time to do so.

Larisa S.

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