Solara’s Annual State of the Planet Energy Forecast for 2019

Transition and Rebirth

Transition and Rebirth — Solara’s Annual State of the Planet Energy Forecast for 2019

2019 will be a transitional year for almost everyone. You may find yourself moving from one place to another, changing a major relationship or job, giving birth in some fashion (whether to a child or to an idea or project), or undergoing significant inner change. All of these changes represent a kind of rebirth from the Old into the New, as you represent on an individual level the huge shifts taking place on an energy level throughout the world.

By year-end, you will be able to see the change that enacted and the path that you traversed to get there. During the course of the year, however, you may not find such an easy road, and you may at times feel as if you are failing at what is being asked of you. Change can be difficult especially when you resist surrender to its ebbs and flows. The more you remember that you have the ability to navigate your changes with ease, the easier things will become.

Birthing is often long and arduous. It can be painful. But the end result is magnificent, a reminder of your brilliance and your connection to the world of the sacred. For you ARE a sacred being, and you ARE a magnificent creature made of stars and light. By year-end, you will be that much closer to remembering who you really are, and why you are here — and that is your rebirth, whether it comes in the form of family, work, love, or simply the ever-expanding evolution of you as an embodiment of Source.

Globally, the transitional birthing pains will scream loud and long. You may wonder at times whether the world will ever become a kinder and gentler place. Remember that Gaia, the Earth’s consciousness, moves through transitions as an entire entity, encompassing all of her creatures and life-forms. Gaia’s trust in the process should illuminate the wings of hope for you, and help you believe that with your assistance and the assistance of so many determined and loving individuals, the world can and indeed will become a kinder and more compassionate planet.

Transition From What to What?

We’ve established that the entire world, including you and everyone you know, plus plants, rocks, animals and, well, EVERYTHING, will undergo a transition this year. But… transition from what and TO what?

Perhaps you’re aware of the Piscean age transition to the Aquarian. There’s a wonderful song about it from the musical Hair from the 1960’s. It was the dawning of the age of Aquarius, thought to be when humans realized they were all in this thing called life-on-Earth together and therefore began to work in harmony and love. Sounds great, yes? And this is slated to occur. It cannot help but occur. 

But first…you have to get rid of a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit in an age of harmony and love. That’s the kind of thing that’s been popping up all over in various guises — the #MeToo movement, same-sex civil rights, transperson civil rights, migration and refugee welcoming — and has become figureheads of a wider shift. Essentially, all the ugly, vicious, hateful, non-loving muck that has long lain under the surface of niceness and “getting along” must surface and be dealt with in order for you to truly transition into an Aquarian mentality.

And this year — 2019 — is a big part of that transition. By year’s end, you will see major transitions on many fronts. Along the way, you’ll see many more instances of ugly, vicious, hateful muck emerge from the darkness where they’ve hidden. And you and so many other light warriors will transform them with your undying love for humanity and for the planet.

By year’s end, you will notice much more evidence of humanitarian achievements. Look for major victories across many fronts. Most of these will involve social transformation of belief, such as the shift over the past several years to majority acceptance of same-sex marriage. These transformations are swift, sure, and strong. The fact that you are here not only to witness them but to participate speaks to the part you play in Gaia’s destiny as home to a species that is bound for the stars.

Tools to Help You Navigate This Transition and Feel a Rebirth This Year

You will feel challenges throughout the year. Some days will feel very dark indeed, as if the world is bound for pure darkness. Kitten videos will not be enough to help you feel the light again. Try these tools and practices:

  • 5 minutes in the sunlight, eyes closed, face turned to the sun. Let the sun’s rays bathe your face and closed eyelids. Imagine that you are breathing in pure radiant light.
  • Lie on the ground outdoors, preferably with no barrier between you and the ground. Feel how your weight is fully supported by the Earth. Imagine sending roots down into the ground, to drink in the enormous energy that dwells beneath the Earth’s surface. Feel how this energy replenishes you. Remember how the Earth is truly your home.
  • Prepare a bath of warm water. Make sure it is not too hot. Add a big handful of sea salt. Immerse yourself in the water and close your eyes. Feel how your body becomes buoyant. Imagine you have traveled back through your timeline to when your home was your mother’s womb. Feel how secure and supported you are. Remain in this state for several minutes, eyes closed and imagining your beginnings in this body in this lifetime. When you emerge from the bath, feel how it is your rebirth. Everything looks new, looks different. 


Some of you will navigate these transitional times very easily. Those who do are adventurous types who excel at exploration and pioneering. If this is you, this year will be very exciting for you.

Some of you will have a difficult time with this transitions. You may feel that things are moving too fast and that you cannot keep up with it. If this is the case for you, reminder that you stand still on a planet that spins at 1000 miles per hour. This means that you already possess the ability to withstand enormous change at breakneck speed. You CAN do this. If you resist them, the transitions could feel scary and even dangerous. Remember that you are not in this thing alone — everyone and everything on the planet also experiences  huge transitions this year. Together, you can do almost anything. 

By year’s end, you will have undergone such a huge amount of transformation that you may consider yourself to have been reborn. This rebirth is not to be taken lightly. These energies do not occur on this magnitude but every few hundred years, so take advantage of the recipe for change that is being offered you. Enroll in personal development workshops, or join support groups that help avail you more deeply of your emotional awareness and strength. Remember that you are of course always changing, ever birthing a new Self, but the new Self that emerges from the chrysalis of this year’s energy will be vastly more glorious and aligned with your Destiny than ever before.


Due to the transitional nature of this year’s energy, most of you will choose to weather it out more comfortably by forging ever closer relation ships and connections with the people that you love. If there are few people now in your life, then this year you will likely bring new friends and lovers into your sphere. Existing relationships certainly will undergo trials and shifts as you move through the global energy shifts this year brings, but in general your relationships will become stronger and more long-lasting. After all, you are all in this together, and together you will become stronger and more certain about your place in the grand web of humanity.

Any relationships due to disintegrate this year will most likely do so in the first few months of the year, thereby going ample time for grieving and reconnecting with community in support of the breakup process.

Families become stronger also this year, with individual members connecting on an energy basis so as to create firmer alliances in times of need. Old family wounds are healed more easily this year. If you experience the results of ancestral wounding, you may more easily heal back through the generations this year through shamanic work.

Because of this year’s transitional energy and the outcomes of rebirth, you may feel as if your relationships, especially your lovers and very close friends, are becoming completely new. This year could be a good year to renew wedding vows or to reexamine relationship agreements and desired connections. Regardless of how you formalize your intentions, know that by year’s end, your relationships will have undergone a rebirth just as you yourself have.


This year, the very nature of “community” will be redefined. You’ve already moved quite far toward the creation of a very new kind of community than has ever existed in human memory, but the shifts created this year will surpass all the shifts made in the past century. Now that human technology has advanced to the point of constant interconnection across the globe, there is no longer a need for face to face contact to create what you now think of as a community. These electronic and virtual communities have been evolving for decades now, and what occurs this year is even more removed from the ancient concept of community.

This year, you move toward accepting the myriad organisms that dwell within your bodies as communities in their own right, with desires, agendas, and needs, as well as the ability to communicate them to you. In turn, you will realize, perhaps not this year but soon, that your actions as a human have consequences not only to other humans but also to the billions of organisms that coexist with you on the planet. Therefore, you and millions if not billions of other people will begin to shift your actions accordingly, taking into account the welfare of others. This is a huge step in humanity’s evolution, and not one to be taken lightly. This has been millennia in the making.

The rebirth of communities this year will be in the ways that people interact with the communities they are already a part of: neighborhoods, churches, schools, organizations will all benefit from this change. As people recognize their place within the vast web of human society, they begin to take into account the wellbeing of every single other person in their sphere, even if that person cuts them off in traffic, for instance, or has 20 items in a 10 Items Or Less line. What this means to you is that not only will you be kinder to people, but they will be kinder to you.

Obviously, changes of this magnitude take a long time to fully materialize. But the more you look for the rebirth of communities as a wellspring of mutual kindness, the more you will find they are just that.


One of the most positive outcomes to this year’s lengthy period of transition is a rebirth of spirituality. Your connection to the sacred, to the divine that dwells within you and within all beings and things, will transform greatly. This will occur slowly and over time, and as a result will be difficult to notice. However, if you take time now and record your thoughts and beliefs about spirituality, and then review these at year’s end, you will very likely find a noticeable difference.

The transitions to take place this year in the realm of spirituality will help humanity better and more closely align with its evolutionary destiny. Because of this, more and more people will begin to experience spontaneous spiritual epiphanies. Your personal connection to your intuition and to unseen spiritual allies such as your guardian spirits, spirit guides, and others will likely increase noticeably.

These transitions can make you feel a little wobbly and uncertain at times. You may wonder about such weighty questions as the meaning of life, the reason for suffering, and the connection among all living things. You may find yourself heaping others to understand spiritual topics that previously eluded them. You may begin to yearn to live your destiny.

By year’s end, you will likely feel much more aligned with your spiritual guidance and teachers. Others around you will experience similar changes, which taken globally adds up to a very large transition indeed.


One of the realms you may expect the most change in this year is in the realm of the political. From the very beginning of the year, revelations will come to light that will serve to shock the world, and such revelations will continue to tumble forth throughout the year. Individuals affected negatively by these shocking announcements are those who have profited from what has remained hidden for so long.

The bursting forth of such a tumult of news could have a destabilizing effect in many areas around the world. Small countries that rely on what they have hoped was the goodwill of larger, more powerful countries have the most to lose in this area. However, the rebirth trend continues in the political arena as well, and by the end of the year you can likely see remarkable growth in the areas of political capital, true generosity among many nations, and the likelihood of a new alliance that will serve to stand up to powerful countries that have long preyed upon smaller, less advantageous nations. This will serve to help balance what has long been a huge imbalance of power across the globe, which in later years will help funnel resources to the micro level and ease poverty, water scarcity, and food shortages.

Global Nature

Gaia has a lot on her plate this year! Imagine how it feels after years of bedridden illness to finally begin to move your arms and legs again, and to go outdoors and breathe fresh air. You feel reborn after a long transition! That is a little like the waves of vibrant energy that will be reverberating around the world this year. These waves will cause disturbances on the surface of the planet, resulting in numerous large hurricane-level storms, earthquakes, and likely significant volcanic activity, most potentially an eruption of serious nature.

Weather around the globe will continue to trend towards the extremes, with record-breaking high summer temperatures and potential blizzard-level winter storms. Areas affected by these extreme weather trends are trending towards: Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, India and Pakistan, eastern Africa including Rwanda, the Sudan, and Ethiopia, many parts of the United States, much of western Europe especially Spain and Portugal, Turkey, the Baltic states, Peru, Argentina, and Australia.

If you reside in any of these many areas, you can help mitigate potential weather events by cultivating an easy grounding practice in which you help transmit energy into the heart of the earth. Here is how to do so:

 Gaia’s Heartbeat Meditation

Stand or sit comfortably. Close your eyes to help your focus. Become aware of your heart, and try to feel your heartbeat (if you cannot feel your heart beating, imagine it). With each beat of your heart (even if imagined), imagine your heart growing larger and larger. 

 After many beats you may imagine that your heart fills the room, and then fills your home. Keep imagining your heart growing larger. Now imagine your heart growing down into the ground beneath you, growing downward and downward until it connects to the very center of the planet. 

As your heart continues to beat, imagine that you are helping to feed and nourish Gaia, the consciousness of the Earth. With every beat of your heart, you help to replenish weary energy stores of this beautiful planet that is your home. With every beat of your heart, you help to calm the storms that emerge from Gaia’s awakening and rebirth. With every beat of your heart, you connect more deeply to the very heart of the planet, and you are aware of the help that your heart brings.

Happy 2019, my friends.


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