Heart Zap Meditation

Heart Zap Meditation

If you feel sad, disconnected, isolated, or just need a boost in the amount of love you feel, this is the practice for you.

How To Do Muscle Testing, Your Body’s Superpower

(News Flash: Your Body Has Amazing Superpowers)

And your body is a total smartypants. But most of us wouldn’t know that, because we often forget this incredible resource we have literally in our fingertips. No matter. This is a fun and easy technique that’ll get you and your body talking in no time.

I call it My Body’s Superpower (MBS), a fun phrase for “muscle testing.”

What Is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing, also called Applied Kinethesiology, is a tool used for diagnosis and evaluation. It’s a way of communicating with your unconscious mind.

A typical technique requires a patient and a practitioner. The patient resists using a target muscle group while the practitioner applies force to that muscle group.

But I’m going to teach you a technique that only requires you, yourself, and you. Read on!

According to the Applied Kinesthesiology philosophy, anything other than a smooth response shows “weak muscle”, not of the patient’s raw strength but an overall sign that there are stresses and imbalances in the body, or that a substance being tested might create or support imbalances in the body.

Isn’t This Woo-Woo?

Of course! It’s filled with woo-woo. Or maybe there is something to it. We mere humans don’t really know for sure. The body is still a mystery.

Some people swear by muscle testing. Some think it is gallons of hogwash. YMMV (your mileage may vary), but I use muscle testing because it’s:

  • quick
  • discreet
  • effective
  • spot on
  • makes me believe in superpowers

What Can I Use My Body’s Superpower For?

Evaluating just about anything as relates to your body. The body has amazing wisdom. Most of us tap into a tiny fraction of the wisdom our bodies have.

I use MBS mostly for evaluating food – asking my body what it wants and needs.

But you can use it to evaluate lots of things that impact your body – how many reps to do of an exercise, for example, or determining a sleep schedule.

Try to avoid using any muscle testing technique for forecasting the future – it goes bonkers when you ask it to evaluate the myriad possible futures available to you in this moment. Try to stick to things that you can see/hear/smell/taste/touch.

Why THIS Technique? Aren’t There Others?

Of course there are others. One classic technique is the arm-pull-down-test. I never found it useful or easy to understand for myself, as intuitive as I am otherwise.

I learned MBS in the book The Body “Knows”, by Caroline Sutherland (a seriously good read, highly recommended if you have food issues at all), and adapted it for my nefarious purposes. Mostly I made it simpler because I am lazy and like to cut to the chase if I can.

My Body’s Superpower: The How To

Step One — The Question

Think of a question to ask your body. Make it something like, “Does my body want this eggplant?” Hold onto this question until Step Four.

IMPORTANT TIP: Imagine the eggplant (or whatever you choose to ask your body about) while you ask the question.

Step Two — Hook and Eye

With one hand, make a circle of your thumb and forefinger, like an “okay” sign.👌

With the index finger of your other hand, make a hook.👉

Notice you have a hook on one hand and an open okay-sign “eye” on the other.

Step Three — Stick It In And Pull

Insert Hook into circle (the Eye). Pull gently with hook at the junction of the “okay” sign, where your thumb and forefinger meet.

Step Four — Now! Ask Your Question!

WHILE YOU ARE PULLING, ask your question.

Step Five — Notice What Happens

You will feel one of two things:

  • resistance
  • not so much resistance

Resistance = the Hook stays inside the okay-sign circle Eye. The circle feels solid and intact.

Not So Much Resistance = the Hook pulls through, or partly pulls through. The circle feels weak.

What It Means — How To Interpret Your Results

Resistance means  your body says YES — “Yes, I adore eggplant! I really neeeeed eggplant. Give me eggplant! Nom nom nom.”

Not So Much Resistance means your body says NO — “I’d rather die than eat eggplant! Take that away and bury it.” (That is what my body tells me.)

Results are remarkably similar for most people. YMMV. To be sure about your own YES, do a practice run on a question that you absolutely know the answer is YES to, and see what happens.

Next Steps

Did you like this practice? Did it help?

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Heart Zap Meditation

Heart Zap Meditation

If you feel sad, disconnected, isolated, or just need a boost in the amount of love you feel, this is the practice for you.

Say hi! Ask a question!

I'd love to hear from you.