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50-year-old man

Life Destiny Reading shared with permission

IDEAL DESTINY, assuming the ability to fulfill it

Your destiny is as a kind of building block. Think of yourself as one among many who are all playing a different but crucial part to an overall whole outcome. The ideal outcome that your destiny plays into is about regenerating long-lost human physical abilities. Once we humans had the potential to move and function very differently from the way most of us experience physicality in a human body — we were meant to do “superhuman” things like climb trees with the ease of monkeys, levitate, scale tall buildings, and basically have huge amounts of stamina and strength. Obviously, this is not the reality we find ourselves in now, which makes your destiny a little more challenging but also highly rewarding, since whatever gains others make because of your influence are and will be highly felt, used, and sought after.

BLOCKS to fulfilling destiny

Your primary block is your personal physical condition. It’s a negative feedback loop — the more discomfort you experience, the stronger the pathways become to experiencing further future discomfort. You are already doing many things to combat and alleviate this, but one of the biggest blocks you experience is caused by your beliefs, which in turn are influenced highly by your physical experiences and condition. But understand that you chose this experience and co-chose your destiny and chose your thought patterns, at least on a deep soul level. The more you are able to access your deep soul (or higher self, or deep mind, or however you want to label that wise inner part of yourself that is always there for you and always has answers) and establish an ongoing relationship, the more quickly and easily you will dismantle these blocks and begin to experience your physical body differently.

WHAT IS REQUIRED to fulfill destiny 

If you were to dis-create core beliefs about your inherent powerlessness, you would begin to re-pattern your brain waves and thus begin to heal your physical body enough to maintain regular energy outputs so that you could delve more deeply into the fulfillment of your destiny. In other words, change your beliefs to change your body. This is not easy, but is do-able. Again, contact with your deep soul will ease this process and in fact is essential to even begin it.


With destiny fulfilled 

The world needs what you do! There are many ways to fulfill your destiny, but they all have to do with teaching people to use and move their bodies in ways they did not realize was possible for them. This process of movement enhancement builds new neural pathways and actually allows people to access their individual destinies more easily. Imagine if everyone’s body was flexible and strong in ways they  had only dreamed about. Imagine how powerful and capable people would then feel. Imagine how excited they would be to awaken every morning to a new day, just for the pleasure of being alive and breathing and moving inside a capable, strong, flexible body.

In other words, your destiny helps unlock the destinies of others.

When destiny remains unfulfilled 

On the flip side, imagine how many people who do not presently enjoy the benefits of your destiny are unfulfilled, in pain, afraid, and rigid. That’s the state most humans are in now. Your destiny is required in order to help change it. Your destiny helps give people hope that they can navigate the world with ease and efficiency.


With destiny fulfilled 

Your work, as expressed through the lens of destiny fulfillment, is central to the shifting needs of humanity. Humans need to remember how to move their bodies, how to feel strong and powerful, how to fly. The magical people who hold the vision of a truly “superhuman” outcome for humanity are our modern-day shamans, helping to lift our vision of humanity into our destined evolution. When you fully fulfill your destiny, you will become the center of a growing, vibrant community and will inspire it to breathe new life into the ways that communities interact.

When destiny remains unfulfilled 

How do you reconcile the fact that you are destined to act as a center to your community, the “glue” that holds it together, yet this feels like the farthest thing from your capability? You feel this push-pull, this deep knowing desire to really BE the central supportive figure that you know you are here to be, and at the same time you feel a strong fear of being it, of being the person you are here to be. Your community feels this dichotomy within you and responds accordingly, by both being drawn to you and your work and repelled by it. This creates confusion and inner discord within the community, and since the energy of the discord seems (from the community’s perspective) to come from you, you have become the figure they deem responsible for this feeling of confusion and discord. Accordingly, the community swirls around you in a haze of inner confusion.


With destiny fulfilled 

Oh, you know this joy! When you are fully immersed in elements of your work, you radiate power and magnificence that is not only magnetizing and healing to others but also infuses you with life force energy, helping you feel alive, free, and powerful. These are not your everyday experiences, but the more you create them, the more you charge your body’s cells with energy and the more connected you feel to the universe. You want your life to matter. You want to feel that your past suffering has not been in vain.

When you act from a destiny-fulfilling place, you know God.

When destiny remains unfulfilled 

The longer you remain in your negative feedback loop, the more difficult it will be to unlock it and the more uncomfortable you will be. As you continue not fully fulfilling your destiny, you become more and more distanced from your deep soul and less and less connected to the world. There is a part of you that knows this, and you find it excruciatingly frightening, to the extent of immobilization.


It’s very simple. Humans were meant to live differently from the way we now live. We were meant to be strong and capable beings, living in harmony with our bodies, one another, and the planet. This is still the plan, only there has been a major tangent along the way. Your destiny is required, along with many others doing similar work but in a loosely united fashion, for humanity to resume its course with its physicality. Humanity is destined overall to resume its track toward physical prowess and “superhuman” abilities, and this will happen much more quickly when you yourself get on track to fulfill the reason you are here on this planet.


Destiny is about expected outcome. There are many ways to fulfill one’s destiny. It’s similar to the “all roads lead to Rome” concept — Rome is the destination but there are many ways to get there. This transmission on your personal destiny gives you the desired outcome, but it’s up to you to find the way you wish to take to fulfill it. Still not sure how to fulfill your destiny? Keep your eyes on the prize, as they say. Maintain focus on the outcome of your destiny, follow the guidance given on moving through any blocks to fulfilling your destiny, and remain rooted in the feeling you felt when you read the words about your destiny. All of these are your guideposts to choosing your particular path to the outcome of your destiny.

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