Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

The body has amazing wisdom. Most of us tap into a tiny fraction of the wisdom our bodies have. If you want to learn to get in touch with your body’s wisdom and make choices in partnership with this deep well of wisdom, this is the practice you want.

Heart Zap Meditation

Heart Zap Meditation

If you feel sad, disconnected, isolated, or just need a boost in the amount of love you feel, this is the practice for you.

Relationships with our Twin Flame are the most delicious, divine, maddening, and potent relationships we can possibly have.

Our Twin Flame is like the other side of our coin, the yin to our yang, our mirror image. 

The purpose of the Twin Flame relationship is to accelerate our soul growth and evolution by revealing to us the issues and wounds that most need healing.

Through a Twin Flame relationship we can align with our Destiny and the essence of our true selves to become the best we can be.

Your Twin Flame reflects all that you are back to you.

What It Feels Like To Love and Be Loved By Your Twin Flame

The Twin Flame relationship is the most loving, magical, and growth-supporting relationship a human can have on Earth. 

Loving and being loved by your Twin Flame is an extraordinary experience—intense, exhilarating, all-consuming, healing, and mystical. It can also be frustrating, maddening, and painful.

You can learn and grow more from one year in a Twin Flame relationship than from 10-20 years in an ordinary relationship.

Being in a Twin Flame relationship gives you a unique opportunity to grow and evolve on a level not possible with any other kind of relationship. 

As a mirror to each another, you reflect one another’s wounds and emotional issues. As your wounds are brought into the light you can heal them through the intense love and acceptance that a Twin Flame relationship brings you.

Twin Flame love is the fire that ignites your heart to the greatest heights you can imagine.

Have You Met Your Twin Flame? How To Know For Sure

When two Twin Flames come together for the first time, it can feel like a fireworks explosion!

Each of you has an incredibly strong magnetic pull toward the other, vast amounts of energy hurtling toward each other at a rapid rate. Boom!

7 Signs You’ve Just Met Your Twin Flame For the First Time
  • Feels like coming “home” for the first time in your life
  • Instant magnetic attraction
  • Time slows or stands still around the two of you
  • Colors appear brighter
  • Experience energy pulses and “zaps” in your body
  • Can feel your Twin’s presence even when apart
5 Ways Meeting Your Twin Flame Will Change Your Life

Meeting your Twin Flame for the first time is life-changing. Because of the intense energy explosion, meeting your Twin sets you on a trajectory that shifts your life in several ways:

  • Strong pull to live your purpose (Destiny)
  • Dive more deeply into healing your old patterns, issues, and traumas
  • Desire to heal your relationships with family members
  • Feel called to be of service to the world in some way
  • Find that you are accepting and forgiving yourself for things you’ve held onto for years

It’s fireworks when two Twin Flames come together!

Why Twin Flame Relationships Are So Magical

Our Twin Flame is our Soul Twin, our “other half”, the completion of Who We Are on a soul level. On the deepest basis, our Twin Flame is our exact opposite yet is very much like us, because we and our Twin Flame are the two parts of one whole.

Our Twin Flame Is Our Most Powerful Agent Of Change

Our Twin Flames are powerful catalysts for our inner change and healing. Because our Twin Flame acts as a mirror and reflects back to us ALL of our truths (even the ones we don’t like), with our Twin’s love we are gven the opportunity to heal and grow at a rapid rate.

Twin Flame love is an intense and divine love that is found in no other kind of relationship. Imagine the energy created when two stars collide in a distant galaxy.

The love that exists between us and our Twin Flame is just as powerful — capable of burning through our strongest doubts and deepest fears.

Because of the intensity and purity of this love, we are given the opportunity to heal our deepest wounds at a core level. This healing assists us to powerfully align with our soul’s purpose so we can live our true Destiny.

Loving and being loved by our Twin Fkame is nothing short of magical!

What Makes Twin Flame Relationships (Sometimes) Challenging, Maddening, and Painful

Because our Twin Flame is our mirror and literally the other half of our soul. relationships with our Twin are far more intense than any other kind of relationship.

It’s Not Always Sunshine And Rainbows

Constantly being shown ALL the truths of who you are by your personal mirror person can feel scary. It challenges us to become the best person we can be, and sometimes we resist this process because accepting hard truths about ourselves doesn’t come easily.

We may feel scared our Twin may reject us. We may feel we are incapable of healing the deep wounds and core issues that shine in the light of our Twin’s love for us. We may feel unworthy of this wonderful divine love that our Twin showers upon us daily.

When A Twin Leaves

Some Twins feel scared by the intensity of the relationship, so they may create excuses to leave. They just can’t handle the challenge of seeing their hard truths reflected in you day after day. It’s nothing to do with YOU, but is all about THEM.

Experiencing the loss of our Twin when we have tasted the divine love of the Twin Flame relationship is extremely painful.


10 Things You May Feel Or Experience When Your Twin Flame Leaves You
  • Feels like half of you has been ripped away
  • Life no longer has meaning
  • Deep loneliness, as if there is NO ONE left in the world except you
  • Anger, rage, and frustration
  • Intense sadness and grief
  • Cry a lot
  • Don’t want to be around people
  • Want to surround yourself with people
  • Desire to learn new spiritual techniques or healing modalities
  • Reconnect with old friends, lovers, and/or family

What If I Haven’t Yet Met My Twin Flame

Because Twin Flame relationships are so intense, it is rare for us to meet and have a relationship with our Twin Flame. Each one of us has a Twin Flame and yearns to connect deeply with our Twin, whether in a physical-plane relationship or on a psychic level.

We Feel Our Twin As A Constant Psychic Presence

Even if we haven’t yet met our Twin, chances are we already feel their presence in our life. We are in almost constant psychic & energetic communication with our Twin Flame, though we may not be aware of it.

This constant presence of our Twin manifests as an imaginary childhood friend or the sense of a lifelong constant guardian or helper, someone who understands and accepts us on every level.

We Feel A Constant Magnetic Pull From Our Twin

Twin Flames are magnetic — the two halves of a whole are constantly trying to come together again. We want so badly to meet!

This is the one person on the planet who knows us better than anyone else ever could. They are our mirror, our other half, so of course we feel an intense desire to meet and be in relationship.

We want to feel complete and our soul wants to grow — there is no better opportunity than a Twin Flame relationship to experience both of these.

Some Twin Flames Work Together Without Ever Meeting

Twin Flame relationships are subject to Soul Agreements, just like every relationship is. Soul Agreements (also known as Soul Contracts) are “behind-the-scenes” agreements between souls to create specific relationships, have certain experiences, or influence or be influenced by other souls in certain ways.

Not every Twin Flame pair creates an agreement to meet in every life. In fact, because of how intense and often difficult Twin Flame relationships can be, many souls opt to rarely meet their Twin Flame.

How Our Twin Might Show Up In Our Life Even If We’ve Never Met

These Twin Flames work with one another from a distance. One Twin may live in Europe while the other lives in South America, yet they are on constant psychic connection and support one another through energy.

Another way is when one Twin is having an embodied human life while the other Twin is on the Astral Plane in between lifetimes. The Astral Twin has the benefit of vast amounts of information and energy that they can then use to help the Twin having a human life.

These Twin relationships manifest as spirit guides, guardian angels, and other spirit helpers. Our Astral Twin can help save, powerfully change, or influence our lives in a positive way.

Twin Flames can show up in our lives in many different ways

Twin Flame Relationships Are Not Always Romantic Relationships

Because of the powerful magnetism of a Twin Flame relationship and our culture’s focus on romantic love, we assume that Twin Flames are always romantic partners. While this is usually the case, it does not have to be.

Twin Flames can be our parents or children, brothers or sisters, or friends of any gender. Actual twins are often Twin Flames!

The one thing common to ALL Twin Flame relationships is their intensity, deep love, and acting as a mirror to refkect to us our wounds so they may be healed in the light of our Twin’s amazing love.

You’ll know it’s your Twin Flame when you find the following to be true:


9 Signs You’re In A Twin Flame Non-Romantic Relationship
  • You feel a deep bond that seems to always have been between you
  • You know one another better then with anyone you’ve ever met
  • You finish each other’s sentences
  • You share a life purpose, or your life purposes are connected
  • You feel a strong non-sexual attraction for them and want to be with them 24/7
  • You can’t imagine a life apart from this person
  • You feel complete and whole whenever you are near one another
  • You seem to read one another’s thoughts
  • Magical (unexplainable) things happen when you are together

Yes! You can attract your Twin Flame to you.

How To Call Your Twin Flame To You

The best and quickest way to attract your Twin Flame to you is to work on evolving yourself and clearing any energy blocks that you may have.

1. Be The Best Version of Yourself You Can Be

There is no guarantee that you will meet your Twin Flame if you do this (you may not have a Soul Agreement to meet), but you greatly increase your chances if you make yourself as ready as possible for the intense quality of a Twin Flame relationship before you meet. 

This is why many people meet their Twin Flames just after having completed powerful work on themselves.

2. Clear Away Energies of Past Relationships

We almost always come to new relationships with “baggage” from the past. This baggage influences how we see our new romantic partner, and influences how we act in the new relationship.

To attract our Twin Flame, we need to be as clear from past relationship energies as possible.

To clear away past relationship energies, give thanks to everything you learned and received from each past relationship in your life. Really feel with gratitude each lesson you learned or way you grew and evolved as a result of your past relationships. This process may take you several weeks to complete.

3. Open Your Heart For Your Twin Flame

The last step is to fully open our heart so that our beautiful heart energy radiates outward from us like a beacon, calling our Twin Flame to us.

When our heart is fully open, it acts as a homing device for our Twin Flame. Our heart energy beams our unique energy signature out into the Universe, the perfect home for our Twin Flame. 

To fully open your heart, you must release any fears you may have about being rejected, unlovable, or unworthy. To release these fears, first you must fully feel them. 

Once you have fully felt each of your fears about your Twin, your energy signature will shift into Heart Mode and your heart chakra will radiate your heart energy out int the Universe. 

[For a detailed step-by-step tutorial explaining all the above 3 steps, check out How To Magnetize Your Twin Flame To You Quickly And Easily.]

11 Signs Your Heart Is Open And You Are Ready To Meet Your Twin Flame
  • People hold longer eye contact with you for a long time
  • Feels like family members are more aligned with you
  • Coworkers and friends invite you to more events and outings
  • People generally want to be around you
  • You feel lighter in your body
  • Find yourself singing or humming much of the day
  • Desire to do fun, spontaneous things
  • Start new healthy habits because they seem fun
  • Strongly feel your purpose is about helping people
  • Feel a sense of calm and “rightness” about your life you’ve never felt before
  • Feel a sense of belonging and connection to everything in the Universe

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Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

The body has amazing wisdom. Most of us tap into a tiny fraction of the wisdom our bodies have. If you want to learn to get in touch with your body’s wisdom and make choices in partnership with this deep well of wisdom, this is the practice you want.

Heart Zap Meditation

Heart Zap Meditation

If you feel sad, disconnected, isolated, or just need a boost in the amount of love you feel, this is the practice for you.

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