Six Stories

Parables That Illustrate Common Human Characteristics
parable: a short symbolic story designed to illustrate or teach a truth, principle, or lesson

Set of Six Channeled Parables

These stories: 

  • touch your soul because of the truths they contain.
  • reflect the humanity that resides within each of us.
  • portray normal human fears and idiosyncracies in a fun and unusual way.

These six stories illustrate concepts common to almost all of us — and they gently show you a different way to look at your deepest fears and uncertainties. You’ll see yourself and people you know in these stories! Through absorbing the messages in the stories, you can come to know and love even the parts of you that you thought no one could love.

Powerful & Symbolic Stories of Humanity

Each of the six stories below was channeled to illustrate a different common aspect of humanity. Envy, arrogance, pride, self-deprecation, selfless service. determination…

These universal themes touch nearly everyone. Each of these six stories is short but contains a powerful reminder of how best to live as a human.

You get ALL SIX of these fascinating and powerful stories::

The Ugly Prince

The Prince was convinced people mocked him for his ugliness. But when he filled his pockets with stones and walked into the river, something unexpected happened.

The Story of the Cloud

Find out what happens when a cloud thinks she can control the weather.

The Man Who Would Not Stop

When you involve a witch to make a talkative man stop talking, you’re going to get a surprise.

The Colorful Cat

Even a very proud cat needs to rest once in a while.

The Brickmaker

What happens when people see themselves in a wall made from bricks?

The Man Who Talked to Animals

When you can talk to animals, magical things happen!

Six Channeled Stories

These stories were channeled to show six particular concepts about humanity as part of a wider teaching, a book project I began many years ago. I’m making the stories available now because they are so helpful for people to better understand themselves and others.

When you order, you get ALL SIX charming and thought-provoking parables — ready to show you something wonderful about yourself.

NOTE: You’ll receive your stories in PDF via email, so when you make your purchase using PayPal be certain indicate your updated email address so the story fairies know where to find you.


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