Solara’s State of the Planet – September 2018

You Make Me Feel Brand New

You Make Me Feel Brand New — Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for September 2018

You’ve probably already felt the deep undercurrent of excitement buzzing just beneath the surface of the planet, haven’t you? It affects every human interaction. It affects every thought, every hope, every desire. Yes, we are on the cusp of great change, change so great that it is as if the world were turning itself inside out.

Remember the phrase, “today is the first day of the rest of your life”? That phrase was designed to help people think about their actions in terms of future results, while also giving them space to forgive their past inactions. You can always start over. Start today and it’s like you’re starting for the first time.

This month’s energy is similar to the intention of that phrase, as we are indeed “starting over” in a metaphorical and energetic sense.

You will notice this as you gaze around you with the eyes of a child, discovering the world for the first time. Remember when everything felt new? When you were deep in the throes of discovery, learning what the sky was, and why rocks fall to the ground when you drop them, and the softness of a cat’s fur.

That is the energy September brings — everything is brand new, especially You.

Oh yes, the energy of newness comes not from a shift in the world but a shift in each individual. To accomplish this, every person was given just the slightest vibrational upgrade. Your boost in baseline vibration will have multiple effects:

  • quicker healing of physical ills
  • sense of time slowing down
  • heightened senses
  • increased number of intuitive leaps
  • sense that you’re “starting over”
  • disillusionment with the slowness of the world around you “catching up” with your leaps
  • increased pleasure from sensory awareness

For people who are already extraordinarily energetically sensitive, this vibration boost could also:

  • cause sensory overload
  • require time away from people and noise
  • cause frustration around others who don’t seem to “get it”
  • exacerbate mental health issues that are in treatment using medical approaches
  • cause a deep sense of sadness

How To Maximize September’s Energies

To best take advantage of this months’s amazing vibrational upgrade, it’s important to first clear your house. This means not only your physical dwelling but also the attic of the mind — the place where your thoughts and beliefs live.

Outer Space — to clear your dwelling space

  1. Open all your windows and let fresh air in
  2. Smudge with sage or sweetgrass
  3. Let peaceful music drift through all the rooms of your home

Inner Space — to clear the attic of your mind

  1. Imagine you are about to receive a wondrous gift — what keeps you from fully receiving that gift? Write this down as a single word.
  2. Imagine you have a wondrous gift to give to the world — what keeps you from giving this gift? Write this down as a single word.
  3. Add the words you wrote for #1 and #2 together, in any order, to make a phrase. This is your new mantra.
  4. Look up at the sky and repeat your mantra in your mind. The first thought that arises are your instructions for clearing your attic of the mind.

Once you have cleared your inner and outer spaces, you will be able to better enjoy the vibrational upgrade of September’s energies.


On an individual basis, this energy vibration upgrade will serve to skyrocket your wildest dreams into fruition. Use the energies of the month to plug into the thing that you want most in your life, and to be sure that any and all obstacles to getting that thing are cleared away. Use the vibration upgrade also to help you clear away those obstacles, or to show them to you if you do not yet know their nature.

You may experience some wide swings this month as you navigate the border between What Was and What Is To Come. Vibrational upgrades of this month’s magnitude are relatively rare (the average person experiences a maximum of 2-3 vibrational upgrades in a lifetime), so it’s understandable that you need time to integrate this huge change. Give yourself permission to feel some ups and downs this month — after all, you’ve just experienced a huge upgrade in vibration and it’s natural to need some time to work out the kinks.

If you are prone to disconnecting from what you think of as reality from time to time, be aware that what you experience as “reality” is also getting a huge upgrade this month. This reality upgrade may take many forms, and no two people will experienced exactly the same changes. Keep in mind that “reality” is subjective and your reality, however you define it, will undergo some perhaps quite noticeable shifts this month.

To track this month’s changes on a personal level, journal your experiences. A record of your month will prove invaluable in the future and will also serve to help you remember from whence you came.


Many relationships will be “on hold” this month while the individual members of the relationships process their vibrational upgrade. For September, most relationships will feel wonderfully easy and peaceful. You will need a refuge from the storm that may be taking place inside you as you process your vibrational upgrade, and relationships are a wonderful vehicle for providing a sense of stability. This concept extends to all manner of relationships: couples, families, parents and children, coworkers.

Some familial relationships will bear the brunt of perceived family member change. Families of origin are notoriously fraught, and when several members undergo similar stresses from such a huge vibrational shift, conflicts are inevitable. If you believe that your family is susceptible to this kind if conflict, steer clear for the month while you give yourself time to integrate the changes you’ve experienced on a personal basis.


Many communities will utilize the vibrational shift of their members to upgrade the community as a whole. Every community establishes and works toward fulfilling a communal purpose, usually only on an informal basis. Each communal purpose receives a huge upgrade as well this month. For some types of communities, this will cause conflict while certain individuals attempt to use the vibrational upgrade as a means of asserting power or dominion over the group.

Most people are members of multiple communities: workplaces, churches, social groups, online groups. Not every community is susceptible to internal conflict of this type. Likely you can find refuge in one of your communities even if you notice conflict brewing in another. Do not attempt to engage with the conflicting individual, as their reality perception is likely shifting too quickly for their comfort, and the only means they have of finding stability is to assert control over a group. Use your compassionate heart and realize that everyone engages in struggles of one kind or another. After all, you are a member of your communities in order to contribute to them and to the individuals within them.


This month may knock your socks off. As you may imagine, the area when you’ll experience the biggest impact this month is in your spirituality. Not only do you receive a significant vibrational upgrade this month, but you’ll also experience shifts in the way you perceive reality!

This is an exciting month to be alive as a human. These types of changes occur very rarely in a human lifetime, and to experience BOTH a vibrational upgrade AND a shift in how one perceives reality is almost unheard of.

Your spirituality may be impacted in many ways by the changes occurring this month. Some of them include:

  • Completely shifting your spiritual beliefs
  • Believing in things you previously thought were impossible or unreasonable (i.e. alien communication, faeries, ghosts, teleportation, ascension, reincarnation)
  • Feeling disillusioned by your previous beliefs
  • Enhanced communication with spirit guides and other unseen beings
  • Ability to “hear” animals talking
  • Know people’s thoughts before they tell you
  • Sense of time slowing or speeding up
  • Sense that “solid” matter is not solid

Be aware that many of the perceptual changes that could occur for you this month are things that are typically considered “crazy”, or certainly unorthodox, in today’s modern society. If you do experience any of these types of phenomena, and it worries you or you wish validation of your experience as “real”, consult with a reputable channel or shamanic healer. Let yourself be guided to the “right” person to assist you. Give yourself time to integrate any new experiences. Keep them to yourself for awhile, and do not share with just anyone until you are certain that you feel sufficiently integrated with the experience.


Some of the people most affected by this month’s vibrational and perceptual changes are those who make laws and enforce them around the world. Today’s political climate is circus-like a-plenty, and this month’s shifts will lead many political figures to exponentially increase their shenanigans, simply because they are extremely frightened and doubling down on strong political action is the only way (besides beating wives) they can think of to find some respite and a modicum of control.

Unfortunately, this may result in the passing of draconian laws, secret passing of executive orders, and business interests being catered to on an even bigger level than ever before. The shenanigans of the past few years pale in comparison to what still remains yet to emerge into the light.

Globally, you are in  the midst of a huge transition that becomes evident through political activity. The “rise” of the far right is simply a symptom of people’s vast dissatisfaction on an individual level, coupled with the belief that to harmonize and join with others to make everyone’s life better is a sign of weakness. Soon individuals will begin to understand that unless they work to ensure that everyone eats, everyone will starve. Until that time comes, people will continue to believe that they must look out for themselves and only themselves rather than trusting that their efforts toward the good of all will result in benefits on a individuals basis as well.

This month’s vibrational upgrade will serve to help distinguish the individuals who are beginning to align with humanity’s future — the inevitability of unity and harmony.

Global Nature

This month’s vibrational upgrade will cause several levels of upheaval on a planetary basis. Expect multiple earthquakes, volcanic activity, and extreme weather patterns such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Every month seems to bring additional extreme planetary activity, and this month is no exception. These patterns will continue to build for several more years. It will take time for energetic changes that began earlier this century to manifest as physical-plane disruptions. Humanity is undergoing a huge energetic shift as well, in concert with Gaia’s shifts, which creates additional pressure on the energy body that is the entirety of Earth.

On a positive note, several new species are likely to be discovered this month. This will help balance the number of species that are choosing to exit the planet forever. Remember that nothing ever stays the same. You would not wish to live in a world of stasis, because then there would never be growth or evolution of any kind, Your world was meant to be in a constant state of growth and evolution, and as an integral part of your world, you must grow as well.

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