Solara’s State of the Planet – December 2018

Rocky Road

Rocky Road: Solara’s State of the Planet, December 2018

Most of you, looking back over the year, would agree that it’s been a pretty tough year on a global level. Extreme weather patterns, disruptive economic crises, and disturbing political trends have all become part of the “new normal”, it seems. It isn’t just countries, continents, and cities that have suffered — these issues have stricken the lives of billions of people all over the world. 

It’s been a difficult year. Part of what has made it difficult is that it is no longer possible to pretend that today’s ugliness and unkindness does not exist. This ugliness has always been there, often lying hidden just under the surface, but now it is unavoidable. It is real, in your neighborhood, and in your face. This, then, is the true test of being alive now in a human body — how do you respond when you discover that the world is not as you wish it to be?

How People Respond To This Month’s Rocky Road Energy

Some people respond to the type of energy presented this month by pretending that the world is better than it is. They hide their face from the truth and try to go on about their life as if nothing is wrong. These people contribute to the problems by resisting the problems’ existence. What is resisted grows stronger.

Some people respond to this type of energy by assuming they now have a pass for the bad behavior they’ve always wanted to engage in but were afraid to. These people contribute to the problems by adding to the energy that already existed and increasing its effect upon the world. What is added to grows stronger.

Some people respond to this type of energy by assessing the situation and applying their skills to creating solutions. This does not mean that only action-oriented people can help fix the problems that now exist, but it does mean that the only way to fix what is broken is to accept the brokenness in the first place. Resisting it by pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t work and only makes things worse. Contributing to it also doesn’t work. You must start from where you are, not where you wish you were.

This Month Is A Rocky Road

During this month, many of you will realize just how things truly stand. This might make you feel angry. It might make you feel sad. It might make you feel afraid. Or some combination of all of these. You may wish to “sweep it all under the rug” and not feel these feelings. Try hard to resist that desire! The more you feel these feelings — which are actually your anguish over the state of humanity and the plight of your human brothers and sisters — the more fully you can drop into the energy of the times.

Energetically, this month will therefore pose a “rocky road” for many of you. Those of you on the path to contributing to humanity’s evolution by positive influence will feel the most bumps in your path this month. Sorry about that. 

It’s a month of celebration and fellowship across many cultures and in many parts of the world. You want to celebrate, yet you know deep in your heart that troubling times are at hand. Therefore, celebrations may be muted, dimmed, even postponed, while solemnity prevails. After all, the wellbeing of the future of humanity is at stake.


Depending on the way you respond to the energies of a global rocky road, you could have quite a powerful and uplifting month, or you could feel weighed down by the emerging ills and ugliness around you. 

Those of you who feel empowered and uplifted need little assistance to continue this feeling — but it is you who could assist others around you who feel too deeply the pain of those around the world who bear the brunt of the world’s adversity. Remaining inspired through adversity is a superpower. Take an opportunity to tap into the energy of love and fellowship that typically abounds in this season and expand it through your heart center outward toward other people. This is a powerful process that can have long-lasting and nearly instantaneous results.

Those of you who feel the combined weight of so much ugliness that emerges need only believe that a light of hope glimmers for the future. While it may be difficult to believe while so weighed down, YOU are the light, and YOU are the hope that others around you depend upon. Feeling so deeply is a superpower, not a detriment. Use your deep-feelings to breathe for the world, knowing that as you physically breathe, you help transmute the pains of the world by moving them through your physical body. This is a powerful ability that assists humanity with its evolution.


Relationships this month take a huge turn for the better as people connect and realize that they live better lives with the people they love. The rocky road energy this month brings people closer together, not farther apart, with an air of “we are all in this thing together”. 

Relish this energy in your relationships and use it to your advantage to work through sticky issues and create deeper levels of understanding with your loved ones and families. Long-held resentments melt away this month, or at least go from their usual rolling boil to a slow simmer. Make this closeness last by showing the people in your life how much they mean to you — use concepts such as the Five Love Languages to communicate your appreciation and love for the people whose presence in your world you value the most.

Be sure as well to accept the love that is shown you and presented to you by your loved ones. Many of you have trouble accepting love, so this part could pose some challenges. Remember that the people in your life chose you — and you are worth being chosen.


Communities also benefit this month from a fresh outlook, a boost from the togetherness spirit that prevails throughout the month. Many of you enjoy using your time, energy, and money to contribute to the communities in your area. This month, the benefits grow even more than usual, aided as they are by the “we are all in this thing together” energy of the month.

Concurrent adverse experiences such as this month’s rocky road energies create lasting bonds between people that forever change the nature of the connections between them. This concept is illustrated most dramatically as people who are in war together, often called the bond of “brothers-in-arms”. 


Spiritually, many of you will feel abandoned by your faith this month. You may feel alone in a way that you do not remember ever feeling before. This is from the upswell of energy now being unleashed that shows you more of the truth of humanity’s present state. The more you connect to this month’s rocky road energy, the farther you may feel from your spiritual connections.

This can actually be, believe it or not, a positive step in your spiritual growth. While this month plays a bleak tune spiritually, what is on your horizon is a far richer spiritual experience and connection to the Divine as you know it to be than you have thus far imagined possible.

So hang tight. Lean on your human brothers and sisters for support. Remember that you are all in this thing together. You have all of humanity as a chorus of voices all singing the same silent song. Together, you can never be alone.


Unfortunately, this month brings even more upheaval and crisis on a political level. In this arena, things appear worse before they get better. But rest assured that as bad as things look on a surface level, it means that energy is emerging in order for people like yourself to take actions to ensure that the energy does not take hold fully. Energies such as you experience now are what spawns great social and political change.

Again, hold on. Delight in the small things. Connect with people that you care about, and make a difference to your friends and neighbors. Even a smile can brighten a person’s world considerably and change the course of their day.

Global Nature

Nature has had a busy year, responding to the swelling energies with increasing amounts of force. This month, you can expect similar natural events to continue — heavy storms, wildfires, earthquake. Specifically, expect unusually high temperatures in Australia to spawn wildfires and other extreme heat-related effects. The possibility of a significant earthquake in the Pacific Ring of Fire, most likely in Chile, Mexico, or Japan, is fairly high. Expect unusually high snowfall in the United States northeast, and heavy rains and flooding across western and central Europe. 

Animal and plant life is all connected to Source energy at all times, and as such does not respond with fear or upset to energetic shifts such as this month’s rocky road. For these beings, life generally goes on as usual. However, human companion animals are attuned to human emotions and energy patterns, and therefore do feel energetic changes. Expect your dogs, cats, and other mammalian companions to be under tension this month and to act accordingly. Give them the same loving regard that you do to a fellow human who is scared and fearing the unknown.

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