Heart Zap Meditation

Why you might want to do this practice

  • Feel sad
  • Feel disconnected
  • Need a boost
  • Want support
  • Feel alone

What you need

  • You
  • A mirror
  • An open and willing heart

What to expect

  • Increased connection to Self
  • Tears + laughter
  • Deep soul recognition
  • Feel better in life
  • Feel happier with others
  • Self-healing

How To Do Heart Zap

Step 1. Stand in front of a mirror, eyes closed.

Step. 2. Place your hands on your heart. Breathe into this space.

Step 3. Breathe up from the center of the earth into the soles of your feet and down from the heavens into your crown. Allow the breath from above and below you to meet in your heart. Feel this energy, this breath, gather in your heart.

Your heart is an unlimited space extending out into all directions. There are no limits to the breath — the energy — the Love — that your heart can contain.

Keep breathing.

Eyes still closed.

Step 4. Now imagine a person in front of you, inside the mirror.

You love this person more than you can imagine. It is no one in particular, yet it is someone very familiar to you. So loved. You feel the love flowing from you to the person standing in front of you.

Step 5. Keep breathing love into your heart.

Feel love flowing from your heart — from the limitless space of your heart — toward the person in front of you.

Step 6. Open your eyes. Look into the eyes of the person in front of you — your reflection.

Take in the love that you see looking into your eyes.

Woo hoo! Feel that? YOU did that! This person adores you. And with good reason. You’re amazing.

Next Steps

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