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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Former Democratic Nominee for President of the United States, Former Secretary of State, Former First Lady

IDEAL DESTINY, assuming the ability to fulfill it

Secretary Clinton is an organizer, collator, and linchpin. Her destiny is to coalesce large numbers of people, to help create a mass energetic shift into a particular direction. She is an organizer in that her energy interacts with the energy of multiple others in a way that creates order and flow. She is a collator, also referring to her energetic effect on people, in that her energy flow interacts with the energy of other people in such a way that they naturally form into relatively orderly groups around her. And she is a linchpin in that her energy acts as a focal point to amass great quantities of energy around her.

Secretary Clinton’s energy connects with the energies of other people in order to expose their underlying beliefs as well as to connect with their true desires. Because of this, she tends to polarize. People either love her or revile her, and all because her energy helps unlock what people truly want and believe. Because she has that powerful effect, people assume she is responsible for their intense feelings, when in fact she is just the catalyst for those feelings.

Ideally, Secretary Clinton will help generate a new political paradigm that will help usher in a new way of interacting with, serving, and regarding the various underserved populations of both he United States and, eventually, the world. This new paradigm will take into account the varying beliefs and desires of these populations, and will harness the huge flow of acceptance that is now beginning to circle the planet.

BLOCKS to fulfilling Destiny

INTERNAL BLOCKS: refers to Secretary Clinton’s personal ability to fulfill her destiny. Her health, while relatively good, will take a hit during her years in active political service, especially as she ramps up into higher and higher political offices. This is a common experience for world leaders and those who are active on the world’s stage, and doesn’t reflect on Secretary Clinton personally, however it could present an impediment to her destiny fulfillment if not accounted for with additional health support through nutrition, exercise, and emotional support.

EXTERNAL BLOCKS: refers to the potential energies of other people that could stymie Secretary Clinton’s efforts to fulfill her destiny. Understand that these “efforts” are all unconscious. People are not usually aware of their progress in either fulfilling or not fulfilling their destiny. In this case, since she is such a well known figure and commands such intense polarization, it is possible that enough other competing destinies could fall into place in a way that prevents her from completing her destiny.

WHAT IS REQUIRED to fulfill Destiny

Secretary Clinton is already fulfilling her destiny, although her destiny remains yet incomplete as she is still actively pursuing it. She is here to shake things up and to help usher in a monumental change. What is required, then, is that she simply be allowed to continue the path she set out on decades ago. It is an uncommon person whose entire life is spent aligned with their personal destiny, but Secretary Clinton has largely done so.


    When Destiny Is Fulfilled

The impact on the world through the fulfillment of this destiny is huge. A paradigm shift. It won’t be pretty at first, and the polarization has already increased, which means that things will get worse before they get better. Expect, as a result in part of Secretary Clinton’s candidacy for the President of the United States, increased racial issues, increased economic disparity, increased gender issues, and increased dissatisfaction. That’s the first part. The second and more enduring part is a reversal in these issues. Just as, politically and socially, we reversed on issues such as marriage equality, popular opinion on racial, gender, sexual, and economic issues will reverse under the destiny influence of Secretary Clinton.

    If Destiny Is Not Fulfilled

It remains likely that Secretary Clinton will be in a position to complete the fulfillment of her destiny. If, however, for some reason she is unable to fulfill the completion of her destiny, a few things will happen. One, she will contract an illness or accident that ends her life quickly (she will be eager to return for another go). Two, someone else will step in an attempt to exert the kind of energetic influence on people that Secretary Clinton so masterfully already does, but this will not happen for several years. Because of the time lapse, the momentum that’s already in place that her destiny connects with will wane, and social and cultural polarization will increase which will cause vast economic depression, rioting, starvation, and the institution of a police state in order to quell the simmering rage underlying the underserved populations that Secretary Clinton’s destiny is meant to protect.


    When Destiny Is Fulfilled

Since Secretary Clinton is already engaged in the fulfillment of her destiny, and the likelihood of her continuing this path is high, the likelihood of her completing this destiny is equally high. If as predicted she does fulfill her destiny, her energy resources will increase and her personal health will be supported by this increase in energy resources, allowing her to remain in public service, and therefore in a position to continue her destiny, for many years.

    If Destiny Is Not Fulfilled

However, if as said earlier she is rendered incapable of continuing for some reason, her life will end quickly.


    When Destiny Is Fulfilled

Secretary Clinton’s influence is not on any local community that she is a part of. She has many close friends but remains somewhat separate from any community at large. However, her Destiny is having a huge impact on communities around the world, as people have ridden the energy wave her candidacy created and are using that wave to form impactful communities. These communities act as small but powerful spheres of light, serving to further illuminate areas of needed social and economic change. These communities are what is going to enact global change, on a bottom-up basis. The more this type of communal energy forms, the more it will increase and magnetize further communities, and the larger the growing wave for change becomes.

    If Destiny Is Not Fulfilled

Again, Secretary Clinton’s Destiny is already in action, though still incomplete. The communities have already formed and their number continues to grow. If, however, she were to somehow halt all energy toward her Destiny (perhaps through her death, although people can continue energetic work on their Destinies even after physical death), about half of these communities would lose their impetus to exist. The other half would continue on.


Humanity is at a crisis point. It has been at crisis points in the past, each one leading to transformations in the ways that people interact, businesses are run, and kingdoms and countries are governed. Secretary Clinton’s destiny feeds into one of two potential outcomes, two actual potential realities, that are likely to arise from this crisis point. Humanity is on track to evolve into magical and astounding forms, heading toward the wonderful utopian societies that spiritual leaders have espoused for centuries. Her influence is essential to humanity tipping over into this utopian perspective. Her influence has already helped humanity get to where it is now — amidst huge change — and will continue to assist this transformation through the influences of all those with whom she comes into contact.

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