Live Monthly Online Group Channeling

$33.00 / month

Join me for a monthly 2-hour live group channeling session with my high-wisdom spirit teacher Solara. New themes each month, plus Q & A.


Join us for an exciting and revealing LIVE group channeling event!

Solara, the high-wisdom spirit teacher In channel, will offer us timely words of guidance and inspiration to help us on our own individual paths of spiritual and self development.

Each month has a theme selected by Solara, a topic chosen to resonate with everyone present.

Come for the wisdom, come for the energy...

In addition to offering us fascinating information and helpful guidance, Solara also brings a LOT of energy! You'll probably be buzzing with it by the end off the evening.


Read more about channeling in the article What Is Channeling, including some weird and fun misconceptions about how channeling is portrayed in the media.

Expected Results

  • Get a unique perspective on what it is to be human
  • Access to amazing info unavailable anywhere else
  • Receive energy healing simply from being present
  • Be among the first to hear NEW channeled information  


  • This is a 2 hour event
  • The first hour is when Solara presents their theme for the night
  • The second hour is for Q&A on the night’s theme
  • This event is recorded—as an event guest you’ll get access to the recording
  • We meet via Google Meets—you’ll receive an invite link prior to the start of the event.


  • Requires an internet connection and computer/smartphone 

About Solara

➣Solara is a mix of spirit teachers that speaks as a single being. Solara’s parts include Polaris, Michael, Seth, off-world energies, nature spirits, collective human consciousness, and my paternal shamanic lineage.

➣Solara’s messages to humanity and individuals offer hope, wisdom, and perspective to help people lead lives in their highest potential and help guide others to co-create a better world for everyone.

➣Solara encourages everyone to know their Destiny and live it, which in turn supports overall human evolution. For us to continue to evolve as a species, we must all work together to make our world a better place to live.

About Me

  • Professional channel since 1999
  • I channel the higher-awareness beings Michael, Seth, Polaris, and now Solara
  • Apprenticed with Celtic shamans for a year in 1999
  • Usui Reiki Master since 1999
  • Synthesized a unique healing energy method for my Shamanic Healing sessions
  • Able to foresee the futures of individuals and of humanity, due to a 2015 near death experience 

In 2010 I met my beloved husband, which led to the most intense, loving, dramatic, and life-changing relationship I’ve ever experienced. Not long after we met I found out I had Stage 4 cancer, so we spent the next several years fighting together for my life. Facing death for so long gave me deep compassion for anyone contending with the myriad challenges of being human.

More about me here.

Talyaa came recommended to me by a friend who was amazed by the insights she received and now I see why. I recommend Talyaa to anyone I know that is interested.

Since my reading, something is shifting within me and I am eternally grateful for Talyaa as an insightful channel and for her ability to connect with this energy that can and does transform lives. Thank you! 

Marie L.

Talyaa has a marvelous access to information that lies beyond our typical frame of awareness. Combining that gift with her love of many forms of healing and spiritual practice, she brings a unique experience to each of her clients. It’s a true joy to work with her! 
Ron V.

This is all so inspiring and enlivening for me. I have a deeper compassion for all as a result…including myself.

Thanks for the inspiration and tools to go deeper.

Gina M.

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