Solara’s State of the Planet – March 2019

Course Corrections

Course Corrections: Solara’s State of the Planet for March 2018

You probably felt it — a discernible WOMP at the tail end of February that felt like something huge settling into place. Did it shake you up a bit? Did it make you feel scared or sad or maybe just like things are not right, not right at all? 

If you felt this, rest assured you are not alone! This was only a course correction — one of many likely to occur this year.

Course corrections are necessary when we know basically where we are heading but along the way we discover that the trajectory is just a little off. Airplane pilots know this concept well. Say, for example, that a pilot leaves New York headed for Paris (if you like, imagine that you are on this plane headed for fresh croissants and the Eiffel Tower!), but encounters a storm. Planes like to fly around storms and not through them, so guess what happens? The plane ends up away from its original flight path and must make a course correction, otherwise it will end up in Norway and not France. And while Norway is very nice, it is not France! All the passengers will be demanding fresh croissants and views of the Tour Eiffel, and then what?

In life, you make many course corrections. You probably do this without even noticing it much. You didn’t get into that Ivy League college, but you went to a fantastic liberal arts school instead and there you wer inspired by a wonderful professor who encouraged you to switch majors from accounting to writing, and now you are a successful novelist. Or, that woman at the gym turned you down for a date so instead you went to that charming little local movie theater, where you flirted with the ticket seller, who is now the mother of your two wonderful children. Or, you couldn’t figure out how to change the oil in your new car so you bravely knocked on your neighbor-across-the street’s door and it turned out he is TOTALLY into Save Ferris, the same obscure ska band you listened to in high school, and now you have a buddy to go to ska clubs with. 


Course corrections are necessary and normal.

They just don’t feel good at the time.

Hang On, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Night

The reason this month’s course correction felt so … jolty … was because it was a HUGE correction. Remember last month, all rainbows and unicorns of the breakthrough we were all waiting for for so long? Well, part of you was really invested in that breakthrough. You wanted it with every fiber of your being. You wanted it so badly you could taste it. And now it sort of feels like we are heading back the other way.

The wrong direction.

But that is not happening. We are only heading in a slightly-different direction in order to correct the course so as to get to where we are ultimately headed. But because you were so heavily connected to the direction were were going, any little correction will feel like a big jolt. There was momentum going in the direction were were going. And physics tells us that the energy of that momentum keeps going in that direction until enough force is applied in a different direction.

Welcome to the jolt.

Hold On Tight To Your Teddy Bear

Rest inside the Little You, the child inside you who just wants to be safe and warm and held. This Little You is wise and knows how to re-center and re-balance. Spend some time just sitting, remembering what it felt like to be little and cared for. Then give that same level of cared-for-ness to yourself, to your own heart. Because it is your heart that wants reassurance this month. It is your heart that needs to know it is safe.


Depending on how you process and interpret this month’s energies of course corrections, you may be in for a bumpy time or you may not notice much of anything at all. But in general, those of you who tend toward the tender and empathic side will feel this keenly. So clutch your teddy bears close, darlings, and remember that you are not alone in this feeling of unsettledness and upheaval. The dust will settle soon and then you can get yourself back out into the sunlight to play.


Relationships take a big bump this month. When two people are BOTH feeling unsettled and in need of some good old-fashioned heart’s ease, then it can be difficult — who comforts whom? Remember that you are not alone in your feelings this month. Take refuge in knowing that, and expand your heart-easing to your loved ones. 

Keeping in mind the fact that those whom you love are also feeling the bump of a course correction this month will help you keep little conflicts and disruptions in perspective. Remember the bigger picture — you love one another! — and settle in for the long haul. You are bigger than this month’s course corrections. Your relationship can sustain these corrections and will be the stronger and better for them.


Many of the communities that you are a part of will undergo drastic changes beginning this month. But do not despair! There is a bigger picture here that you may not yet be able to see. Grieve the loss of the community as you had experienced it and envisioned for the future, and open yourself to what is unfolding. The more quickly you can accept the changes that emerge this month, the more quickly you will feel at home again in your communities. 


This month, everyone gets an upgrade in spiritual vibration! This monthly course correction feels so profound because it IS profound, especially in the spiritual arena. If you notice yourself going deeper in meditation, or connecting more quickly or strongly to your spirit guides, or more easily sensing the sacred within all things, or feeling more at one with the universe, it is a sign that you have become aware of your vibrational upgrade.

Practice cultivating awareness of your vibrational upgrade by noticing what things have changed for you this month. Keep a journal of these changes, and/or talk them over with close friends, loved ones, or community members. 

Many of you will wish to establish a group based on your discoveries from your vibrational upgrade. These groups will help spread awareness and understanding all over the world, of the changes we are all now undergoing. These groups will become especially important and foundational as the next few years proceed, so if you feel called to initiate such a group, know that you are doing so in sacred contract with the rest of humanity.


The political arena has long been a representation of the underlying energies that pulse around the globe. This month is no different, and whoa have we got some astonishing course corrections in the political world this month!

Many of you have been following the shenanigans happening in the USA and the United Kingdom. Expect significant revelations this month that will serve to shake up those countries’ relationships to the rest of the world. These are two huge political powers that are in their sunset years. This month will show you how their power continues to wane as the balance of power shifts over to be assumed more equally by the European Union and several Asian countries (China, India, South Korea).

Elsewhere, power shifts serve to display the world’s overall move towards more egalitarian rule. Obviously there are many hiccups along the way — so much resistance by the “old guard!” — but overall, things are slowly shifting globally towards democratic self-governance. 

Global Nature

Nature is where the underlying energies emanate from — anything that you experience on a human level first starts with nature. Because of this, this month’s course corrections will manifest in nature as a series of wild storms and potential earthquake/tsunami action. The epicenter of this energetic upheaval is in the southwest Pacific Ocean, which affects areas on the west coast of South, Central and possibly also North America, as well as islands located in and around the epicenter area (Hawaii, Tahiti).

Other notable weather events could occur in Eastern and Southwestern Europe (heavy rains and flooding), as well as widespread crop failures in  India and Bangladesh plus wildfires across parts of Australia.

New species are dying out rapidly, and as sad and grievous as this is, keep in kind that this rapid change is part of the overall vibrational shifts that are occurring all over the planet. In order to experience rapid growth on a human level it is necessary to shift vibrationally across the globe in all areas of life, which includes the rapid shifting of species. In the not-too-distant future, you will find that many new species are discovered — perhaps not in numbers that balance out what is lost, but energetically, nature always strives for balance and within several years that balance will largely be achieved.

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