Calling The Wild Ones....

How To Live A Wild Goddess Life

A Wild Goddess Life is a natural, unrestrained, alive way of living as a woman.

A Wild Goddess is a woman is adored – by herself and others – because of her enthusiasm, her energy, and her unrestrained and pleasure-seeking nature.

Alive. Loving. Free. Magnificent. Unabashedly feminine.

The Nature Of A Wild Goddess.

There is a Wild Goddess in every woman. The Wild Goddess is a woman’s true nature. Her Real Self. Within each woman is the bud — perhaps still held furled tight — that is waiting to blossom into the unrivaled beauty of a Wild Goddess.

Wild Goddess Defined.

A Wild Goddess is a woman who is adored because of the beauty of how she embraces her natural aliveness with enthusiasm, energy, and an unrestrained and pleasure-seeking nature.

  • Living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.
  • Uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure.
  • A woman who is adored, especially for her beauty.
  • The state of being alive as a human being.
  • A chance to live after narrowly escaping death.

A Wild Goddess Knows Herself.

Women are naturally courageous. A Wild Goddess is unafraid to plumb her depths. She knows who she is and looks into herself with steady, welcoming eyes. A Wild Goddess constantly strives to learn, grow and evolve.

She knows her value to the greater world and seeks to increase her worth by gaining emotional skills, tools for communication, and self awareness. A Wild Goddess sees her assets and flaws — and observes both with compassion. A Wild Goddess loves who she sees in the mirror.

A Wild Goddess Knows Her Truth.

Woman’s greatest resource is her inner knowing. (Ever heard the term “women’s intuition”?) A woman possesses an innate sense of what is right and true, especially for herself.  A Wild Goddess hones this skill to a fine art. She fully trusts her inner sense of knowing.

She knows her truth — even the truths that are not pretty — and is unafraid of her truth’s essence. A Wild Goddess is unafraid of conflict, takes it head on when she needs to, and speaks what she knows.

A Wild Goddess Nurtures Her Body.

A woman’s body is her temple. A Wild Goddess cares deeply for her temple. She knows that her body is the earthly manifestation of her spiritual and emotional self. She eats fresh, whole foods. She keeps her body healthy. She rests when she needs to. She innately knows the needs of her body and attends to those needs. She seldom becomes ill. Her body easily maintains its natural weight.

A Wild Goddess feels good in her body and moves with confidence, power, and grace. She gives her body the gift of movement and maintains an regular practice or discipline. A Wild Goddess dances.

A Wild Goddess Is Sensual.

Women are natural keepers of the senses. Women — and especially Wild Goddesses — feel and sense deeply. A Wild Goddess loves clothing that feels good on her body. She loves baths or showers. She has a deep appreciation for beauty. She loves things that smell good — she inhales deeply of the heady scents of summer flowers, of bread fresh from the oven, of a newborn baby’s neck, of the rain-washed spring air.

A Wild Goddess tastes her world with passion and delight. She loves food and eats with hunger and passion, tasting her food fully and deeply and without reservation (French women are often Wild Goddesses when it comes to food). A Wild Goddess loves music and sounds that are pleasing and harmonious to her ear and she loves the deep wild rhythmic beats that move her body into dance.

A Wild Goddess Is Sexual.

A woman’s sensual world is profound, and a Wild Goddess walks deeply in her sensuality and pleasure. A Wild Goddess knows that the physical form humans take is an embodiment of a spiritual nature.

She revels in communion with herself and others through giving and receiving sexual pleasure, and recognizes the sacred nature of her sexuality. She loves men in their power. She loves women who express their Wild Goddess nature. A Wild Goddess loves sex and gives herself freely to her pleasure.

A Wild Goddess Is A Steward Of The Planet.

Woman’s heartfelt connection to the Earth and her innate wisdom ripens her deep affection and nurturing of the planet. A Wild Goddess makes mindful choices, carefully guarding the breadth of her footprint so as to tread lightly.

She reveres life of all kinds and is especially attuned to the worlds of animals and plants. A Wild Goddess feels ancient sighs in the wind and honors the timeless wisdom of trees, stones, and oceans. She honors her personal relationship to nature and the planet by devoting time nurturing the planet and herself.

A Wild Goddess Cherishes The Sacred.

Women have long been the keepers of the sacred worlds. In ancient times, women’s inextricable connection to the earth made her guardian of its secrets. A Wild Goddess reveres her sacred world.

She has a close relationship with Spirit, whatever form she believes it to take. A Wild Goddess creates sacred space and is nurtured by her relationship with the divine.

A Wild Goddess Is Alive.

A woman instinctively knows about living. Being alive. Women keep the cycles of the earth and oceans deep within their bodies. A Wild Goddess knows of her rich connection to the lands and the ancestors who once walked upon it.

Women are keepers of the mysteries. They are keepers of infinite wisdom passed down through the ages from mother to daughter. A Wild Goddess is passionate. Embodied. Adventurous. She loves life — especially her life — and loves living it fully and without reservation.

A Wild Goddess Loves.

A woman in her power naturally wear her heart close to the surface. She loves and she loves deeply. A Wild Goddess greets the loves in her life with open arms. Many a Wild Goddess practices polyamory, or loving many, as she acknowledges the breadth of her love and chooses not to limit what she believes to be limitless.

A Wild Goddess gives her whole heart. A Wild Goddess receives love easily and joyfully. A Wild Goddess embodies love as she moves through the world.

A Wild Goddess Tends Her Family.

A Wild Goddess rests and grows life within community and family. Since time began, women have naturally joined with their sisters. A Wild Goddess seeks her sisters-of-the-spirit, her tribe, her family-of-the-heart, and joins easily and naturally with her fellow sisters and brothers.

As a mother, a Wild Goddess is frequently transcendent. Her ability to love and to hold awareness and passion for life are rare gifts. A Wild Goddess may be an unconventional mother. She makes choices that support and nurture herself as well as her family. She nourishes the spiritual heart of her community and family.

A Wild Goddess Laughs. A Lot.

A Wild Goddess knows how to play. She knows what fun is. She is silly. She makes jokes. She laughs often, and from a place deep in her belly. She is frequently smiling. She carries with her an aura of joy.

A Wild Goddess is playful and flirtatious with nearly everyone. People feel loved, wanted and appreciated when they are near her. The joy of a Wild Goddess is viral.

A Wild Goddess Loves Her Work.

Woman’s nature is to combine pleasure with what occupies her time. A Wild Goddess knows herself and her pleasures. She makes life choices that support her passions and gifts, and she creates occupation that combines her loves with giving to others or to the world around her.

A Wild Goddess has the courage and the intuition to follow her heart. She knows what lights her up. She knows her value in the world. A Wild Goddess chooses to do what she loves.

A Wild Goddess Loves Life.

You have seen a Wild Goddess. Her warmth and beauty — inside and out — light a room. She feels good to be around. She inspires and champions others to harness their greatness.

A Wild Goddess is passionate about her work, her tribe, her loves, and her place in the world. Her every step, every breath, comes from what she loves. A Wild Goddess loves life and living. The world comes alive around her.

Are You a Wild One?

Look in the mirror. The seed of a Wild Goddess lives inside every woman. But today’s life can be hard. Too many woman have forgotten their true magnificent nature. I should know — I am still remembering mine.

If you don’t yet feel like a Wild Goddess, it’s okay. There is still time to open to the deep mysteries inside you. When the time is right, you’ll drink from delicious life and open to your true nature.

Taste Life. Embrace Your Wild Self.

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Look into your heart. Choose your path.  Your life is a magical voyage. Taste it. Grab what is yours. You’re a Wild One. Live your Wild Goddess Life.

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