The New Divine Feminine

Women Helped Birth Our World

Once, women were honored as strong, beautiful, creative, sensual beings.

In those ancient times, we humans were keenly attuned to the heartbeat of the planet.  Life was lived on the edge.

Our survival as a species depended on our ability to live in harmony with the world.

The feminine aspect of life was necessary for our very survival, and the sacred feminine was honored by ancient around the world as bringer of life, growth, decline, death and rebirth. Woman was life itself.

The power of women in those ancient times was undeniable — without women, we humans would not be here now.

The world changed. We grew apart from the primal rhythms native to us and we abandoned our old ways to explore human life through a masculine-centric lens of action and movement. Gifts inherent to women were lost or set aside. Gifts of the masculine — focus, action, physical strength — were revered and made central.

The balance shifted.

A New Age Of Woman

Now we have plunged into another great shift — this one even greater.

2012 marked the beginning of a 26,000 year cycle as the sun marches its way back through the signs of the zodiac.

This cycle, also called the Great Year or Axial Precession, is a gradual shift in the earth’s rotation on its axis — much like shifts in the rotation of a spinning top.

Why is this significant? Because a new cycle has begun.

The Aquarian Age. Old ways are ending.

The planet has been getting ready for this change for a long time now and things will continue to change for a long time to come, but we’ve passed humanity’s tipping point into a new age. New ways to interact. New ways to be. New ways to express.

This is the dawn of the next great Divine Feminine.

What Is The New Divine Feminine?

No woman is ordinary. We are each a unique expression of the feminine.

Each one of us, male and female, carries within our psyche both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetype energies.

From these archetypal energies come all our conscious thoughts, plans, desires, goals and agendas.

These energies intertwine and cooperate to produce a uniquely personal expression and experience of life.

The New Divine Feminine is modern woman’s way of connecting to ancient ways of being a woman.

When we embrace the energies of the New Divine Feminine, we:


  • Honor our role as nurturers and collaborators.
  • Reclaim sensual innocence
  • Explore sacred mysteries in a feminine context
  • Connect with kindred spirits who are awakening their radiant aliveness
  • Harness our creative energy
  • Release shame-based belief systems and their limitations
  • Step into courage by speaking from our hearts

How Do We Access The New Divine Feminine?

That time is changing, not to create a world of inequality, but to express balance, hope, wisdom, and the unique gifts that both men and women share with one another and with the world.

Women today tap into ancient feminine energy — making it their own — these ways:

Creation. Women are natural creators, the spark of life. By honoring this ability, women tap into the collective power of creation.

Blessing. Women easily bless others. By welcoming their role as sisters and co-creators of the future, women bless themselves and one another, encouraging ever-increasing numbers to welcome feminine energy in themselves.

Collaborate. In coming together as sisters giving blessings, women share their energy and heart.

Intuition. Every woman possesses the gift of inner knowing. When women tap into their deep trusting power, they see clearly and far.

Sensuality. Women are keepers of the sensual world. They are beauty incarnate, and appreciate the beauty in their lives.

Wisdom. Women give wise counsel when they feel safe to share their views.

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