Solara’s State of the Planet – February 2019


Breakthroughs: Solara’s State of the Planet Forecast for February 2019

This is it! This is the month when you finally will see what you will think of as real progress. For months now, change has been occurring, but it’s been on a deep level far underneath the ordinary workings of life. This has been frustrating to many of you, because when you can’t visibly see change or feel it on a tangible basis, it’s easy to forget that it is actually happening. It’s easy to become disillusioned. It’s easy to lose faith that the world is actually a good place and that you live amongst good people.

This month, everything changes. You will experience real breakthroughs, not only on a global energetic level but also trickling down into your personal life, your relationships, and your spiritual life. Breakthroughs are happening on every level this month, which translates into a very exciting time to be present on the planet. You have waited for this time, hoping it would happen. Now, it finally truly begins.

But wait! There is more to a breakthrough than just the “good stuff”. There are also consequences to consider — the natural aftereffects of any great change or set of changes are themselves quite monumental! This month we will explore not only the positive results of these many manifestations of breakthrough energy, but also the effects of those results.

Think of it this way. Imagine that you come home one day with a large new dog. You are excited about this dog and all of the wonderful times you expect to have with this dog — playing, cuddling, companionship. But perhaps what you don’t think about until later are the other ramifications of having a dog — time spent feeding it, taking it for walks, extra money for dog food and veterinary bills, dog hair all over the couch… you get the idea. For every energetic action (in this case, bringing home a large dog), there are multiple reactions (dog hair and midnight walks).

It is the same way with this month’s breakthrough energy, which will continue in some fashion for the next several years. Even though you will certainly observe many effects that you deem positive, there will almost certainly also be multiple other effects that you might deem negative. The trick, then, is to remember that the overall effects of this breakthrough energy are largely positive, and to do your best to personally improve the world that you touch in every way that you can. You do this by showing kindness and compassion, by holding strong to boundaries, by striving to be a better person, and by living in a way that makes space for the light within all things.


Everyone will experience the same amount of breakthrough energy this month. It is what you do with it that will make the difference. Many of you already feel ripe for change and have been awaiting just this opportunity to finally move through your challenges and on into the next phase of your lives. If this is you, then you are pretty well set! You already know what to do with this month’s shift, and you can simply run with it.

Others of you, however, only feel a vague sense of wanting life to be different. So things will not truly break through for you unless and until you determine what it is that you want. A restaurant will likely not bring you a delicious meal of boeuf bourguignon, artichokes, and chocolate mousse unless you actually place an order for those specific dishes. Otherwise you might end up with a bowl of chili and a dozen hotdogs, though while delicious are not what you really wanted.

The universe cannot help you get what you want unless you know what it is. How do you determine what it is you want? Start with what you don’t want, if that helps you narrow things down. And then go for the guts — whatever really knocks you in the gut, or heart, as if you realize that you cannot breathe without it, is what you want. Ask for that. You deserve it. Now is the time to go for what you want, to take advantage of the month’s strong breakthrough energies. 

Beware being too enthusiastic about making many changes immediately — realize that you are in this for the long game, and that you don’t have to do everything on your wish list right away in order to proactively and effectively take advantage of this month’s breakthrough energies.


Relationships of all kinds — lovers, family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances — all have the opportunity to make breakthroughs this month. But just as with you personally, if you do not know what it is that you want with your relationships, the universes will have a hard time helping you break through until you determine what it is that you want.

Don’t just say “I want my relationship to be better.” Better how? In what ways? The more specific you are, the more specific and accurate you results will be. Perhaps what you really want is more sex, or more emotionally connected sex. Or you want your partner to express their emotions more often, or to improve how they fulfill your relationship agreements. Maybe YOU are the one who needs to make some changes in relationships — maybe you want to feel more courageous in expressing your desires and wants, or you wish to be more adventurous. 

Feel in to the current state of your relationships, and compare it to your ideals for that relationship. If there is any discrepancy, then you know the areas that could use some help. Make those your focus this month as you ride the waves of breakthrough energy to create the best relationships possible for you.

Realize that everyone you are in relationship with also is making similar assessments and is making similar wish lists of how they want your relationship to evolve. You are on both the initiating end and the receiving end. As such, be compassionate in your expression of the changes you desire. The more compassionate you can be, the more compassion you will receive back.


Communities are really just relationships comprising many people. This month, breakthrough energies affect communities in similar ways to relationships — the energies provide the means to crate the types of changes that you want to see happen.

Think carefully about your communities this month. Remember, too, that “community” can mean workplace groups, schools, religious organizations, large groups of friends, or even extended families. Extend your awareness of your ideal community to each one that you’re a part of, and use this month’s breakthrough energy to focus on the shifts that you feel are most important.


This is a great month to expand your spiritual connection to whatever-it-is that you believe is “out there” or “in there”. In fact, many of you will have lasting spiritual breakthroughs as a result o this month’s energy waves. Realize that you do not have to have a mind-blowing enlightenment experience in order to create lasting spiritual connection for yourself. In fact, most people experience only quiet moments of utter thankfulness, bliss, or a sense of oneness, and this is enough to fuel them for months or even years of spiritual exploration.


This is an arena that will see a LOT of movement this month and in the months to follow. Many of you have been eagerly awaiting real movement politically, as you have suffered through now dozens of months of increasingly bleak political news. Expect several shocking developments this month, that will result in actual change and not just increasing anger and frustration. These developments will likely occur in the political realms of the USA, England and France, Venezuela and Argentina, and Lebanon, as well as lesser advancements in India, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, and Peru.

Global Nature

Gaia is set to undergo many severe shifts this month as a result of the breakthrough energies. Because Gaia is the personification of the consciousness of the planet Earth, she feels every wave of energy that revolves around the planet. This manifests as strong weather patterns as well as earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.

This month you may witness extreme weather (heat) in Australia as well as resultant wildfires, plus extreme cold in the upper parts of North America including the upper midwest of the USA and much of Canada, and extreme cold across much of western and eastern Europe, Russia and China. Expect potential torrential downpours across southern Europe which could result in major flooding. You may also see earthquake activity in Japan, Alaska, or Chile.

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