Wild & Delicious Life Forecast

A Time Machine To Your Future

The Lowdown On Your Year To Come

Your Turbo Boost to a Powerful Year Ahead

Get Wild. It’s Delicious!


Here’s What You Get In Your Wild & Delicious Life Forecast


Your Wild & Delicious Life Forecast is a channeled, written 1500-2000 word forecast for the year ahead. Your personal forecast will contain guideposts, roadblocks, conflicts, triumphs, themes, goals, and upcoming challenges in five areas of your life — Personal, Physical, Relationships, Career, Spiritual.

Here’s your personal crystal ball to the future—discover what’s to come in the next year. Explore patterns likely to emerge, challenges ahead, and how to best take advantage of opportunities that come your way.


Along with your forecast, I email to you 5 specific practices that I’ve identified to best support your journey and set you on your best path. I personalize how to apply these practices in your life in a way that’s specific to you and what I forecast for your coming year.


Get a jump start on your upcoming year because you’ll have all the information you need to take charge of your life!

Get Guidance In These Five Life Realms


PERSONAL — Self Relating to Self

 Issues likely to unfold this year

 Patterns that will emerge and arise

 Internal conflicts

 Personal triumphs

 Practices to support increased self-knowledge

PHYSICAL — Earthly Manifestation of Self (Your Body)

 Physical condition

 Patterns of energy manifestation

 Challenges ahead

 Practices to support optimum health and vitality

RELATIONSHIPS — Self Relating to Others

 How others see you

 Upcoming relationship challenges

 Patterns that will likely emerge and arise

 Practices to support wild and delicious relationships

CAREER AND OCCUPATION — Self Manifested in the World

 Better understanding to demonstrate more of who you really are at work

 Upcoming changes this year

 How best to use your opportunities

SPIRITUAL — Self Relating to the Universe

 What your relationship is with the Universe

 Guideposts to expect along your spiritual path

 Insight into why you are here

 Personalized spiritual practices

Power of a Wild & Delicious Life Forecast


 Wish you had a crystal ball to access your future? Want confirmation that things will turn around for you soon?  Who doesn’t sometimes want the crystal ball thing? — this is the closest way I know to get it.

 I give you a vision of your future

 Do you know there are changes ahead for you, but you don’t know what they are?  Want better understanding of your future options in life? 

I give you juicy ripe possibilities to pluck, and strong potentials of situations and experiences for your upcoming year 

 Feel out of balance in one or more areas of your life? Want greater clarity in your life? Crave understanding of your relationships? Dream of a better life, but don’t know if it’s possible? 

I give you greater clarity and understanding of YOU!


What A Wild & Delicious Life Forecast Is Not

  • An absolute prediction of everything that will happen to you this year
  • Telling you what to do or how to live your life
  • An unshakable forecast that you can do nothing to change

Great! I’m In! What’s Next? 


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You always appear in my life even before any crossroads or decision-points come up. And because of how magically our paths cross, such ‘crossroads’ don’t come along.
Thanks, Talyaa, you’re my magic Tink (I tink I saw a puddytat kind of ting) who can ring my bell!

Radhika H.

Software Developer

I am so grateful for the beauty in which you brought your gifts to my life.

From the days of walking around my corporate building while listening to Polaris drop some wisdom (‘member that?  like three years ago!) to now. This amazingly deep now.

Thank you for everything.

Tiffany Josephs

Women's Life Mentor

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