About The Quintessence, The Ultimate Personality Understanding System

What Is The Quintessence?

The Quintessence is a set of 23 different attributes found in every person. Each attribute affects us in multiple ways. Our personality, the way we look at life, how other people see us, our motivations, even our core wounds—all are determined by and explained through The Quintessence.


Each of us is one of seven universal Human Archetypes. Our Archetype establishes the foundation for who we are in our life, and how we view the world. It is the dominating factor that determines who we are.

These Archetypes exist to help us experience life in a specific way, since each Archetype brings something different to the overall tapestry of humanity. Every Archetype is necessary for society, as each Archetype plays a different role or function in the greater whole.

There are seven Archetypes: King/Queen, Priest/Priestess, Sage, Scholar, Warrior, Artisan, and Helper.

Each Archetype serves the world in a unique way, contributing to the world from its perspective. Every Archetype has a particular archetypal quality and brings with it a set of attributes and/or abilities. 


We evolve through five distinct stages, or Perspectives, as we travel through our many lifetimes. They are: Surviving, Structuring, Competing, Relating, and Teaching.  Each Perspective has a particular set of values and specific learning experiences. 

Our ultimate goal as souls in human bodies is to become fully conscious and aware of ourselves as both part of and a unique expression of All That Is. To do so, we must learn all we can about being a human.

As a human being, our objective is to learn as much as possible about what it is like to live as a human on Planet Earth. Of most interest to us on a soul level is experiencing a variety of conditions under a variety of circumstances. Along the way we live lives in dozens of different cultures, races, time periods, and classes, giving us invaluable information and experience, so that as a soul we may grow and evolve.

Perspective Stages

Within each of the Perspectives are seven Stages. Each Stage typically requires at least one lifetime to complete, usually several. There are 35 steps (Stages) to evolving as a soul, but because each Perspective Stage typically requires multiple lifetimes to navigate, the evolving soul usually needs hundreds of lifetimes to complete the entire journey start to finish.

While people at each Perspective will naturally focus on particular experiences and therefore experience each Stage accordingly, every Stage has certain commonalities no matter the Perspective. Each Stage requires usually at least one lifetime to complete.


Your Theme is your life focus, your primary motivation for all that you do. It is your driving force and shapes the general arc of your life. Understandably, your Theme has a big influence on your life and who you are.

Because your Theme is the thing you most want to learn or understand in your lifetime, it can also be your biggest challenge.

There are seven Themes: Re-evaluation, Discrimination, Submission, Flow, Acceptance, Growth, and Dominance. Each Theme provides a different life experience and contributes to the world in a different way. 


Your Style is your way of doing life, the way you approach life. It is how you operate in the world and the way you interact with life.

Your Style is essentially how you run your energy—your way of being.

There are seven Styles: Reserve, Caution, Perseverance, Observation, Power, Aggression, and Passion. Each feels very different from the others, and each has its particular gift as well as challenge.


Your Viewpoint is your perception of life, your way of viewing life. It is the stance from which you interpret life. Upon meeting you, this is what others may notice first, as it is one of the most easily-observed layers of your personality.

Your Viewpoint is the way you frame your experience and place it in a context. You must frame your experiences somehow—otherwise they are random and have no meaning. The way you frame your experiences affects how you experience them.

There are seven Viewpoints: Stoic, Skeptic, Cynic, Pragmatist, Idealist, Spiritualist, and Realist. Each gives a different perspective and has its particular challenge.


Your Center is your seat of consciousness, your go-to style of response. It is the way you filter sensory input. Your immediate reactions to input come from your Center. Centers are like tiny internal computers in which the things we experience are filtered, processed, and then delivered to our consciousness.

There are seven Centers in all. We primarily utilize only three of them: Emotional, Intellectual, and Moving. These three primary Centers translate into our understanding of “heart, mind, and body”. One of these is your primary Center and one is your secondary Center.


Your Dragon represents your life’s primary challenge and obstacle. It blocks accurate perception of yourself and others, and it blocks connection to others and to your innermost self. 

Your Dragon is the source of your fears and illusions. It distorts your experience of the world. It is a stimulus for your unconscious responses and emotional patterns. 

Your Dragon is your dominant negative attitude, a defensive and potentially destructive pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. It emerges and takes control when we are scared, tired, stressed, or anxious.

There are seven Dragons. Most of us have two or three. They are: Self Deprecation, Self Sabotage, Martyrdom, Stubbornness, Greed, Arrogance, and Impatience.

Universal Human Needs

Universal Human Needs are the unconscious motivators that spur us to make choices in our lives that assist us to meet those particular Needs. Developed early in our lifetime, our Needs inspire us to evolve spiritually and seek out the experiences that support our inner growth. 

Our primary Needs (our Top Three) affect every aspect of our lives. They shape our sense of fulfillment and underlie everything we do, but there is a good chance we are unaware of their influence.

The nine Universal Human Needs are: Security, Adventure, Freedom, Exchange, Power, Expansion, Acceptance, Community, and Expression. We each experience all of them to varying degrees, but primarily focus on only about three of them at a time. Our Three Primary Needs can shift somewhat over the course of our lifetime as our life goes through various stages.

Life Project

Your Life Project is a major lesson you (as a soul) want to complete in your lifetime, and becomes a focus for your life. Everyone has at least one Life Project, sometimes several at once.

Your Life Project may be related to your career, but more likely is not. Your Life Project may be about handling an emotional or philosophical issue that you haven’t yet addressed in another lifetime. It may be about learning something that your soul thinks is important that you learn for your growth and evolution.

Although the effects of your Life Project may impact other people, your Life Project is primarily for YOU—for your soul to learn from. Its purpose is to impact you and how you experience life. It is a “fun” thing for your soul to explore. Life Project differs from Destiny, which is the expression of the unique place you fit amongst humanity’s larger tapestry.

True Rest

True Rest is one of your Four Pillars, which are the activities that allow you to achieve your Life Project. Each Pillar represents an essential element in your life—Rest, Play, Study, and Work. When balanced, your Pillars energize and orient you for fulfillment of your Life Project.

Your True Rest is an action, activity, or thought pattern that easily puts you into a natural state of rest. In today’s world, actual rest is nearly impossible and we cannot escape a certain amount of persistent, pervasive tension and contraction. This tension is what leads to soul growth. However, we also require rest: a break in the constant tension that allows our emotional, intellectual, and physical process to reset.

Your True Rest temporarily halts contraction and reverts our internal processes to their natural state, which is expanded, open, relaxed, and perfectly peaceful.

True Play

Your True Play is an action, activity, or thought pattern that ignites your joy. It lights up the child within you, and makes you feel instantly lighter, younger, and more energized. Your True Play comes from the spark of pure joy that always lives inside you, and when you are in True Play time seems to stop. The moment reaches into forever.

True Play helps you become more grounded. We need play in order to balance all the attention we have toward work. Your True Play is what you will know instantly as “fun” and is a vital aspect of enjoying life and achieving balance. 

True Study

Your True Study is an action, activity, or thought pattern that is naturally of interest for you. It is a subject or matter that you gravitate towards naturally, and you may not even be aware that it is a form of study for you because of how natural it is for you to put your attention to it. It’s simply something you are interested in knowing more about. 

True Study helps you focus and prepares you to do your True Work. It is very absorbing and enjoyable, and you feel more energized after engaging in it.

True Work

Your True Work is an action, activity, or thought pattern that makes you feel alive. It is a thing you feel driven to do and that feels connected to your reason for being. We tend to associate “work” with the thing that makes money for us or where we spend our daytime activities, but your True Work will likely not resemble what you consider as “work” at all.

Your True Work may be personal to you or may be something that is of a more expansive, global nature. Regardless, it connects directly to your sense of being connected to something greater than yourself.

Body Type

Your Body Type is a set of physical and psychological traits that arise from planetary influences on your body’s construction. Body Types do not remain consistent from lifetime to lifetime, and are often loosely connected to astrological influences based on the positions of the planets at the time you are conceived.

There are seven primary Body Types: Lunar, Venusian, Mercurial, Saturnine, Martial, Jovial, and Solar. Almost no one outside of mythology, fairy tales, or archetypes are only one Body Type—most people have a combination of two or three of them.


Your Frequency determines whether you process information quickly or slowly. It is your soul’s vibrational rate, a symbolic measurement of how you process energy and input. Frequency is measured as a number between 1 and 100. This number is arbitrary and only serves as a basis of comparison and understanding of others.

Focused/Creative Energy Ratio

Focused/Creative Energy Ratio reflects the amount of “masculine” vs “feminine” energy in your energetic soul makeup. Everything in the universe that has a consciousness is made of some amount of both Focused (“masculine”) and Creative (“feminine”) energy. This has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, but reflects a universal concept.

Focused/Creative Energy is expressed as a ratio, with each energy expressed as a percentage from 1-100. 

Life Transition Stage

These seven stages are all concerned with the discovery of self. These discoveries and transitions are not imposed, but rather chosen. They are not a lesson plan, but instead are a focus of learning, first about uniqueness and distinctness, and then about transcending physical identity and limits. 

From the view of life transitions, a lifetime is a journey first of differentiation (the first three transitions), and then expanding self past physical limitations (the last three). It is a journey from the self to the Self.

The seven life transition stages are:  Birth, Separation, Individuation, Self-Realization, Fulfillment, Review, and Death.

Twin Soul

Your Twin Soul is like the other side of your coin, the yin to your yang, your mirror image. Twin Soul relationships are very intense—as a mirror to one another, you reflect one another’s flaws and emotional issues. 

Because Twin Soul relationships are so intense, it is rare to meet. You are in almost constant psychic communication, however, even though you may be unaware of it.

Your Twin Soul’s Archetype influences your personality, and you will display a certain amount of its traits.

Soul Task

Your Soul Task is a project that you work on through your life in conjunction with one to three other souls (see Soul Task Team, below).

Your shared Task generally involves an impact to large groups, humanity in general, the Earth, and humanity’s evolution. You may or may not be consciously aware of your work on your Task, although it is generally helpful to know what your Task is so that you can more easily recognize your part in it and appreciate the global impact that you, as one individual, are having.

Soul Task Team

Your Soul Task Team is someone (or multiple someones) with whom you do soul-level tasks. Everyone has at least one Soul Task Team member, and many people have two or even three. Your Soul Task Team members will feel familiar to you, but in a compatible, productive way.

Meeting, working with, and even being in intimate relationships with your Soul Task Team members is common. It is a good way to have a “soul friend” close by as well as to be more productive on your shared task. However, it is not uncommon for one member of a Soul Task Team team to be in a physical body while everyone else is not—the incarnated soul “takes point” and does the heavy lifting that can only be done in physical space, but everyone on the team contributes.

Number of Lifetimes

Almost all of Earth’s human inhabitants have completed several lifetimes. Because it requires AT LEAST 35 lifetimes (and almost always many more than 35) to complete a Grand Cycle of all five Soul Perspectives, and because most Souls choose to live multiple lifetimes in each Soul Perspective Level, by the time a Soul reaches the Relating or Teaching Perspective, that Soul will have lived on average well over 100 lifetimes in many different locations and living situations. 

Number of Grand Cycles

A Grand Cycle is the entire process of living through the 35 different Levels of Perspective, spanning hundreds of thousands of years in physical plane existence on multiple planets. Most of Earth’s human inhabitants have completed at least one Grand Cycle.

How I Developed The Quintessence

In the 1970’s a group of people met to channel the words of Michael, a causal-plane teaching entity. These words coalesced into the Michael Teachings, a codified system of personal understanding. I was introduced to the Michael Teachings in 1981 and it immediately made sense to me. I used the information to learn about myself and also to help me understand other people in my life.

In 1999 I began to channel Michael myself, and over the years channeled Michael system information for hundreds of people around the world. As one of several contributing channels, my work helped grow the extensive library of channeled information.

But there was one thing missing in this extremely-useful system. Only a relative handful of people around the world knew about it.

So I changed terminology to be more appealing and immediately understandable. I removed the jargon. I wrote new, clearer explanations for the 23 different soul & personality attributes. And now I bring this information to you. I hope you find it useful, both to better understand yourself and to understand people in your life.

Want to Know Your Quintessence Information?

Over time I will publish detailed explanations of the 23 soul & personality traits, along with each variation of the traits. Just by reading about them you can develop an understanding of your particular trait variations.

In addition, I provide an extremely comprehensive Quintessence reading. It comprises about 20,000 words, including sections I channel to explain how each trait variation manifests in you. Self-understanding at this level is life changing. I’d be honored if you would invite me to be your guide to understanding yourself at this deep level.


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