Energy Clearing Methods For Sensitive People

What Is Energy Clearing?

Energy clearing helps release unwanted energies that have attached to us after being out in the world, especially around other people. All things, not just people, have a unique vibration and an energy field.

The energy fields of things and other people interact with our energy field, frequently leaving something behind. After time, we accumulate all manner of energies that don’t belong.

Energy clearing helps clear away these energies, leaving us feeling lighter and more aligned when we truly are.

Why Do Energy Clearing?

Have you ever felt…different…after being with other people? Heavier, perhaps, or more angry or sad? This is a result of taking on energies that don’t belong to you.

Our bodies accumulate all sorts of energies from many different sources over the course of our lives. You may be carrying energy from childhood traumas, difficult relationships, or limiting thought patterns or beliefs. We absorb energies from other people all the time.

Sensitive People Often Have a Harder Time

If you’re energetically sensitive or an empath, you probably already feel like a human sponge. Being around friends, family, or especially amongst crowds can leave you feeling drained emotionally and psychically. Your sensitivity is a gift, yet you may feel you’re being bombarded by psychic noise all day long.

What You Need To Know Before Clearing Your Energy

What is your main primary mode of imagining things: seeing or feeling? Most of us primarily either visualize or feel things kinesthetically. Less common is using taste or hearing.

Identify your primary mode of imagining, because you’ll use to do your clearing.

Intention Is A Powerful Tool

All of these methods require that you use the power of your intention to make them work. Strongly intend that your chosen method will clear away energies from your physical body that do not belong or are unwanted.

Clearing Techniques

Shower Cleanse

Before you step under the spray, intend that the water will clear away any unwanted energies. As the water pours over your body from your crown to your toes, imagine/see/feel that it carries with it all energies that do not belong to you or are unwanted.

Waterfall of Light

Imagine your body is under a beautiful waterfall of white crystalline light that cascades over you, pouring through your crown and into every cell of your body. As it does, imagine/see/feel that the light carries with it any energies that do not belong to you or are unwanted.


Holding a lighted stick of sage, sweetgrass, or palo santo in your hand, slowly pass the stick around your entire body. Allow the smoke to waft around you for 2-3 minutes. While you do so, imagine/see/feel the smoke clearing away any energies that do not belong to you—anything that is unwanted.

Salt Bath

Fill your bathtub with warm water and add 1 cup salt, preferably pink Himalayan. Lie in the water and imagine/see/feel it removing any energies that do not belong to you or is unwanted.

Pendulum Cleanse

First you must “attune” the pendulum to you so you know how it behaves when you work with it. Experienced pendulums users may skip to section C.

A. To attune your pendulum, hold one end of the chain/string between your thumb and pointer finger. Silently ask the pendulum to show you a ”yes” answer. It will begin to move in one of these directions: clockwise circle, counterclockwise circle, back and forth horizontally, back and forth vertically.

B. Once your pendulum has established a strong movement in one of these directions, ask it to show you a ”no” answer. It will change direction. Note which directions are your ”yes” and ”no”.

C. Now, ask your pendulum to clear your energy field. It will immediately begin to move in one of the four directions. As the pendulum spins, imagine/see/feel it clearing away any energies that do not belong to you or is unwanted. When the spinning slows or dies down, the pendulum is finished.

Energetic Protection Techniques

Now that your energy field is clearer, you’ll want to employ a technique to ensure you don’t accumulate more unwanted energies again. Use these techniques regularly (daily is good), especially when you’re heading out to crowded places or places you’ve felt unusually drained by in the past.

  1. If you have spirit guides that you work with, ask them for help with energetic protection.
  2. Carry a piece of the gemstone obsidian to attract unwanted energies, but be sure to cleanse it frequently (generally on the full moon).
  3. Imagine your body is surrounded by crystalline white light that permeates every cell. This light has the power to keep unwanted energies from accumulating.

Next Steps, Even More Powerful

In addition to the methods above, I teach a very powerful, ancient technique of energy clearing and protection. If you’d like to invite me to be your guide to spiritual matters via any of my services, I will teach it to you. Or I can tailor a specific practice just for you that aligns with your energy and mode of visualizing.

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