How To Choose A Channeler

What You Need To Know So You Don’t Waste Your Time And Money, And You Get The Answers You Need

Let’s Sort This Out

It can be confusing to know how to choose a channeler who will not only NOT waste your time and money, but will actually help you get the answers you need to make life choices that support your best life. I’m going to help you break it all down so you can choose the channeler who best suits your needs and helps you get the guidance you want.

What To Consider

  • Is the channeler professional?
  • Is the channeler experienced?
  • Is the channeler accurate?
  • Does the channeler have integrity?
  • Do you resonate with the channeler’s work?
  • Are the channeler’s rates within your budget?
  • What does your intuition tell you?

But First… What’s The Difference Between A Channeler, A Medium, And A Psychic?

Channeler — (also known as a “channel”) opens their energy to spirit beings so as to transmit messages directly to you, as if that being was speaking directly to you through the channeler. Channelers can access all sorts of information such as about the nature of your life choices, your potential futures, your relationship agreements, your past lives and their significance, health probabilities, ideal career paths, and many other topics.

Medium — speaks to the souls of deceased people. Consult a medium if you wish to get reassurance that your deceased loved ones are doing okay, watching over you, or have messages for you. Mediums do not typically advise you on life choices such as relationships, career, or health.

Psychic — employs abilities such as clairvoyance (“clear seeing”), and clairaudience (“clear hearing”) to offer you information about your future. A psychic typically does not offer you information about multiple potential future possibilities, but will tell you what they see as coming up for you. A psychic may not be able to tell you why things may happen for you, only that they probably will.

How To Evaluate Professionalism & Experience

Check Their Online Presence

Start with their website. A channeler’s website is a prime way to introduce their work to people who don’t know them, so their site should reflect who they are and what they do.

A good channeler’s website should:

  • be easy to navigate
  • clearly reflect what the channeler does in their sessions
  • have clearly defined rates/prices
  • provide an easy path to booking a session
  • contain useful articles and information
  • give you a sense of who the person is

Also check whether they’ve authored any online articles, given interviews, or posted written or video channelings.

More Experienced USUALLY = More Accurate

In general, more experienced channelers can offer a more accurate reading. After hundreds of client sessions and hundreds of hours working with the guides or entity they channel, channelers develop an ease in transmitting material that most newer channelers have yet to develop. This is not to say that newer channelers can’t be accurate and awesome (we all have to start somewhere), but who would you rather trust your money and life choices to — someone who is experienced and well-seasoned, or someone who only recently hung out their shingle?

Most channels are self-taught; there is very little formal training for channelers. However, channelers can practice skills and develop facility with connecting to their guides/entity as well as successfully transmitting information to clients. This is a skill like any other, and the more a channeler practices, usually the more skilled at channeling they become.

How To Evaluate Accuracy & Integrity

Read Testimonials And Reviews

Any professional worth their salt will proudly display testimonials and reviews from happy clients. Read through these to get a sense of how this channeler interacts with their clients, whether they are well liked, and how accurate their readings are for those clients providing testimonials. Obviously, testimonials posted on the channeler’s website will be biased toward the positive, so if possible look for unbiased reviews such as on Yelp or Google Reviews; however, most channelers won’t have a significant presence on either of these sites unless they are very popular (and therefore probably quite expensive!), or put a lot of energy toward cultivating those reviews.

Hit Up Your Friends And Fam For Referrals

A great referral is worth its weight in gold! You probably know more people than you think you do who rely on a trusted channeler to help them with life choices and other guidance.

Here’s what to ask about:

  • What people liked (and didn’t like) about their session
  • What they liked (and didn’t like) about the channeler
  • Does the channeler act professionally? (do they keep promises, show up on time)
  • Was the information accurate?
  • How often do they consult that channeler
  • Have they consulted other channelers

Other (Very) Important Considerations

Some of the most important factors in choosing a channeler are in how you FEEL when you imagine consulting them for your important life choices.

Check Out Their Work

Read posted channeled articles or watch videos produced by the channeler. Examine their word choices, grammar, and syntax. Do they explain concepts clearly?

If you’re evaluating videos, check out how the channeler presents themselves on camera — is this a person you want to trust your money and life choices to? Videos need not be professionally produced, but look for a clutter-free, pleasant background and clear sound quality. Plus, the channeler should get to the point without a lot of extra information or droning on for 45 minutes about nothing. Unless the video is a capture of a live event, it shouldn’t be longer than 12 minutes, and preferably much shorter than that.

Most importantly, do you resonate with the material — does it feel like truth to you?

Pricing Considerations

A high-priced channeler isn’t necessarily an accurate one. Likewise, there are some wonderful channelers who charge relatively low rates. In general, though, more experienced channelers charge more for their time — you’re paying for their experience and wisdom.

NOTE: Avoid ANYONE who charges by the minute — this is almost certainly designed to keep you on the phone as long as possible so as to rack up high charges.

WARNING: If any channeler gives you “bad news” in your reading and then requests money to “fix” it (example: they tell you there’s a “curse” on you, that only they can remove the “curse”, and for $1000 or your next paycheck they’ll “fix” it), RUN AWAY FAST.

Woo But Not TOO Woo-Woo

This might sound funny coming from someone who channels messages from a group of disembodied human souls, nature spirits, and extraterrestrial consciousness, BUT… you don’t want a channeler who comes off as a whacko. One of the highest compliments my clients give me when they first encounter me is, “you’re so grounded and down to earth!” People in my line of work have the reputation for being flaky, weird, and hella woo-woo. You don’t want flaky, weird, and hella woo-woo. You want someone who you can trust to give you accurate, straight information that helps guide you to your best life.

Go With Your Gut

After you’ve evaluated all the data, your intuition may be your single most important evaluation tool, so listen carefully to it! What does your gut tell you about the channeler? Is this a person you can trust with giving you life guidance? Do you like this person? Would you choose them as a friend?

Now You’re Ready To Choose Your Channeler!

Get recommendations from friends and family, read testimonials and reviews, scan channeler’s websites, and most of all, check your intuition! You absolutely have the power and ability to find a wonderful professional channeler who will be a valuable asset to your future life choices.

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