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Client Perrine Dailey

Client Perrine Dailey

Alternate Lifestyle Consultant, St. Paul, MN

YOUR IDEAL DESTINY, assuming the ability to fulfill it

You, like many people, are a healer. You don’t yet see this, but you know it on some levels. You do not heal physical bodies — you heal souls. You do this by seeing people in their light and refusing to see them any other way until they too finally see a glimpse of their own light and begin to believe it exists. You do this with people who view themselves as broken or damaged, people who have the most to gain from glimpsing their own light and believing that they have the right to claim a place in the world.

BLOCKS to fulfilling your destiny

Ironically, the biggest block you have in fulfilling your destiny is your personal struggle to see your own light and believe it exists. For you, the Richard Bach quote, “we teach best what we most need to learn” is apt. On days when you set aside your personal ambivalence and focus instead on shining light on others, you’re incredibly effective. Your unwavering radiance is magnificent. Others cannot help but be drawn to the light that you shine, even when it is dimmed by your self-doubt.

WHAT IS REQUIRED to fulfill your destiny 

You are already fulfilling it! However, the level at which you fulfill your destiny could increase markedly, and at present you are on a path to do so. What is required, then, is the continuation of consistent focus on radiating love and acceptance to the people who encounter your sphere of influence. That’s pretty much it. Your belief is not required, although in time you will come to know deeply the import of what you do.


With destiny fulfilled

Your destiny saves lives. If it weren’t for the light you radiate, there are people who would have either ended their lives or would allow themselves simply to dwindle away and die. There are many more people like these in your future. This is not to suggest that you should carry the weight of any type of responsibility for other people’s lives, in fact the contrary! You are most effective when you simply see people as they are, however that is, without any attempt to fix or change. Because lives have been saved, and other lives have been or will be radically changed, the destinies of these people have been better able to be fulfilled. In other words, your destiny, when fulfilled, allows for more people to fulfill theirs who might not otherwise do so. This, in turn, helps support the grand destiny of the planet and of the universe.

When destiny remains unfulfilled

If you were to suddenly cease fulfillment of your destiny, people whom you’d otherwise encounter and assist into acknowledging the light of their destiny would not be reached that way. These are primarily people already existing on the “edge” of society. Just as a plant withers and dies from lack of light, these people too would likely wither and die without knowing the light of their own soul. Human, planetary, and universal destiny would still go on, but at what cost?


With destiny fulfilled

Although you yourself are not the pivot point in the wider community around you, the destiny work that you do helps ignite those whose destinies are to be those pivot points. A pivot point is a magnetizing center, the lifeblood, a fulcrum to help people energetically align with the vibration of their destiny. What you do helps people remember their inner magnificence, so that they can contribute directly to the community as a whole. Although your work is with individuals, it also affects the wider communities because you strengthen the will of those whose destiny it is to directly affect the community.

When destiny remains unfulfilled

Entire communities could collapse for want of a magnetizing center if your destiny remains unfulfilled. Without you to shine light on people who have lived most of their lives in spiritual and existential darkness, those whose destinies it is to help guide and align the wider communities will lie fallow, withering for want of light, always doubting themselves and the contribution they could have made to the world. Some people will simply let their lives go to the point where they are forced to contract a terminal illness or attract a deadly accident so as to be able to start again in a subsequent lifetime.


With destiny fulfilled

The more you radiate love and acceptance to others, the more self-healing you achieve. You receive healing and recharge when you heal and recharge others. You feel more joyful, more connected, less isolated, more present, and more alive when you are in Destiny Fulfilling Mode. The good news is, you enter thIs mode easily and naturally, like slipping into gear. The other good news is, the more you live your destiny, the better you feel about yourself, other people, and life in general. It’s sort of  a self-perpetuating thing.  The more you live your destiny, the better you feel and the more healing you receive, which means that you are better able to live your destiny.

When destiny remains unfulfilled

The days you do not engage with your destiny, well, you know what days those are! That’s when you feel isolated, worthless, vulnerable, and afraid. All of those things have an effect on the body, psyche, and soul. If you were to suddenly and permanently cease all destiny fulfillment, your body would develop strong negative symptoms, evidence of chronic disease, within a couple of years. Your body is the physical manifestation of all your thoughts, actions, hopes, dreams, and emotions, and as such is a repository for all that you have done or ever will do. Because of this, it is unlikely that you will choose, on any level, to cease destiny operations. Destiny is incredibly magnetic and pulls us strongly in the direction we made soul agreements to go in.


Humanity is destined to evolve, and this evolution takes place regardless of any individual’s participation. However, every individual has the ability to affect overall human and planetary evolution. You assist people in accessing their destinies, people who would not otherwise be likely to fulfill their destiny. Because of this, your destiny is actually instrumental in assisting humanity’s destiny. Without your ability to see light in people who have long stopped believing they harbored any light at all, these people would not contribute to the overall destiny of humanity, their gifts would be lost, and their contributions to humanity silenced.

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