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Have you met your Twin Flame? Will you meet your Twin Flame in this lifetime? Are you already in a Twin Flame relationship? What is the purpose of your Twin Flame relationship? Is this person truly your Twin Flame, or are they a False Twin, Soulmate, or part of your Soul Family? How can you tell the difference?

Get insight and details on the most important relationship of your life. Receive channeled practices to clear blocks and action steps you can you take right now to begin to attract your Twin Flame to you.

60 minute private channeled session via phone, Zoom, or Skype.

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How Long Have You Yearned To Meet Your Twin Flame?

Our Twin Flame is like the other side of our coin, the yin to our yang, our mirror image. The purpose of the Twin Flame relationship is to accelerate our soul growth and evolution by revealing to us the issues and wounds that most need healing. Through a Twin Flame relationship we can align with our Destiny and the essence of our true selves to become the best we can be.

This Is The Reading You Need If You:
  • In a relationship with your Twin Flame and you're afraid it will end
  • In a relationship with your Twin Flame and the wounds and issues that come up for you are painful and you need support
  • Met your Twin Flame but they left you
  • Yearn to finally meet your Twin Flame
  • Want to know what your Soul Agreements are with your Twin Flame
  • Keep dreaming about who you think is your Twin Flame and you want to know what it means
7 Signs You Are Ready To Meet Your Twin Flame NOW
  • You experience frequent synchronicities, especially 11:11, 2:22, and 4:44
  • Your dreams have become extremely vivid, as if you are living an entire other life in your dreams
  • You often burst out laughing simply from sheer joy
  • You feel SO CLOSE to making a HUGE shift in your life but you know there’s a part missing
  • You recently closed a significant chapter in your life
  • You feel so much love for the world sometimes that you don’t know how to contain it
  • That familiar presence that’s been with you your whole life feels closer to you than ever
10 Signs You Are Already In A Twin Flame Relationship
  • Know you have a shared purpose or destiny
  • Feel like you have always known this person
  • Your issues and wounds emerge for healing
  • Your connection is extremely deep and intense
  • You seem to read one another’s thoughts
  • You feel complete and whole whenever you are near one another
  • “Magical” things happen in your life that you can’t explain
  • You can’t imagine ever not loving them
  • Know that all your life choices up to now led you to this relationship
  • This person feels like your true home
What You Get From A Twin Flame Reading
  • Discover your Soul Agreements with your Twin Flame
  • Find out when/if you and your Twin Flame will meet in this lifetime
  • Uncover the shared purpose of your Twin Flame relationship 
  • Explore practices and actions you can take right now to help bring your Twin Flame closer 
  • Immediately uplevel your Twin Flame relationship with channeled insights from an experienced Twin Flame channel
  • Understand your Twin Flame on a soul level so you can co-create a stunning, magical, loving relationship
  • Receive custom channeled practices to take your existing Twin Flame relationship to a new level
Session Logistics
  • 60 minute private channeled session via phone, Zoom, or Skype (you'll receive instructions during the booking process)
  • Fully confidential
  • Sessions are not recorded, although you may do so (please let me know if you intend to record your session — California law requires that all parties be aware)
About Talyaa

I have channeled professionally for 20 years, channeling Michael, Seth, Polaris, and now Solara who includes all of those entities. I studied with Celtic shamans for a year in 1999 and I am a Usui Reiki Master. Because of my 2015 near death experience I am able to foresee the potential futures and destinies of individuals and of humanity as a whole.

In 2010 I met my Twin Flame, which led to the most intense, loving, dramatic, life-changing relationship I've ever experienced. Not long after we met I found out I had Stage 4 cancer, so we spent the next several years fighting for my life together. I know first hand the intensity of Twin Flame love — the incredible depth of love, and the enormous challenges. I am uniquely suited to bring to you the beauty and the reality of your Twin Flame relationship. I am committed to serving Twin Flames all over the world to come together and unite in their shared Destiny.

More about me here.

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