Solara’s Annual State of the Planet Energy Forecast for April 2019

Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery: Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for April 2019

Undoubtably you are exhausted from the recent and rapid changes, so you are in luck this month — everybody gets a month of rest and recovery!

This R & R is brought to you by the influx of new energies coupled with the recent vibrational upgrade. Remember how that felt? Not only did everything feel fresh and new, it also felt almost unbearably weird and foreign. That is totally to be expected with such a large and fast vibrational upgrade, because typically such a shift occurs over a lengthier period of time and you experience changes only incrementally, giving you time to adjust before new changes occur.

Your month of rest and recovery may to always feel like rest and recovery. This is rest and recovery on a vibrational level, which to you means a respite from the recent onslaught of changes and shifts. What this does is give you the necessary space (and time) to acclimate to the changes that have been occurring. You get time to adjust to the new normal before the heavy wheels of charge begin to roll again.

During this time, you may feel understandably strange. You have become accustomed to constant change, and now the change is lifted, so what do you do with yourself? How do you reconcile with this shift into no-movement?

Some people will respond by attempting to create movement of their own. This looks like drama, drama, drama! Try to not be one of those people and to avoid them if they are in your life. Instead, revel in Nature. Get dirty. Sleep outdoors under the stars. Hug some trees. Sit by a stream and listen to its music. Plant a garden. Save a snail from being stepped on. Remember that you are an integral part of the planet’s workings that are constantly whirring around you. Feel how connected you are to everything else alive in this world. Do this whenever you feel out of step with the rest of the world — honoring your connection to the world brings you back into step with it.


For most of you, this month is going to feel like a mini-vacation. Maybe more of a staycation, because the month’s Rest & Recovery energy manifests on a personal level as a lifting of the constant pressure caused by rapid vibrational changes.

What does this mean to you? Well, think of it this way — imagine that for months you’ve been hearing the song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in your head. At first, you were annoyed by the repetitive song. You noticed it all the time, morning, noon, and night. You caught yourself humming its tune when you were brushing your teeth or waiting in the elevator. But after a while you got used to it. It became part of your normal existence. You tuned it out and it no longer took up your attention.

So, what happens when “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” goes away? You feel an emptiness. A space where there used to be a presence.

That’s what this month brings to you — a cessation of the constant “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (in this case, pressure caused by rapid vibrational changes) that has been in the back of your awareness for months now.

You may not notice a thing. Or, you may feel like you need to DO something to make up for the sudden disappearance of the presence that you had become accustomed to. But your best course of action is to DO NOTHING. Do nothing as much as possible. Do your best to simply BE.


Many of your relationships are going to fall apart this month. Oh, it’s not like you were surprised — you knew the cracks were there and you tried to cover them up. So this month’s energies are actually doing you a favor. They expose what lies underneath, so you are forced to stop pretending your relationship is something that it is not.

Of course this many be painful for everyone concerned. But ultimately, you will feel better. It’s like ripping off a Band-aid. So, as most you can, let this happen. You already know the outcome and you were trying to delay it by re-sticking an un-stuck Band-aid back on. You know this never works. It will never hold.

Salve your wounded heart by being in Nature as much as you can. Even if this is nurturing a succulent in a little pot on your desk. Use your connection to what is real — the ever-present nurturing qualities of Nature — to soothe your weary heart.

Remember, too, that all things change. Nothing ever stays the same. This month’s energies show you this concept and support you to ride with the changes that occur when you simply unplug and rest.


Because communities are essentially relationships on a larger scale, be aware that a similar dynamic will occur this month with communities as does in relationships — whatever hasn’t been working will be exposed so everyone concerned can work to either fix it or release it from their lives.

So if you are involved in a group that has been squabbling over little stuff (who brings the napkins to your monthly women’s group brunch, or who is responsible for handling paying for everyone’s parking at your weekly softball game), this is the time when the group either falls apart or you decide it just insult worth your time and energy any more.

Think of this month’s energy as a spring (or fall, for the Southern Hemisphere) clean-up. If your communities don’t spark joy, then KonMari that stuff right out of your life after you thank it for what it taught you. You have better things to do, and it is time you got the time, energy, and attention particles to do them.


Many of you will be re-connecting to the world of Nature this month as you rest & recover. and heal from the upheaval the past several months have brought. This connection brings new awarenesses and insights, and allows you to craft an altered perception of the world and your place in it. Make no mistake — the healing power of Nature is vast! Through it, you will have what you need in order to foster a new relationship to your spirituality.

When you realize that you needn’t go anywhere nor doo anything in order to access your spirituality — and that all you need to do is BE WHERE YOU ARE — then you instantly expand your awareness to All That Is. You don’t have to go “outward” to be spiritual. You simply must allow what is spiritual (hint: it’s everything) inward into you. Being in Nature and appreciating the beauty that is all around you allows you to do just that, and it is this mo this energy that supports this new way of interfacing with the spiritual world.


The circus onslaught of weirdness continues on this month, but now because of the energies of Rest & Recovery you finally get enough space to see the circus for what it truly is. This is a powerful first step toward actually halting this train of weirdness and heading in a different direction. 

The first step in seeing the circus for what it is and halting the train it is on is to see the emperor without his clothes. This means that the masks must come off. What has been behind the scenes must be exposed.

In order for the long-held secrets and lies to be exposed, the secret-keepers and liars must first feel safe enough to allow their unmasking. They must come to see their confessions as supporting a desired greater good that they can only support through coming clean. People who keep political secrets and cover up wrongful actions know they are doing wrong. They don’t want to be caught. So by outing themselves, they control the narrative.

All of this begins to change this month. By month’s end, you will likely begin to note changes in how the circus is presented in the media, no mater what “side” you align with. You may even see legal challenges to otherwise unchallenged heinous political acts. Keep looking for changes along these lines as the months progress, a long-term result of this month’s energies.

Global Nature

To Gaia, rest and recovery meanings more rumblings under the surface. However, an increase in below-surface rumblings results this month  in fewer storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the like. You may still notice extreme weather patterns, but those will be with you for many years to come, as you are amid a long-term weather model that delivers higher highs, lower lows, and increased numbers of droughts and floods.

Nature likes all the appreciation you will be heaping on to her through your forays into the natural world in other to soothe your soul and heart. In response, Gaia brings you an enhanced sense of calm and ease every time you send her some appreciation and love. What goes around, comes around.

Enjoy your month of rest and recovery, and make the most of it! Delve deeply into your soul and allow yourself to bask in the glory of your oneness with All That Is.


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