Solara’s State of the Planet — March 2023

Simmering Volcano

Simmering Volcano — Solara’s State of the Planet for March 2023

[Note from Solara: For those of you unfamiliar with our work, we are a collective of high-wisdom teaching entities who primarily teaches about life as a human. We offer energy frequency healing as part of our transmissions—reading this, you’ll receive a small upgrade to your energy field, as our words are encoded with energy.]

Just Waiting Under the Surface

Underneath a volcano is a pool of molten rock, also known as magma. This pool of liquid rock contains the energy of well over a thousand atomic bombs. 

Underneath a volcano is a LARGE amount of energy.

Similarly, there is a LARGE amount of energy amassed and awaiting release around the globe, only this energy isn’t molten rock but instead is the energy of transformation. You’re about to experience a monumental shift in the Earth’s overall energy, which will result in a myriad of changes on many levels and in many areas.

What Types of Changes to Expect 

One of the biggest areas of change will be in how people regard other people. Yes, this is quite vague and nonspecific, primarily because the changes will be so all-encompassing that afterwards it will be difficult to remember how things were before the changes take place. But you can expect shifts in these types of areas:

  • Judgments about disenfranchised groups of people (including women, people of color, LGBTQIA, disabled, indigent, former felons, refugees and migrants, elders, children, persons with cognitive impairments or below average intelligence, houseless, autistics) will diminish.
  • Individuals with power and influence will publicly declare their support for greater equity for all citizens.
  • Legislators will begin to focus more on legislation that provides greater support for disenfranchised groups.

When Will These Changes Take Place?

Some changes will begin to occur before the end of March 2023, but most of the shifts will begin to take place towards the end of the calendar year. The shifts won’t be complete until some time in 2025, but by the end of the current year 2023 you’ll likely start to notice that something feels different in a positive way. 

You might not identify the shifts unless you’re VERY aware of energies and specifically of energy shifts, but by this time two years from now you’ll more than likely look back and realize something BIG changed, even though you’ll likely be hard-pressed to ascertain exactly what changed.

What Else Is Happening This Month?

In addition to the gathering of energy that’s now simmering underneath and supporting everything, the Simmering Volcano also brings in an energy of waiting for something big to happen. Collectively, everyone can sense—on some level—the changes that are going to occur, and consequently everyone will essentially hold their breath (not literally) for awhile.

This waiting or figurative breath-holding can be interpreted as a sense of being stuck or in stasis, but we remind you that stasis is definitely NOT what is happening this month. There WILL be large-scale change, and you WILL almost certainly feel that *something* is shifting or has changed. 

So even if you’re convinced that you’re stuck in life, the energy is here—NOW— to support big changes. If you’re already planning big changes, congratulations! This month you’ll get a massive amount of energy that will support your change. That is, unless your change is to strip rights and power from the disenfranchised groups mentioned above, in which case you get LESS energy to support your aims.


On a personal level this month, people will largely put off big projects and attempt to maintain a status quo as much as possible. This is in direct connection to the Simmering Volcano energy where everyone is unconsciously aware that change will soon occur, and therefore attempts to hold on to the current situation. It’s just human nature to try to hold on to what you already have, even if that thing isn’t helpful or healthy for you. 

So try this month to:

  • Trust the process
  • Avoid worrying, if things feel stuck or not moving as much as you’d like
  • Work to align even more closely with your personal destiny (life purpose)—if you wish assistance with this, consult with Talyaa


Relationships this month may become strained and uncomfortable. This is just a result of the Simmering Volcano energy and people’s discomfort with the sense of coming change that they can’t actually see the results of yet. It’s like knowing you’ll ace a test but not knowing how, because you know you didn’t study for it! Feels perplexing at best, and deeply unnerving at worst.

Consequently, people may assign blame for their sense of unease to their partners/spouses/parents/children/friends, which naturally may cause strife in those relationships.

It will help knowing that Simmering Volcano energy is extremely strong, there’s nothing you can do to alter or diminish it, and it’s best if you attempt to ride out this month without taking drastic action with your loved ones.

Again, trusting the process will be key this month. If you feel more anxious than usual, try breathing slowly in alternating nostrils, as this will calm you as well as help to balance your chakras and help you feel more at ease with the Simmering Volcano energies.


Many communities may have a harder time this month than usual, simply because the impetus to maintain a status quo is even stronger when it’s a group of people as opposed to individuals. We try to protect one another this way, but what’s required this month is a giant leap of faith for most communities.

Some communities whose focus is the support of the disenfranchised groups that will experience a positive benefit from the Simmering Volcano energy will actually experience an increase in public awareness, funding, and other positive benefits that will directly impact the individuals from those disenfranchised groups. Communities in this group will likely experience an influx of assistance to help them meet their goals


Spiritually, most people will experience a sense of being at a standstill or at a crossroads this month. The Simmering Volcano energy is such that it will likely cause people to question their faith or beliefs and consequently feel unprepared to move forward in the direction they’d been going. This could have the consequence of starting to dismantle some spiritual groups, especially those who actively do NOT support increased equity for disenfranchised people.

On a personal level, many people who question their spirituality will begin to look for alternative spiritual paths that more ably support equitable treatment and support of disenfranchised individuals and groups. Over time, this will have the effect of severely diminishing memberships of large megachurches and other spiritual groups espousing harmful doctrine.

If you find yourself questioning your faith or spirituality this month or in the coming months, you may wish to practice connecting with your essence or soul, also called your higher self, as doing so may help give you the reassurance you seek.


Politics is one area that may appear worse before it appears better. This is primarily because the vocal minority who actively seeks to underline attempts at fostering equity among all peoples will feel so shaken by their unconscious awareness of the Simmering Volcano energy that they essentially double down on their attempts to abolish equality and civil rights. 

However, because Simmering Volcano energy supports equity and human rights, it actively works against those political figures and easily eclipses their efforts. Ultimately, these people will be unsuccessful, but it will likely not appear so at first. It will likely appear that the tide is turning in a bad way. Just know this, be prepared for it, and choose to not buy into it, as again, whatever paltry attempts these political figures make will be ultimately unsuccessful.

Global Nature

As the world collectively “holds its breath” this month, nature of course continues on much as it always has. That is not to say that nature overall will not be affected by this month’s energy, simply that the effects are different and less likely to disrupt the flow of life that has been on the planet for billions of years.

However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be dramatic effects in the natural world this month: winter and summer storms continue to be strong with powerful adverse effects across many regions of the planet. A strong earthquake is likely in at least one place on the globe. Wildfires are not unexpected this month.

In some good news, many new species will be discovered over the coming few months, including the seeming resurrection of at least one species thought extinct or nearly so. This is symbolic of the overall positive shifts we expect over the coming year.



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