How to Sail Through Changing Times Like a Boss

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How To Sail Through Changing Times Like A Boss

Next time you feel you’ve been hit with All the Bad Stuff You Could Ever Imagine, try these easy tips.

Sometimes things seem to just come at you. All at once. And then you’re buried by an avalanche of overwhelm, just hoping to carve out a tiny breathing space because you’ve forgotten what “normal” is like. Ever feel like that? If you do, you’re not alone.

We live in a changing world. Some people say that the speed of change has increased. But if you are feeling uneasy or challenged by changes taking place within you and around you, there is help.

Remember that things change.

Sometimes it’s impossible to see that things always change, especially when you’re knee-deep in feeling engulfed by Life, but… it’s true. Things change, and they always will. You just have to ride it out. Easier said than done? Even just knowing that whatever difficult place you’re in today will look different tomorrow (or next week), is often enough to get you through today.

Life goes up and down, round and round. You’ll get through this.

Focus on the small stuff.

Wait, what? Aren’t we supposed to not sweat the small stuff? Well, yes. But. Often it helps to find one small thing in your life to hold onto and focus on that. Do you love, for instance, a certain nighttime ritual with your kids? Do you adore your nightly sunset walk with your partner? Do you feel amazing every morning when you smell freshly-ground coffee?

Find One Small Thing that makes you feel really, really happy. Then immerse yourself in your One Small Thing, and let yourself feel a moment of respite. Remember and honor the little moments through your day that give you joy and help make your life rich and meaningful. It’s like pushing a reset button and gives you a wee energy spike to help get you through.

“Remember and honor the little moments through your day that give you joy and help make your life rich and meaningful.”


When we feel fear we take quick, shallow breaths. You can instantly change up your perspective just by getting in some good breathing. Don’t be stingy with it — let your breath go all the way down into your lungs.Your life depends on your breath. Give yourself more life by giving your body more breath. Need help getting a full, deep breath or knowing how to breathe? Try Andrew Weil’s breathing exercises designed to help control anxiety and stress.

Imagine you are here. Take a deep breath.


Emotions = energy in motion. E-motion, get it? Let your emotions pour forth in glorious abandon. Ever felt awesome after a good cry? Then you know what I mean. Feeling sad? Wail and keen your grief of a hundred generations. Feeling scared? Then let your fright engulf you so you’re no longer afraid of it. Feeling angry? Scream into a pillow, or dance your anger to loud music. Holding in everything you feel won’t help you now, but allowing your emotions to flow through you will help you feel yourself more, give you a sense of release, and give you energy (Energy In Motion, remember?) to get through this challenging time.

Take care of you.

Now, more than ever, your body needs fuel. Give it yummy, whole, fresh foods. Drink plenty of water. Can’t eat from stress? At least there’s water, so drink up. Are you a stress-eater? Then stock up with berries, nuts, and other power-packed nuggets of goodness that help your body feel its best. Take a walk. Have a bath and throw a cup of sea salt in it. Get your hair cut. Do something that makes you feel good, even one small thing, every day if you can. Loving yourself a little can help you stay balanced and energized, — and get you through.


Let your tribe in on your pain. Talk to your family. Your partner. Whoever is in your life is there because they love you and want to help you. Let them.

If you think there’s no one you can turn to, turn to yourself and journal. Getting your thoughts and feelings out in the open, whether to Dear Diary or to your BFF, helps you heal. Prayer, in whatever form that takes for you, is also immensely helpful. The important thing is to open yourself — even if it’s scary — and connect, connect, connect. You’re not alone.

You will get through this. You are stronger than you remember.

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